Guide to Celtic Brooches: History, Styles, and Meanings

Among the oldest and most symbolic pieces of jewelry within Celtic culture are the Celtic brooches. These decorative pins hold a rich history as they have been worn for centuries and continue to be cherished for their beauty and cultural significance. Here is everything you need to know about Celtic brooches, their history, styles, and meanings.

History of Celtic Brooches

Celtic brooches date back to the early Celtic period, around 700 BCE, and were used mainly as functional fasteners to secure clothing such as capes, cloaks, or tunics. These jewelry pieces became more elaborate and decorative, showcasing intricate Celtic designs and symbols. In some cases, Celtic brooches were used to symbolize status, connection to nature, heritage, and identity.

Styles of Celtic Brooches

There isn’t a single type of Celtic brooch. Quite the contrary. They come in various styles, and each of them has their own unique characteristics and regional influences. Some of the most prominent styles are:

  • Penannular Brooch

The Penannular Brooch is among the most iconic Celtic brooch designs. Featuring a circular or semi-circular shape, the Penannular brooch has an open space in the center. The brooch is formed by a pin that passes through the fabric and is secured by rotating it around the circle. One important aspect of Penannular Celtic brooches is that they often exhibit intricate knotwork and Celtic spiral designs.

  • Disc Brooch

Celtic disc brooches are also known as plate brooches. They are flat circular brooches that come with intricate designs on the front. These brooches are usually adorned in Celtic motifs, such as animals, interlacing patterns, or zoomorphic designs. Sometimes, disc brooches have a hook or pin on the back for fastening.

  • Trumpet Brooch

Trumpet brooches are trumpet-like brooches that taper from a wider end to a narrower end. These brooches feature intricate filigree work, with delicate metal wires forming various patterns such as spirals, knots, and other Celtic motifs. 

  • Tara Brooch

The Tara brooches are among the brooches with the most intricate detailing and craftsmanship and are considered Celtic masterpieces of art. These Celtic brooches date back to the 8th century and feature intricate patterns of interlacing knotwork, precious gemstone settings, and animal forms. 

Guide to Celtic Brooches: History, Styles, and Meanings

Symbolism and Meanings of Celtic Brooches

Celtic brooches are rich in symbolism and meaning as, throughout the years, they represented various important aspects of Celtic culture and mythology. Many Celts believed brooches protected the wearer and warded off evil spirits while traveling. Some believed that they brought good fortune. 

When nature-inspired designs were incorporated in Celtic brooches, such as plants, animals, and spirals, they took on different meanings. Yet, overall, these types of brooches symbolize how everything is interconnected through nature or showcase the cyclical nature of life.

Celtic brooches were also used as expressions of one’s own Celtic heritage and identity. They serve and continue to serve as symbols of pride and a connection to Celtic roots and traditions. In other instances, Celtic brooches showcased a higher social status. The intricately designed and more complex brooches were often worn by individuals with high social status, indicating their power, wealth, and prestige.

Image credit : Aryan Rajput , Pexels

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Root Perm

What are the Different Perming Hair Styles?

by Ritika Singhi

What are the Different Perming Hair Styles? one of the most frequently asked questions about perming your hair would be “is permed hair out of fashion” or “does permed hair look trendy” my answer to the question would be permed hair is not out of fashion and it looks great. Permed hair is one of the most interesting hairstyles that you can choose to flaunt as it has so many different styles to pick from. There are a number of ways in which you can choose to flaunt perm style hairdo and some of the best and most interesting ways of perming your hair have been mentioned below.

  1. Natural-looking perm

What are the Different Perming Hair Styles

Image Credit :

This is a perfect hairstyle for all the girls who want to play it safe while perming their hair. It is a wonderful hairdo for girls who want to perm their hair but want to keep the look as natural as possible. The curls for this perm are narrow and not done to perfection. It gives you a raw and very natural look. This is one of the most attractive and appealing perks which you can pick for yourself.

  1. Mohawk perm

Mohawk perm

Image Credit : Bepurebeautybar

Are you one of those girls who are tired of a simple and innocent look? Then you should definitely try the Mohawk perm look for your hair. It is one of those perming styles that gives you and your hairdo a completely new look and takes your perming to a completely new level. The hair is permed at the top while the sides remain straight. It is a complete contrast to the usual perms and gives you a very new and different look.

