What is Hair Wax Used For ?

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What is hair wax?

Hair wax is the product a solid and waxy substance used to set and style hair. It is also known as style paste, putty, glue, whip, molding gum and styling gum.

It has been in use for a long time. As the name suggests, hair wax contains wax which helps to hold the hair and prevents disarray. Although their purpose is the same as hair gels, they are a better alternative for your hair as the wax in their composition styles your hair without stiffening them as alcohol in the gels do.

Different kinds of hair waxes can change the way you look and also change your style expression. It is perfect for achieving the perfect classic formal hairstyles as well as funky cool party hair settings. It allows restyling of hair without reapplying the product.

Did You Know What is Hair Wax Used For ?

Commonly used ingredients in hair wax?

1) Beeswax:

This kind of wax is produced by honeybees. It naturally contains a number of fatty acid esters and long-chain alcohols. It has minimal toxicity.

2)Candelilla wax:

The wax is obtained by processing the verite obtained after boiling the leaves and stems of Candelial shrubs with dilute sulphuric acid. It is yellowish brown in color. It consists of a number of esters, free acids, and resins

3) Carnauba wax:

Carnauba wax is famously known as a Brazilian wax. In its natural state, a Brazilian wax is yellow flaky and brittle. It is also obtained from the leaves of the Carnauba plant which is native to Brazil. The leaves of the carnauba plant are collected, dried and then beaten to obtain the wax. The carnauba wax contains a lot of esters, diesters and fatty alcohols.

4) Castor wax:

Castor wax is an opaque Vegetable wax. It is made from processing the oil obtained from castor seeds.

5) Japan wax:

Japan wax is made from certain berries of sumac found in Japan and China. It is not truly a wax as per it’s chemical composition it is more like fat with 95% of its composition coming from palmitin. It generally has a characteristic rancid smell.

6) Emulsifying wax:

Emulsifying wax is a cosmetic emulsifying agent. It is generally made up of mixing a wax of any kind with detergent. The resultant product is an emulsified mixture of fat and water which bind to each other.

7) Lanolin:

This is a kind of animal wax. It is extracted from the subcutaneous glands in wool-producing animals. Lanolin lacks glycerol and us, not a true fat.

8) Ozokerite:

It is the naturally occurring mineral wax or paraffin found in many geographic locations.

How to style your hair with hair wax?

Styling with hair wax is really simple and easy. Hair wax maybe applied to both wet and dry hair.  Even if you are new to styling with hair waxes you could achieve your desired look easily. Hair waxes are generally solid substances in room temperature. When the waxes come in contact with the body, the heat from the body melts it and it becomes liquid. This liquid is easier to apply. So firstly you must take ample amount of gel in your palm and wait for it to melt.

What benefits of hair wax?

The benefits of hair wax are listed below:

  1. Conditions your hair.
  2. Helps hold hair thus styles hair.
  3. Helps enhance hair volume.
  4. Adds shine to hair.
  5. Prevents hair from breakage.
  6. Helps hydrate hair and prevents drying.
  7. Can be used on hair of all length.

Cons of hairwax:

  1. Excessive hair wax can cause hair fall.
  2. Hair wax may damage your hair: The wax in hair waxes inhibit air from entering the scalp. It acts as a barrier over your scalp epidermis. This is applied for too long and not washed off properly after use it may cause damage to your hair.
  3. Hair wax use for a prolonged time period or excessive use of hair wax may leave your hair greasy.

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