Man Engage On+ Pocket Perfume Breezy Flip

by Ritika Singhi
3 minutes read

Who is this perfume for? Man Engage On+ Pocket Perfume Breezy Flip is the best-suited perfume for all those who love men perfumes which have a sharp and attractive fragrance.

Man Engage On+ Pocket Perfume Breezy Flip

Price: Rs 60 for 18 ml
How to use:  

The perfume comes in a handy container with a sliding cap. The cap needs to be removed and the container needs to be held upright and sprayed on cloth or skin.

My Experience with Man Engage On+ Pocket Perfume Breezy Flip


The perfume is packed in one of the sleekest, convenient and the least space occupying manner. The perfume is packed in a sleek container with a sliding cap. The packaging of the perfume is done extremely well which makes it fit in a pocket also with utmost ease.

Staying power:

The perfume has a good staying power of at least four to five hours. In fact, even after four hours, a slight fragrance of the perfume continues to linger around.


The perfume has a pretty strong, sharp and attractive fragrance. It is a mix of a cool and citrus kind of smell which stays around for quite some time.


my love for men’s fragrances does not end. I recently bought the Man Engage On+ Pocket Perfume Breezy Flip and I carry it in one of my bags. It helps me to add a fresh and refreshing fragrance to my look after a tiring day at work. Moreover, what I really like is that it takes absolutely no extra space in my already loaded office bag. I feel it is a good buy considering the price it comes at for two hundred and fifty sprays. I feel everyone who works shall possess one of this.

What do I like about it?
  1. Easily available
  2. Pretty affordable
  3. Odor has a decent lasting time
  4. Refreshing fragrance
  5. List of ingredients on the pack
  6. Ease to travel with
  7. A good quantity of 250 sprays
What I don’t like about it?
  1. I don’t like the color combination of the outer packaging of the container

It is a great buy and in particular for all of you who need to travel constantly

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