Man Engage On Cool Marine Pocket Perfume Review

by Sreeparna Ganguly
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Man Engage On Cool Marine Pocket Perfume is a travel-size spray perfume that provides 250 sprays. If you like aqua fragrances then you will find this nice.

Man Engage On Cool Marine Pocket Perfume

Price- Rs.60 for 18ml
Sensitive Skin Alert?

It contains alcohol in high percentage; might irritate extremely sensitive skin.

My Experience with Man Engage On Cool Marine Pocket Perfume


The perfume comes in a square shaped flat plastic container. Tones of denim blue have been used as the theme color for the packaging which looks quite cool. The tiny spraying mechanism is quite sturdy plus the ingredients are revealed in detail.

Colour & Texture

The product that comes out of the spray nozzle is a colorless fragrant liquid. It does not take more than a few seconds to evaporate due to its high alcoholic constituents. It does not create any white cast of talc or moisturizer.


The main fragrance theme of this perfume is aqua. I could also identify notes of citrus and musk in it. The fragrance is not very strong so it will not irritate even the sensitive noses.


I am generally not into men fragrances but I see ladies here in Glossypolish often share their great experiences with them. So, I decided to borrow this one from my brother to try. I did not have high expectations from it as strong fragrances tend to trigger my migraine. Thankfully this one was not one of those bothersome fragrances and I am quite happy with how this one smells. It took care of the sweaty odor and I smelt fresh for the day. There was no irritating itchiness or redness on my underarm. Still, I would not use it every single day as the alcohol percentage is quite high.

What do I like about this perfume?
  1. Gas free deodorant
  2. A fresh aqua fragrance with hints of citrus and musk notes
  3. Can be used by both men and women
  4. Does not leave behind white casts of moisture of talc
  5. Does not feel greasy on the skin
  6. The fragrance has the lasting power of 5-6 hours on a humid day
  7. The fragrance does not mix with sweat so no foul odor to be expected
  8. Sleek packaging
  9. Pocket-friendly and easily available
What I dislike about this perfume?
  1. Contains 91% alcohol content; might irritate the sensitive underarm skin
Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

I am definitely buying it again as my body perfume if not as my underarm deodorant. If you are not bothered by alcohol added perfumes, try this aqua fragranced one.


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