  1. Perms from the root

Root Perm

Image Credit : Hair Stylery

As the name suggests, the hair is permed right from the root of the hair. It is a perfect perm hairdo for girls who want to add volume, bouncy curls, and an appealing look to their entire look with the help of perms. This is one of the perm styles which require a lot of attention and effort and the results are definitely unbeatable. This is a perfect perm style for all girls looking for a different and attractive permed hairdo.

  1. Lion mane Spiral Perm

Root Perm

Image Credit : Pinterest

Well, this is one of those perm looks which is perfect for girls with medium to long hair length and who are completely bored with their dull and boring hair. This particular perm adds life, volume, and a fierce look to your entire look. The lion mane spiral perm is a great style for all the fierce and fearless girls.

  1. The bushy perm

The bushy perm

Image Credit : thetrendspotter

A bushy perm hairstyle is for all the girls who are not looking at the perfect prim and proper look and are willing to have a hairdo that is imperfect yet beautiful. The bushy perm is done by air drying the hair and then brushing it when dry. The result of this will give to a bushy-looking hairdo which is the perfect perm despite the imperfect look.

  1. The relaxed wave perm

The relaxed wave perm

Image Credit : minxhairdressing

The relaxed wave perm is one of my favorite perms. It gives your hair a wonderful look of waves. It is a great idea to move away from the usual perms and try something which is more relaxed, natural, and eye-catching. The wave look gives your hair one of the most interesting looks. You can also accessorize your hair to enhance its look. You can also try the beachy waves perm which is more relaxed and gives a beautiful look.

  1. Partial perm

Partial perm

Image Credit : pineterst

As the name suggests the partial perm is basically perming your hair partially and not completely. You can choose to perm your hair towards the end or in the middle. It is an appealing perm style and a nice break from complete perms.

Which is the best way to choose the perm style for your hair?

Each of us has a different style and look. Similarly, our hair texture and style is completely different. Your first and primary thought while picking your perm style shall be your comfort level, then you shall see the texture and volume of your hair and your facial cut.

These are a few top ways in which you can choose to perm your hair. No matter which style you choose, make sure to get the best shampoo for permed hair for the best aftercare.

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Maybelline’s Lip Studio Glitter Fix Glitter Lip Gloss- Gold Boost

Which are the Best Lipsticks for Summer Weddings?  : Summer seasons call for weddings! Summer is the time when people have got enough time to attend almost all occasions. Summer weddings also mean new fashion trends, new makeup, and more clothing options. Destination weddings and outdoor weddings are most likely to be held during summer, this means you’ll have to work on your attire from head to toe!

Clothes – check

Jewelry – check

Shoes – check

Makeup – check.

 Really? Check? Make sure you double-check your makeup kit!

It’s summer, so your makeup shade should not only match your clothes but also suit the season. Among all the cosmetics you’ve got, lip shades are one of the most important makeup items. Your lips are the most predominant feature noticed by all. Hence you must concentrate on your lip shades as it draws more attention.

Check out some of the perfect summer lip shades!

Lakme Absolute 9-5 Matte Lipstick – Red Rebel

This scarlet red lipstick by Lakme should be number one on your list! This super-hot shade suits almost all types of clothes. This color will be just perfect for North Indian weddings where red is popular. If you’re a red lover, then you must get yourself one of these!

 Lakme Absolute 9-5 Matte Lipstick – Ruby Rush

This Lakme shade got its name “Ruby Rush” from the ruby shade from the family of pinks. This girly color gives you a younger look! If you’re attending a theme Diva wedding, this girly pink is the right choice. Match it with the right clothes and accessories to look stunning!

Which are the Best Lipsticks for Summer Weddings?

Lakme Absolute 9-5 Matte Lipstick – Crimson Cue

If you aren’t fond of bright reds or girly pinks, then what about a bit of both? Doesn’t that sound good? Try Lakme’s Crimson Cue to enjoy a mix of both shades!

Which are the Best Lipsticks for Summer Weddings?

