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Amazing Homemade Shampoo Recipes that you MUST Try!

 Amazing Homemade Shampoo Recipes that you MUST Try! : Commercially brought Shampoos are often packed with chemicals that make your hair smooth and give it luster for some time but ultimately they end up damaging your hair. Apart from these even most of the organic shampoos available are not pH balanced and applying them changes the pH of your scalp which affects your hair growth and vitality. Each one of your body parts has different pH and your scalp is no different. At the right pH, your follicles become stronger and healthier. To overcome all these problems the easiest (as well as the cheapest ) solution is to make your own shampoo.

 Amazing Homemade Shampoo Recipes that you MUST Try!

However, before you commit you must keep a few things in mind.

Your hair needs time to suit to homemade shampoo. Your scalp is packed with oil glands which are naturally equipped to produce oil, which is a good thing as it makes your hair healthier. The conventional store brought Shampoos to remove this oil with its lather. The oil glands respond to the shortage of oil by producing more oil. When you use a homemade shampoo, it doesn’t remove all the oil, giving your hair room to be nurtured naturally. So for the first few days of using these shampoos, you may feel that your hair is flatter than usual and you may have to shampoo more frequently, but with time you will see your hair adapting to it. So give it some time to adjust.

Your homemade shampoo may not lather as much as your store brought Shampoo. But that is because your homemade shampoo will contain no lathering agents.

The store brought Shampoo may smell stronger but that is only if you choose not to add fragrances to the shampoo you make. I personally would avoid adding any artificial chemicals.

So without further ado here are a few nourishing shampoos that you can make at home ;


This Shampoo Helps In:

This shampoo is pH balanced.  It helps your hair feel smoother and thicker. It helps prevent split ends. It prevents your scalp from feeling itchy, dry and also prevents dandruff. It reduces tangles and repairs damage.

Beneficial elements in this shampoo:
  1. Coconut milk: Coconut milk is the main ingredient for this shampoo, it contains a ton of beneficial elements. Vitamin B1, B6, B3, B5, C, E , Iron, Calcium, etc are just a few of the elements found in coconut milk.
  2. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is also very beneficial for your hair. Aloe Vera helps in tightening the cuticle of your scalp making the hair look healthier and also making it stronger. It also helps in moisturizing your hair.

How to make it?

Ingredients :

1) 1 can of coconut milk

2) 1+3/4 cups of pure Aloe Vera Gel

3) For perfume, you may add a few drops of essential oil but it’s optional.( You could use lavender essential as it helps hair growth).


1) Combine all the ingredients in a bowl together unless they combine perfectly and homogeneously.

2) Clean out an old Shampoo bottle perfectly and store this shampoo in it.


Like your normal shampoo


It is better to store it in your fridge to prevent spoiling of the coconut milk. Take it out before use giving it enough time to become warm.


This shampoo helps in :

This shampoo is great for moisturizing your hair. It promotes hair growth. The honey in this shampoo is antibacterial and it helps to hydrate your hair and scalp. It helps with a dry, itchy and flaky scalp. This shampoo helps combat hair fall.

Beneficial elements in this shampoo:
  1. Honey: Honey is famous for its antibacterial properties. Its benefits are so important that even Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt wrote about its benefits for hair and skin care. It contains vitamins and minerals. Helps in hydrating your hair.
  2. Aloe Vera: The benefits of aloe vera is mentioned earlier.

1) 1/4 cup of pure Aloe-vera gel.

2)2 Tbs honey.

3) Essential oils according to your preference (optional)


1)Combine all the ingredients in a bowl unless they form a smooth, homogeneous mixture.

2) Store in a clean container.


Like a normal shampoo.


Don’t make large batches that are stored for a long time since it may get molds.


The shampoo helps in:

This shampoo helps with hair fall. The Amla in this shampoo helps in hair growth and has conditioning properties. The shampoo also prevents greying of hair. It can also be used for the treatment of lice.

