Remedy for Period Pain

Period Pain Relief

by Glossypolish Team
1 minutes read

My grandmother’s remedy for period pain, which she got from her mom… is tried and tested and works, really really do! Save and share with anyone who might need thisssss♥️

FAQ- 1

. Q. Ghee tastes bad?

A. Honestly, you wouldn’t even know. This tastes good.

2. Q. How quickly will it work?

A.For me it gives relief in under 5 minutes!!

3. Q Milk products shouldn’t be consumed during periods they say.

A. This is half a cup of tea with 1/4 cup of milk. Just the perfect serving, no issues will be faced.😊

Q. What about caffeine content?

A. It’s much below the daily allowed limit🤗

Hope this helps♥️ Do follow me for more remedies and beauty videos 🤗

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