Nykaa’s Ultra Matte Lipstick- 17 Coco

If you are into Gothic Fashion, but you also need a good shade that would be good for the occasion… then Nykaa’s 17 Coco is here to save your day! You’ll for sure love this rich mulberry color.

Which are the Best Lipsticks for Summer Weddings?

Maybelline’s Lip Studio Glitter Fix Glitter Lip Gloss- Gold Boost

Inspired by Beyoncé to try out golden lip gloss? Go ahead, it’s a free country! I bet this majestic gold will not only draw all the attention, but it also indicates summer! Who knows, you might rock the color and turn out to be a trendsetter!

Maybelline’s Lip Studio Glitter Fix Glitter Lip Gloss- Gold Boost

Image Credit: By Nikkie Tutorials

Maybelline’s Lip Studio Glitter Fix Glitter Lip Gloss- Magnetic Ice

This light flamingo is super cute! If you’re looking for a simple color with a tint of glitter, I’d recommend this.  It’s a pretty nice shade that would do good in Christian beach weddings, especially if you’re one of the bridesmaids!

Maybelline’s Lip Studio Glitter Fix Glitter Lip Gloss- Magnetic Ice

Revlon Matte Lipstick Smoked Peach

If pink is not your cup of tea, then try Revlon’s smoked peach. If you’re clueless about what color to choose, try out peach shades because you’ve always got back-ups! Orange lipsticks go extremely well with bright orange and ebony black clothes.

Which are the Best Lipsticks for Summer Weddings?

Image Credit :

Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick – Dancer

Maybelline has come up with some exotic summer shades. This auburn red is the ideal choice for those dark red lovers out there. If you’re looking for a red that isn’t too flashy or too dark, try Maybelline’s Matte Dancer.

Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick – Dancer

Maybelline’s Lip Studio Glitter Fix Glitter Lip Gloss- Wicked Tease

Willing to break the stereotype? Why not?!?!

Purple is a fascinating color and looks sexy only when matched with the perfect clothes, accessories, shoes and yes your lip kind. I’d suggest white stoned jewelry. Make sure to apply two coats.

Which are the Best Lipsticks for Summer Weddings?

I hope you like my opinion on summer lip shades.

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Simple Holi Skin Care and Hair Care Tips 6

What are Important Holi Skin Care Tips ?

by Sone

Holi Skin CareTips: All geared up for Holi? There is no fun compared to the absolute fun of playing Holi with friends and family! Obviously, since this is the day we get to be children again, officially ;)Fun, frolic and colors bring with them the side effect of chemicals and resistant colors that don’t go for days !! I remember seeing loads of green and red ears during school times,and even now  :P  To save you from such un-Holi embarrassment, I am listing down some super simple,at home things that you can do,to enjoy holi without the worry of harsh chemicals damaging your hair and skin. Simply follow this checklist and you will be good to go! These pre and post holi care tips are the best How to Remove Holi Color From Face.

#1 Apply Nail Polish on your Nails :

Girls go for the darkest color nail polish you have. Apply a clear base coat. Let it dry completely, then apply the coat of dark nail polish. Once this has dried off. Finish off with a transparent coat of nail polish. Your nails will be protected from 99% of the colors this way. I suggest you either cut your nails short or apply a transparent coat-Behind your nail to protect that from colors.

Guys can simply apply three coats of transparent nail paint while holding a Ninja Turtle or GI Joe or something :P Look away if it bothers you so much ;)

Simple Holi Skin Care and Hair Care Tips 8

#2 Two-Step Oil Your Hair :

Ideally, you should apply mustard oil since it is the thickest. But if you cannot stand the smell of it, apply any oil of choice, today night itself. Tomorrow morning, like 15 minutes before you go out to play holi, slather on any hair serum. This will give you double protection! Remember to tie your hair in a bun, that ways the least of your hair is exposed to colors and chemicals.

#3 Moisturize Your Skin :

Dry skin is more susceptible to getting damaged. Tonight just slather on your favorite body lotion before going to bed. Tomorrow morning, apply coconut oil to all exposed parts of the body maximum 10 minutes before going out to play. You don’t want the oil to be absorbed. Bdw, the space between fingers and toes and they are behind the ears is most neglected. Don’t forget these places!

