How to Shrink Large Pores ?

Reduce Large Pores

by Glossypolish Team
2 minutes read

Large pores ?‼️

Today I will be sharing 6 easy ways to shrink large pores. These will also, reduce texture + give smoother skin.


Here are the 2 main reasons we have enlarged pores-


➡️ Clogged Pores: Pores that are clogged or congested, expand and appear larger.

They have sebum or dirt and impurities trapped inside. This results in comedones, blackheads, whiteheads, visible sebaceous filaments or acne.


Exfoliating, regulating sebum production + barrier repair is the right way to treat them.


➡️ Ageing: The second reason why pores appear larger is ageing. The collagen loss makes the skin saggy and pronounces texture.


This can be treated by, boosting collagen production by means of retinoids, vitamin C etc. Barrier repair with ceramides + peptides is important. It’s essential to use sunscreen every day to prevent sun damage and related ageing.


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1️⃣ The Salicylic Acid Clay mask can be used upto 2x weekly. This helps to unclog the pores.


2️⃣ The pore-minimising face serum has Niacinamide, PHA and p- Refinyl. Regulates sebum production + minimizes pores.


3️⃣ Ceramide + HA Intense Daily moisturizer has an oil-free formula. It moisturises the skin & helps in barrier repair.


4️⃣ Pore Minimizing Priming cream sunscreen provides broad spectrum sun protection + has added benefits of controlling sebum production & minimising pores.


5️⃣ .1% or . 3% retinol depending on your skin sensitivity. This has both retinol and Vitamin C – which boosts collagen production.


I hope you found this video useful, let me know if you have any questions 🤗♥️

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