BBLUNT Curl Defining Leave In Cream Review

by Romila D Silva
4 minutes read

Who’s it for? BBLUNT Curl Defining Leave In Cream is formulated for wavy and curly hair. It enhances the waves and curls and also tames frizz.

Price: Rs. 600 for 150g.

Sensitive skin alert? No.

How to use? Take a coin size amount of cream. Flip hair upside down, apply evenly on damp hair, and scrunch. For better results, blow dry using a diffuser.

BBLUNT Curl Defining Leave In Cream

My Experience with BBLUNT Curl Defining Leave-In Cream

Packaging: The leave-in cream comes in a bright red pump bottle. It is easy and convenient to use.

Color and texture: The leave-in cream is white in color. It has a thick consistency and a non-sticky texture.

Fragrance: The cream has a pleasant fragrance that stays in the hair till the next day.

BBLUNT Curl Defining Leave In Cream 1

BBLUNT Curl Defining Leave In Cream 2

My experience: I have curly, frizzy hair and this cream really enhances my curls and tames the frizz. After applying the cream, I plop my hair in a cotton t-shirt for 10-15 minutes and then I let my hair air-dry. I don’t use a blow dryer or diffuser and still, my curls look great. The curl definition really depends on your curl pattern. Note that this product is meant for curly/ wavy hair only. Don’t expect it to work on straight hair.


  1. Affordable.
  2. Sulphate-free.
  3. Paraben-free.
  4. Defines curls.
  5. Tames frizz.


It Will not work on straight hair.

BBLUNT Curl Defining Leave In Cream 3


Would I repurchase or recommend it?

I love how this cream makes my curls look. I will definitely repurchase this and recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable curl-defining product.

My rating: 5/5

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