#4 Don’t Forget SPF

Yep , over and above all the coconut oil you have put on the body and face, you MUST slather on water-resistant sunscreen. That will protect your skin from sun damage.

#5 Wear Sunglasses

Actually, this is the day when I wish I purchase sunglasses from the roadside ;) Keep your eyes covered, wear a pair of sunglasses (preferably disposable). Wearing contact lenses is a strict no no. Keep your eyes covered and protected :)

#6 Avoid Wearing Synthetic Clothes / Denim

The last thing you want is to wear color-drenched clothes to stick to your body. Wear cotton. It’s comfortable and a much better option.

#7 Play Dry Holi

We all know dry colors are equally fun. Go for herbal colors, you will be more carefree ;) I know, I know…not everybody likes to play holi this way. But you can’t blame a girl for trying ;)

#8 Stand Under Running Water

Before you start the ritual of removing the many layers of colors, consider standing under a spray of clean water for 5-6 minutes. That will wash off most of the runny color. You can save your home from getting dirty this way :)

#9 Please Skip Scrubs

I really don’t know why people are going around advocating scrubbing your skin before or after playing with colors. Your skin has already suffered an onslaught of chemicals. Just use mild soap to cleanse your skin. Ditto with a mild shampoo and conditioner. The last thing you want to do is scrub them in while removing them. Strict no scrubs till 2 days after Holi. I am serious.

# 10 Try this Home Made Ubtan

Mix 1 tablespoon of maida with turmeric powder. Add aloe vera juice /rose water if you have access. Apply this paste on your face, neck, hands, and feet. Wash it off with milk. You will see the colors magically vanish away :)

Simple Holi Skin Care and Hair Care Tips 1

Lecture over guys :P

Have loads of fun playing Holi :) Haaaappppy Holi to you all!

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How to Clear Fading Mehendi ! 3

This article is about How to Remove Mehendi or how to remove mehendi from hands. For those of you who want to darken the Mehendi, recently I wrote an article on how to get a beautiful dark color from Mehendi here.

How to Clear Fading Mehendi ! 4

Image Credit : pinterest

Much important as it is to get a dark and beautiful mehendi that stays on for long, it’s equally important to get rid of that mehendi when it starts fading or when you want it off your pretty hands.

So here are a few tricks which will answer how to remove mehendi from hands.

How to Clear Fading Mehendi ! 3

Image Credit: MangoBaaz

# Bleach

The good old bleach that you have up in your cabinet is also the one that’s going to help you get your henna tattoo off.

Apply it liberally all over the area you have mehendi on and leave it for a good few mins.

By the time it’s all dried up you can go ahead and rinse it off.

# Detergent

Washing soaps have hard ingredients that are known to lighten your mehendi.

You could also try washing bleach.

Just use cloth bleach and rub all over your hands and then rinse using warm water.

However, it might be a bit harsh for your skin.

# Baking Soda

BAKING soda has been known forever for taking off stains and marks.

Be it t-shirt stains or teeth whitening it has the power to work on stains.

You can use baking soda by mixing in lemon juice or even just plain baking soda paste and scrub away at the henna.

Baking soda also makes a great scrub.

How to Clear Fading Mehendi !

Image Credit: Pinterest

# Hydrogen Peroxide

Not only is it miraculously treatment for corns but also for fading your henna.

# Salt and Olive Oil

A very moisturizing way of getting rid of the Mehendi is to apply some mixture of salts and olive oil and then scrub away.

You can keep adding more salt if it dissolves fast.

How to Clear Fading Mehendi ! 1

Image Credit: Youth Connect

# Toothpaste

You can use your usual brush and toothpaste and scrub away at the Mehendi.

Now before you go ahead and give any of these methods a shot I would recommend you to first prep your skin using warm water…

Dip your hands in warm water for some time and then go ahead and try any of these and expect results :).

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What Does Your Lipstick Shape Say About You

Lipstick Shape Personality: Ladies and lipsticks hold such an inseparable companionship that just feels one-in-a-million to me. But, very few of us put attention to our lipstick shapes after a certain number of usages. It has been seen that the shape of one’s lipstick is unique to that person. Based on this mere piece of fact, various interesting character traits of a person can be deduced. In our today’s post, we are going to dig deep into our correct lipstick shape and this finding will lead us to some personality predictions. You must be feeling a little bit of excitement by now. Just grab a candy and start reading!

