Himalaya Clear Complexion Brightening Body Lotion Review

by Aditi Bansal
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Himalaya Clear Complexion Brightening Body Lotion is for all those looking for a body lotion with great moisturization and amazing fragrance.


Rs. 310 for 400ml

Shelf life:  24 months

How to use it?

Apply lotion gently all over the body, with special attention to severely dry areas, slowly massaging it in. Best used after bathing when your skin is most receptive to hydration.

Himalaya Clear Complexion Brightening Body Lotion Review

My experience with the Himalaya Clear Complexion Brightening Body Lotion


Everybody loves those products that smell great and keeps them fresh throughout the day. Well, this body lotion from Himalaya stood well in this sector. It has a very nice flowery fragrance which makes me smell so good after its application. Loved it!


The most important thing we look at in a body lotion is its moisturization power. This body lotion passed this test with flying colors. It gives a very subtle moisturization that is not too greasy and not too drying. Just perfectly balanced.

Texture and color

The texture of this body lotion is very silky and smooth and is not too thick nor too watery just the perfect texture in order to have a smooth application and hence, easy to spread over the body without using much of the product. It comes in white color.

About the packaging

The packaging is quite simple and hygienic. If you are opting for a 400ml pack then you will be getting a pushdown nozzle or if you are opting for a lesser quantity you would be getting the flip cap to take out the product. So, the packaging varies with size.

My experience:

I was looking for a body lotion that is light weighted and also has good moisturization, it provides me with both. It is also free of parabens and any other chemicals. Though it doesn’t brighten or lighten up my skin I loved the moisturization. So, great experience overall.

Overall Review On Himalaya Clear Complexion Brightening Body Lotion

What I like:

  1. Smooth application
  2. No parabens
  3. Amazing moisturization
  4. Flowery fragrance
  5. Makes my skin soft
  6. Budget-friendly
  7. Hygienic packaging

What I don’t like:

  1. No SPF
  2. Bulky in size (only if opting for 400ml)

Would I recommend it?

I would definitely recommend this to all the girls out their who want a light yet moisturizing body lotion under budget. This one is my favorite from Himalaya by far.

Ratings: 4.5/5

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