Engage Blush Bodylicious Deo Spray Review

by Aastha Narula
4 minutes read

Everybody loves to smell good. Right? But in present times it becomes difficult to smell good all the time due to heat, sweating and bad perfumes, body splashes and deos. It is difficult to find a good deo which will smell good and stay long. Those who have both the qualities are not budget friendly.  So to lessen your work of finding a good deo, I’m here to present a review on engage bodylicious deo spray blush.

So I got this deo as a gift from my friend (not because I stink :P) but because I love smelling good and I always carry a deo with me.

Engage Blush Bodylicious Deo Spray Review

Basic information about Engage Blush Bodylicious Deo Spray



195rs 150ml

Brand claims

Engage by ITC. A range of fresh & irresistible fragrances. Let the chemistry between you and your partner sizzle 24h. go on. Play!

It is ozone friendly and contains no CFC.

Engage Blush Bodylicious Deo Spray Review 1


Shake well before use. Hold the can 15cm from the body and spray.

My experience with Engage Blush Bodylicious Deo Spray

Engage Blush Bodylicious Deo Spray Review 2

First impression

When I opened the present given by my friend, I saw this beautiful baby pink ( who doesn’t love pink?) bottle with white detailing. The bottle immediately made a good impression on me because of its cuteness. So, overall the first impression was pretty good.

What I felt after using the product?

I applied this deo on my wrist, neck, clothes and armpits. The smell is intoxicating and gives a fruity rosy fresh feeling (literally! Not exaggerating at all). Once, I sprayed it on my clothes right before going to the college. And it stayed even after my college got over and I was going home. The smell is not so strong that it spreads in the entire room just on the opening of the cap, but still it is capable of staying for 3-4 hours. The best thing about this product is that it doesn’t burn when applied on the armpits, unlike those cheap deos that give a burning sensation. You can miss a shower and apply this deo easily. Believe me nobody will get to know because of its refreshing rosy and fruit like smell :P.

Engage Blush Bodylicious Deo Spray Review 3

Overall performance of  Engage Blush Bodylicious Deo Spray


To be honest this deo became my favorite when I first smelled it. It is totally perfect for all the girls because of its sweet smell. . Its smell will freshen you up in few seconds. I apply this product on every outing be it dinner with family or day out with friends. I never miss applying this deo and I never miss getting compliments from people when they smell this amazing deo. This product has many positives. Some of the positives are:

  • Beautiful smell
  • Refreshes the mind and soul
  • Budget friendly
  • Has a cooling effect
  • Easily available on the stores
  • Doesn’t give a burning sensation when applied on sensitive areas
  • Rosy and fruit like smell
  • Worth the money

However I came across one major negative point in this deo i.e. it is not long lasting. It will last for max upto 3-4 hours. There are other deos in the market in the same range that will last long.

Would I recommend?

Yes I would recommend this spray to everyone who wants a beautiful smelling deo with the smell of fresh roses and fruits. It has surely become my favorite and I’m sure it will become your favorite too. However I would not recommend this deo to someone who is looking for long lasting deo, as it will only stay for up to 4 hours.  Rating- 4/5

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Sone March 25, 2017 - 4:52 PM

Sounds like a fruity delight 😉

Paneeni March 25, 2017 - 7:27 PM

I also special love for Engage deodorants :love

Paneeni March 25, 2017 - 7:29 PM