What Does Your Lipstick Shape Say About You

IMAGE :in the loss

How to Identify Your Lipstick Shape Personality?

Take out 3-4 of the traditional bullet-shaped lipsticks from your collection and place them serially in twisted-open form. If you take a careful look at each of them, you are certain to find some similarity in the pattern in which these lip colors have been used up by you. This common pattern will be your lipstick shape.

Shape-wise Personality Prediction Guide

Now that you have found your correct lipstick shape, it is high time to check out what your lipstick shape says about your personality. Let’s jump to your lipstick shape category to find if this shape-wise prediction work or not!

  1. Original Shape- If your lipsticks are getting smaller and smaller by size only but their shapes are remaining same as new then you belong to this category. People of this group are often very rule-abiding. They like to see and do things as they should be. They are careful, self-conscious, and reserved and they make good team members.
  2. Sharp Slope- If you are getting sharp slopes at your lipstick bullet’s tip then congrats! You hold all the high spirits of the world. You never back off from placing your point of view in front of others. You choose friends carefully and you love to roam.
  3. Flattened Tip- Are your lipsticks becoming flat plateau day by day? If your answer is affirmative, then welcome to the flattened tip category. Ladies of this group are very simple in nature with an excellent sense of humor. They are blessed with a unique blend of sharpness of mind, the capability to face challenges and high moral sense.
  4. Concave Tip- Girls with concave lipstick shape has every possible quality to be a Miss Marple of the modern era. They have an inquisitive mind, queer ideas, chatty nature and most importantly adventurous nature.

    What Does Your Lipstick Shape Say About You 1

    Image Credit: paper blog

  5. Pointed Tip- If your lipstick tip is pointed then you are someone who loves to stay in the warmth of family. You have an adoring nature and you do what you say. Certain things are larger than life to you and you cannot help emphasizing on things you consider important.
  6. Rounded Tip- Roundedness is another name for balance. Women who fall under this category are often the ones who love to maintain balance in every aspect of life; be it their work environment or home. They are the peacemakers everywhere they go.
  7. Contoured Tip- Contour lipstick shape has sharp angles with a rounded contour on both the sides of the tip. People with such lipstick shape are very chirpy nature. They like to communicate with others and have enthusiasm in creative fields. They like to help their fellow beings and have frequent crushes!
  8. Steep Angled Tip- This lip shape is quite similar to the Contour tip because this shape also has a sharp tip. But this shape has very steep angularity in place of rounded contours. People belonging to this category are often very mysterious souls. They are full of life and they love it. They are often very spirit bound and attention makes them perform their best.

What do Your Lips Say About You ?

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How to Clear Fading Mehendi ! 6

How to Make Mehendi Last Longer: In a land of colors and festivals, mehendi is one thing every festival and occasion is incomplete without. Be it the wedding mehendi or the Karve Chauth mehendi, each one has its own significance. Now if you are going to spend a good few hours in getting your henna done, you will obviously want it to stay on for long too. And it looks like it takes more than just your husband’s love to make the henna dark and stay for long. Here are a few tips to make your henna come out better and stay that way for good :)

Make Mehendi Last Long 1

Image Credit: Pinterest

# Stay Away From Water

Never use water to remove your mehendi. Simply take it off by rubbing your hands together.

Make Mehendi Last Long 6

Image Credit: Pinterest

# Use Mustard or Coconut Oil

Once you are done brushing off the henna rub your hands together with mustard oil which is the best thing to make the color come out darker. If you think the smell is too pungent you can also use coconut oil for the same effect. Moisturization is very important after the henna application.

Make Mehendi Last Long 7

Image Credit: Pinterest

#Use Vicks or Beeswax

The good old Vicks or index balm you use for the common cold is something that’s going to do a world of good to your mehendi making it last longer. You can use any beeswax. It’s best to apply Vicks first and then the mustard/ coconut oil.

