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by Sone
sone kanwar

It started out as one girl’s dream. Hi, my name is Sone Kanwar  🙂 I am crazy about marketing, coffee, AND everything beauty and skincare(ask my friends 😛 ). But above all, I am a furious advocate of self-love and that is where my journey began.

With a burning desire to share my experiments with other girls like me, I started this website in December 2015.

Back then it was just me and Navina. The girl who trusted in me and was with me even at the time of inception of the website, its name and first design. The first pillar of strength of Glossypolish, Navina is the chirp in Glossypolish and a Finance Wizard.!

Most of 2016 was spent committing many many mistakes, falling on our faces and rising back up- learning something new every time.

Tina joined the team in early 2016 and is the Human Resource magician! The team, that was then 3 people strong has now grown to over 142 writers and other team members. Our second pillar of strength!

Along came Mallika, sometime in April 2016. Fresh with ideas and passionate about writing. A true gem and confidant who became the third pillar of strength for us.

2017 was when Glossypolish gots its cornerstones, the indispensable Swasthi and Priyanka. Both MBAs and marketing geniuses, with a deep passion for beauty and makeup.

And..here we are now, a team of extremely passionate girls who cherish this dream together!

Oh, Did I not mention the 4th pillar yet?

The fourth pillar and the unyielding strength are our contributors. Smart, sassy Indian women who love to share their candid, fearless opinions with the world.

Our real lifeforce!

Hey you, yes you reading about us…

What are you waiting for 🙂

Hop on with us and enjoy the ride!



PS.  BTW if you are a social media savvy girl, join our family there too..!

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celine July 25, 2018 - 7:14 PM

i too am a skin care freak