Your Something Positive Today ! #11

by Sone
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The worst thing a person can do , is punish themselves for the past mistakes.Where ever you are at this point of time in life, it is because the good or bad YOU did in your life or ALLOWED others to do it to you.

So ,today’s positive affirmation is going to be  a tricky one.


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I will tell you why this is tricky !

Whenever we say , forgive yourself, it’s in the past-it DOES NOT mean -telling yourself what’s done is done.I cannot do anything about it.

This  is actually , the most counter productive thing you can do in your life.


Before you Forgive Yourself

Sit and analyze what went wrong. What was YOUR role in it. Not anyone else’s -but YOUR role.It can either be your thoughts, impatience, attitude, lack of belief, disregard, foolishness, gullibility , stubbornness…any or all of these.

Take a pen and paper, write down-what would have been the right approach.

How best you could have handled the situation. WRITE IT DOWN. You can label it as whatever- I call mine, THE MISTAKES I WILL NEVER REPEAT 😛

Find each and every point where you went wrong, KNOW what you SHOULD have done to make things right-make a list of your learning and read from them daily. Yes daily.


This way, you will NEVER REPEAT your mistakes.


You know right, that I practice each and every single thing that I preach here? I am fixing myself up , a day at a time.Love being work in definite progress 😉 I did this exercise yesterday morning and spent the entire day trying to work out what I should have done.My list is done…and I am feeling immensely empowered and positive.

Because, now I have this reminder of what to do-to avoid mess ups 😛


Don’t just do a generic I forgive Myself—its the crappiest thing you can do to yourself. Find exactly what was wrong with your thoughts, behaviors or actions. KNOW what to do next time you are in a similar situation.You will feel EMPOWERED.


And then

Forgive yourself. Not because its the past and you cannot do anything about it. But because, you made an effort to learn from your mistakes.You  have prepared yourself , for the present and future. You will handle things well now on!


Each event in our lives is a lesson to be learnt.

The sooner you learn it, the faster you will be on the track to success.If you don’t learn your lessons …and just keep on moving forward-you are putting yourself up for similar problems and situations in your life.


Forgive yourself, but only after learning your lesson.

Break the cycle of your miseries today,by learning the lesson life is trying to teach you- no more lessons to be learnt = no more similar situations of misery.


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