# Sugar Solution and Lemon Juice

One of the most common methods that we all must know is using sugar solution and lemon. You can use either one or both. When your mehendi is a bit dry and starts cracking you can apply this solution with cotton and dab it all over. If you do it even before the mehendi starts cracking it would be the best time. The idea is to keep the mehendi moist for as long as possible so that it gives the best color possible.

# Leave It on Overnight

The best thing to do is to leave your mehendi on overnight and then brush it off in the morning.

# Stay Away From Household Chores

Now this one is a biggie, especially for housewives but tries and refrain from housework that requires water.

# Apply It a Couple of Days In Advance

If you have an occasion coming up then it’s best to apply it in advance because henna’s best color shows up after two days time.

# Clean Hands Beforehand

Keep your hands clean and devoid of any oil, dirt, and water. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them up.

Follow these steps and get the ideal color which is there to stay for a much longer duration. And make sure to apply the mehendi to the thicker skin which is where it shows the brightest and darkest like the soles of hands and feet. Do share your experiences and any other tips are welcome in the comments :*

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Did You Know What is Hair Wax Used For ?

What is Hair Wax Used For ?

by Diksha S

What is hair wax?

Hair wax is the product a solid and waxy substance used to set and style hair. It is also known as style paste, putty, glue, whip, molding gum and styling gum.

It has been in use for a long time. As the name suggests, hair wax contains wax which helps to hold the hair and prevents disarray. Although their purpose is the same as hair gels, they are a better alternative for your hair as the wax in their composition styles your hair without stiffening them as alcohol in the gels do.

Different kinds of hair waxes can change the way you look and also change your style expression. It is perfect for achieving the perfect classic formal hairstyles as well as funky cool party hair settings. It allows restyling of hair without reapplying the product.

Did You Know What is Hair Wax Used For ?

Commonly used ingredients in hair wax?

1) Beeswax:

This kind of wax is produced by honeybees. It naturally contains a number of fatty acid esters and long-chain alcohols. It has minimal toxicity.

2)Candelilla wax:

The wax is obtained by processing the verite obtained after boiling the leaves and stems of Candelial shrubs with dilute sulphuric acid. It is yellowish brown in color. It consists of a number of esters, free acids, and resins

3) Carnauba wax:

Carnauba wax is famously known as a Brazilian wax. In its natural state, a Brazilian wax is yellow flaky and brittle. It is also obtained from the leaves of the Carnauba plant which is native to Brazil. The leaves of the carnauba plant are collected, dried and then beaten to obtain the wax. The carnauba wax contains a lot of esters, diesters and fatty alcohols.

4) Castor wax:

Castor wax is an opaque Vegetable wax. It is made from processing the oil obtained from castor seeds.

5) Japan wax:

Japan wax is made from certain berries of sumac found in Japan and China. It is not truly a wax as per it’s chemical composition it is more like fat with 95% of its composition coming from palmitin. It generally has a characteristic rancid smell.

6) Emulsifying wax:

Emulsifying wax is a cosmetic emulsifying agent. It is generally made up of mixing a wax of any kind with detergent. The resultant product is an emulsified mixture of fat and water which bind to each other.

7) Lanolin:

This is a kind of animal wax. It is extracted from the subcutaneous glands in wool-producing animals. Lanolin lacks glycerol and us, not a true fat.

8) Ozokerite:

It is the naturally occurring mineral wax or paraffin found in many geographic locations.

How to style your hair with hair wax?

Styling with hair wax is really simple and easy. Hair wax maybe applied to both wet and dry hair.  Even if you are new to styling with hair waxes you could achieve your desired look easily. Hair waxes are generally solid substances in room temperature. When the waxes come in contact with the body, the heat from the body melts it and it becomes liquid. This liquid is easier to apply. So firstly you must take ample amount of gel in your palm and wait for it to melt.

What benefits of hair wax?

The benefits of hair wax are listed below:

  1. Conditions your hair.
  2. Helps hold hair thus styles hair.
  3. Helps enhance hair volume.
  4. Adds shine to hair.
  5. Prevents hair from breakage.
  6. Helps hydrate hair and prevents drying.
  7. Can be used on hair of all length.

