Your Positive Message Today #8

by Sone
3 minutes read

Hi lovely people!

Whats going on in your lives? I hope you are on the path of realizing your dreams 🙂

I was reading something yesterday and found that studies have shown, that it takes 21 days of regular repetitive conditioning to change a habit.This is great news!


a. You NOW KNOW for sure, that ANY habit can be changed

b. You have a ball park timeline to follow, a kind of a guide that ok, it will take me at least 21 days of daily practice to do this!


Here is the affirmation for today:

Positive message #glossypolish

Image Credit : thinkbrilliantly


 We all talk to ourselves. I am not talking about crazy person talk, or the multitude of people talking in your head. No. I am talking about your own single voice, your inner voice. That is your judgement, your brain speaking. Even while typing this post,so many thoughts are running a the back of my mind. Thoughts related to my wish , my desire my dream..and how I don’t have it.


These thoughts NEED to be monitored.

Start today, monitor your thoughts. If you are going against the grain of the secret, positive thinking or your desire. Stop and re channel your thoughts. Make this conscious effort for the next 21 days.

These 21 days, make it a target to become the master of effortless and happy manifestation-become the master of LOA and of your life.I promise, put in serious efforts now, your life WILL change.


The best way to do this is :

a. Once a day, sit peacefully and just let your mind go blank. Listen the the birds or the fan ..anything . Tune everything out. This will help you CALM your mind. The old habit of bombarding autopilot thoughts will settle down.


b. Several times a day, just gauge your feelings on a scale of happiness. If you are happy or neutral, that’s great. If your feelings are unhappy-go on aggressive mode to JUST CHANGE your thoughts, to bring feelings on a positive frequency.


You will realize how easy it is to shush your mind and any negativity. Let your heart rule you, your happiness rule you. YOU rule over the brain. Don’t become a victim of thoughts because they are not in your control !Decide today, your life will not go on auto pilot mode. You are in the driving seat and you will consciously learn how to drive the car of your life.


Hope this made some sense?


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