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by Mallika Dharmani
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Womanhood is a blessing and every one of us feminine queens wants to embrace it  🙂

Some of us may be unhappy about our body or the way it makes us feel about ourselves, while others may find themselves to be in an inseparable relationship with diseases that are taking a toll on our health and lifestyle.

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is somehow becoming the modern day cancer that is being observed in a large section of women out there. What exactly is PCOS and why is it important to nip it in the bud? Get expert knowledge on the same right here. While many of us may think of this as a full stop to our happy go life and get all grumpy about it, there are others who have fought this disease and fought it good!


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Obesity is somehow one of the most unwelcomed side effects of PCOS. Changing the way you look can somehow not only have a physical impact on your body but also mess up with your mind and confidence. As women of the modern world, we need to stop the stereotype and let PCOS change the way you live.

Well if you can’t cure PCOS to shed the weight then why not work it the other way around?


Obesity is a host to a number of diseases, PCOS being one of them. Thankfully for us, VLCC has taken an initiative of launching their GET WELL SOON programs wherein they take it on themselves to knock those extra pounds off to eliminate the root cause of diseases like PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes and Heart diseases.

Get tailored advice from the hands of the experts on various elements of your lifestyle-

Eat right- Your health is a reflection of what you eat. let’s make it good with VLCC’s expert dietitians on board.

Sleep Right- A chart which tells you when to sleep and when to wake up, giving your life a direction.

Guidance- Your own question bank, the doctors here are your one stop answers to all your questions

Work that out- Exercise not only helps you build up your confidence by maintaining your body but also keeps the diseases at bay.


Step into your nearest VLCC center today – A place where your health is their priority.

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