Cons of hairwax:

  1. Excessive hair wax can cause hair fall.
  2. Hair wax may damage your hair: The wax in hair waxes inhibit air from entering the scalp. It acts as a barrier over your scalp epidermis. This is applied for too long and not washed off properly after use it may cause damage to your hair.
  3. Hair wax use for a prolonged time period or excessive use of hair wax may leave your hair greasy.

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Traditional Jewelry of Haryana !

Traditional Jewelry of Haryana India

by Neha Tanwar

Traditional Jewelry of Haryana India: Haryana has a rich cultural heritage that gives the feel of the Vedic period. The state has its own rich customs and traditions. The state is rich in folklore. Haryana people love wearing their traditional jewelry. Almost the general jewelry are of gold and silver. Heavy jewelry is mostly worn on auspicious occasions like marriage. Every piece of jewelry has different names in different communities.

Traditional Jewelry of Haryana !

Image Credit: Bollywood lIfe

# Tikka, Sahr, and Borla

The Haryanvi bride wears Borla and Sahr on her head. Borla is spherically shaped with a string of gold. It is mostly of gold studded with some gems and generally is worn with Sahr. Sahr is silver jewelry which is attached with the Borla. Generally, tahr is heavy jewelry. Earlier brides used to wear this traditional jewelry.

But the trend has been changed years ago. The Haryanvi Brides has switched to mang tikka which is gold studded with red or green stones.

Traditional Jewelry of Haryana !v15

# Nath and Long

Nath and Long are usually worn on the left nostril and joined to the left ear. The path is of gold and the long is a chain type with motifs making a design. Haryanvi Brides look beautiful and elegant in this jewelry. Nowadays the bride has switched to elegant Nath of gold with gems studded within it. This traditional Nath and long are replaced today.

Traditional Jewelry of Haryana ! 7

# Balaak

This is a very interesting piece of jewelry. It is worn in the septum. I never saw it in my family but my Grandmother’s mom used to wear it. It is made of gold with gems studded in the bottom. The size of this jewelry would be medium or more than medium.

Traditional Jewelry of Haryana ! 14

Image Credit: Etsy

# Jhumki / Magar and Kundal

The designs of the earrings are quite simple. In Haryana, they are known as Jhumki/ Magar and kundal.  Jhumki is made of gold with antique designs carved on them. But nowadays the designs have been changed. Now the jhumki are a work of gems, stones, and pearls. They look elegant and beautiful.

Kundals are popular these days too. Many women wear them in their daily use. The design has changed over the years but women in Haryana still prefer them.

Traditional Jewelry of Haryana !

# Hasla, Panchmora and Galsari/ Kanthi

This jewelry was worn on the neck. Panchmora is usually worn by women who are married. They are still worn today. Hasla is heavy jewelry that was meant for the brides and was given to them at the time of their marriage. Hasla is made of gold which was heavy but loose around the neck.

Galsari/ kanthi is another jewel that was worn by aged women. It is also heavy jewelry made of silver. The design is antique and elegant.

Traditional Jewelry of Haryana ! 11

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Traditional Jewelry of Haryana ! 13

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Traditional Jewelry of Haryana !10

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# Panchongale ( Hathphool)

This jewelry is of gold. It is for the brides and worn in all the fingers. The five rings are attached to the flower on the palm with strings and the other chain is connected to the bracelet around the wrist. The design is totally traditional. This jewelry added beauty to the hands of brides and still is very popular. But today the gems and Kundan work hathphool had replaced this gold hathphool.

Traditional Jewelry of Haryana ! 5

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# Ponche

These are the bangles that were worn on the wrist. They are slightly more in area than bangles and had small round-shaped balls on them. They are really beautiful and popular even today.

Traditional Jewelry of Haryana ! 1

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# Tadiye

These are the bajubandhs that were worn earlier in Haryana. They were made of silver and were heavy.

Traditional Jewelry of Haryana ! 2

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# Tagdi

It is a belly chain or waist chain popularly known as Tagdi in Haryana. This is usually made of silver.

Traditional Jewelry of Haryana !

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# Kadi and Chalakde

These are made of silver. Kadi is heavy jewelry while Chalakde were light in weight. Earlier women used to wear them in their foot under the ‘Daman’ which is the traditional costume of Haryana.

