Zizo Connaught Place Review ( CP , Delhi )

by Movish
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Zizo is a Lebanese speciality restaurant  located very ideally  opposite PVR Plaza in Connaught Place, next to Hira Sweets , in the heart of Delhi’s very busy business and tourist hub.It has easy Metro connectivity from all around Delhi and is only a five minutes walking distance from the Rajeev Chowk Metro Station.


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The Ambience :

Zizo has a cool and chic AMBIENCE,I could even call it pretty.Upon entering , you come across the huge signage of its name etched in faux  grass , spanning the entire left wall. Seemed like a very refreshing, novel idea to me.

Zizo has ample seating .It is spread into three different sections , one on the ground floor n two on the first floor where one section is dedicated to Sheesha lovers and holds an occasional belly dance performance.Going through the menu ,it was heartening to note that the PRICE POINTS are competitive,at par with any other place in the vicinity, which was a huge relief.


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The Food :

With Executive chef Danny Elsoury at the helm, the FOOD here is as authentically Lebanese as you could possibly get in Delhi.I remember that on my first visit to the newly opened Zizo ,I  had felt that this place had not gotten its due and was grossly underrated. Why? My guess was firstly, that it’s marketing machinery was not doing a great job.Mercifully since then , someone has woken up to the huge potential of this brand and authentic Lebanese cuisine;Zizo now has multiple outlets in the NCR. The second thing which had struck me on my first visit here was that the nuance of being hospitable had to be taken up a notch by the service staff so that one not only gets efficient service but experiences the famed Lebanese warmth as well.Sadly, not much has been achieved in this aspect.


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I have tasted a lot of their vegetarian specialities – Zata’ar Man’oushé, Crispy Cheese Rolls ,a Veg n Cheese Man’oushé and a Veg Falafel Roll.Everything was fresh n delicious and very flavorful. Only the Cheese Rolls would taste better with a wee bit of seasoning,they were quite bland for my palate.The Falafel had the perfect taste and texture and the Roll tasted of crunchy veggies and felt light on the tummy. The Man’oushé is a Lebanese flat bread with toppings, the Veg and Cheese one here is  a must have;You might never favor a pizza again.


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The highlight of the Non Veg Mezze  Platter was the delicately spiced Chicken  Kibbeh (much like meatballs)stuffed with mince and spices.The Zata’ar ( an Arabic spice) was mixed with a little olive oil and spread like a topping on two small Man’oushés.The flavor is very unique indeed .The Lamb Pies were delicious and so were the two accompanying dips – one was creamy and the other garlicky.


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The Chicken Shawarma is as authentic as it gets.It was miles ahead of what is dished out at other Delhi restaurants in terms of  taste and texture.


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The Chicken centred in Hummus Ras Asfour had to be a clear winner with its balance of acidic and slightly sweet flavors.The Hummus was perfect and mopped up completely with freshly baked soft warm Pita bread.Truly sublime.


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I did not like the Summer Breeze (mocktail) at all,the only blemish on an otherwise spot on meal.It was the wonderful Sangrias which totally won us over.We ordered one with orange accents first and it had a burst of flavors – a good quality merlot,orange and diced fruit.Then we asked for another one with strawberry crush and it was a clear winner.Do not miss  having them here if you love a full bodied Sangria.

We went ahead with a dessert despite feeling satiated , primarily because the Sangrias had put us in a happy place.A wee bit of indulgence wouldn’t hurt ,I convinced myself.So we ordered a Cheese Kunafa- a dessert with a thick filling of  cheese sandwiched between crumbly  semolina  layers,finished with a drizzle of rose water and served warm, garnished with pistachios.Not very sweet ,it was utterly delightful with its smooth melt in the mouth consistency and superlative taste.Must try.


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The Service :

Though I’ve always loved the food here , I feel that the SERVICE here needs to perk up.Though there is not much delay in bringing food to the table,I would still rate it careless  as this time too, wrong orders were brought to our table twice .You long to feel welcomed and wish that the staff were easy with their smiles . And please do enlighten me about the weird looking overalls that pass off as the service staff’s uniform here.No wonder then,they find smiles are difficult to break into 🙂


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It deserves a 4.2/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.

A meal for two would be around  ₹1200/- without alcohol.


GlossyPolish Verdict

We felt full after consuming so much , yet we didn’t feel heavy or bloated at all – it says a lot about the “healthy n light” cooking practices followed here.That’s one more feather in Zizo s cap.


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