Traditional Jewelry of Haryana ! 9

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Traditional Jewelry of Haryana ! 8

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# Charlie and Payal

Charlie is the toe rings which were then worn in three fingers. They were made of silver and were primarily like bands worn as rings. But nowadays these have been modified and come in many designs studded with stones. Payal was also made of silver. Earlier women used to wear heavy silver payals.

Traditional Jewelry of Haryana ! 2

Traditional Jewelry of Haryana ! 6

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Who were the Pre Independence Fashion Icons of India ?

Who were the Pre Independence Fashion Icons of India? Most of us feel that we have the best female fashion icons today and the concept of female fashion icons is something of the present day. You will be surprised to know that the concept of female fashion icons has been prevalent for centuries and just that it has evolved over time. These days we have fashion weeks, magazines, and various social media forms to recognize the style and trends but years ago people would look up to these few ladies who would wear stylish and trendy clothes confidently and be the female fashion icons. There have been some of these ladies who have been able to make a mark with their praiseworthy style and sense of fashion in the pre-independence era. Some of these ladies and their styles have been mentioned below.

  1. Maharani Gayatri Devi

Who were the Pre Independence Fashion Icons of India ?

Maharani Gayatri Devi will be one of the most well-known fashion icons even for kids born in the 1990s. With style, elegance, and charm she made a perfect female fashion icon in the pre-independence era of the country. Her style and fashion statement would not consist of extravagant jewelry and extremely expensive clothing but simple floral print sarees, chiffon sarees, and silk sarees. She was looked upon by women even for her modern approach in those days which included playing sports, being bold, and not fearing society and the norms.

  1. Amrita Shergil

Who were the Pre Independence Fashion Icons of India ?


Amrita Shergil is also known as ‘Frida Kahlo’ in the country. She is said to have traveled around the world and her fashion would be an influence of all the traveling and the cultures that she has experienced. She made her style statement primarily by her clothing and hairstyle, both of which were not very commonly seen in the pre-independence era. She was best known for her sleeveless blouses which were not very common and the skin show which was not quite appreciated either. Nonetheless, she made her mark as an icon and as an artist.

  1. Maharani Sita Devi of Kapurthala

Who were the Pre Independence Fashion Icons of India ? 2

Maharani Sita Devi (1915- 2002) was the princess of Kapurthala. At the mere age of 19, she was addressed as a diva and also featured in Vogue. It would not be incorrect to say that she was one of the best and the most well-recognized fashion icons in the pre-independence era. Her sarees, jewelry, and accessories were just perfect and inspired many designers around the world. The surprising fact is that she was also featured in the list of five best-dressed women on the earth. Well, it would not be wrong to say that she was one of the most celebrated and glamorous fashion icons from pre-independent India.

  1. Princess Sudhira

Who were the Pre Independence Fashion Icons of India ? 2


Princess Sudhira, also known as the princess of Cooch Behar. She was one of the young and beautiful ladies in the 1900s to wear the most fashionable and latest of the western world trends. Being a princess she could afford to wear the best of the western attires and she could carry it with confidence and style.

  1. Maharani Sita Devi of Baroda

Who were the Pre Independence Fashion Icons of India ?


Maharani Sita Devi (1917- 1989) was the princess of Baroda. It was a well-known fact that she loved jewelry, gems, and accessories. It is not important to be a lover of these you wear the best but she had great taste and choice to pick and wear the best jewels and gems. It was also said that the Maharani would travel with a wide variety of shoes, sarees, and jewelry. Her pearl necklace which had seven strands and her diamond necklace with three strands were extremely famous. It is said that even her cigarette holder was studded with rubies. With royalty, class, and taste she had a style of her own and turned out be one of the female icons with her own unique taste.

  1. Princess Niloufer

Who were the Pre Independence Fashion Icons of India ?

Princess Niloufer of Hyderabad was well-known in the country as well as abroad. During her early appearances, she would stick to designer sarees and classic jewelry which were an inspiration for many including the Bollywood actresses later. Eventually, she started wearing western dresses which were again a hit. She was one of those princesses who not only appeared in Vogue but also in a number of other magazines.

These are a few pre-independence female fashion icons. As you must have noticed that they were princesses who were able to make a mark as female fashion icons as they had access to the large public and would be followed by women who desired to be like them.


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