Beneficial elements in the shampoo:

  1. Amla: Indian gooseberry is often called the wonder fruit. It helps in preventing hair fall. It is also slightly acidic which helps to maintain pH balance. Amla is responsible for keeping intact the hair’s natural color intact
  2. Aritha: Aritha helps cleaning the hair. It contains a large number of saponins which help in lathering.
  3. Shikakai: It acts as a mild detergent cleaning the hair and also has antifungal properties.
  1. 1/3 cup of Aritha powder(soap nut)
  2. 1/3 cup of Amla powder(Indian gooseberry)
  3. 1/4 cup of shikakai powder.
  4. 4-5 cups of chamomile tea.
  5. 3 cups filtered boiled water.
  6. 1/2 tsp Xanthum gum.
  7. 1/2 tsp natural oil(optional)
  8. 1 tbsp honey.
  9. 1tbsp Castile soap(optional).
  10. 1/4 tsp vitamin E
  1. Steep the tea for 10-15 mins.
  2. In a small bowl mix the powders.
  3. Add the tea water.
  4. Mix the water and the mixtures very finely to prevent lumps.
  5. Simmer on low heat for 25-30 mins.
  6. Allow it to cool.
  7. Add honey, vitamin E, Castile soap and natural oils.
  8. Add to a bottle( keep in mind not to fill the entire bottle).

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What is White Light Energy Meditation?

What is White Light Energy Meditation?

by Diksha S

What is White Light Energy Meditation? According to vedic scriptures light (or dhi) is considered to be healing, purifying as well as enlightening. Meditation (or dhi-an oi Dhyan) is considered to be a meditation to purify one’s soul and attain peace. Yoga not only elaborates on using light to rejuvenate oneself but is also believed to improve relationships.

White energy meditation is also called white light meditation or Jyoti Dhyan, is a special form of meditation. White energy meditation not only enriches your life experiences through meditation but also provides a medium to experience and grow through the same. By cultivating this experience through daily practice one can grow to identify one’s true identity as a soul, Atma and spirit.

What is White Light Energy Meditation

How to do this?

If you want to get started on white energy meditation, then you can just follow this simple guide and experience the power of light within you:

  1. Find a quiet place to sit.
  2. Sit in an upright position with your neck, spine and back straightened.
  3. Sit in a seating yoga position of your choice.
  4. To aid in concentration you may play soft background music of your choice.
  5. Rest your hands on your thighs with the tips of the thumb and the middle finger touching each other.
  6. Close your eyes and take deep breaths for at least 10 times.
  7. Take a deep inhalation through your nose(nostrils) and exhale through your mouth.
  8. As you inhale feel the peace and serenity with every breath that you take.
  9. As you exhale try to give out all your negative energies of anxiety, depression, and stress. Let the air you had inhaled wash away all your negative energies with it while leaving through your mouth.
  10. Repeat this for 5 more rounds
  11. As you start relaxing try to feel a pale blue-white light above your head. Keep your eyes closed.
  12. Try to feel the warmth of that light.
  13. Once you feel the warmth, try to let this warmth flow through your body entering from your head and moving through your body in a clockwise direction. Try to feel the energy in you, the warmth till you feel light.
  14. Try to feel this light wash away through your Ajna chakra(in your brain), and slowly move towards your Vissudhya(throat chakra) and Anahata(in your heart) to your Manipura( the chakra of your inner self which has your qualities and traits).
  15. Feel the pure energy in all your chakras. As the light passes through each chakra it cleanses and decongests it before moving on to the next chakra
  16. Once it reaches your Hara Chakra(the sacral chakra), experience it moves in a clockwise direction and swirls through it.
  17. Feel the energy cleaning your chakras very aggressively and powerfully. Allow the powerful light to decongest your clogged Solar Plexus. Feel yourself getting revitalized and recharged.
  18. Let the light run through you to you Mooladhara Chakra (located in the base of your spinal cord).
  19. Feel the light swirl through it, flushing through it powerfully. Continue to keep it cleaning you until you feel re-energized and light.
  20. Feel it travel through you downwards to your thighs… Then to your calves and them to your toes.
  21. Once it reaches your toes allowed the light to travel back from your toes to your head in a straight, all-cleansing manner.
  22. Feel it traveling through all the seven powerful chakras in your body and your soul finally reaching your brain and cleansing it.
  23. Allow it to quickly swirl in a clockwise manner and feel it burst through your head leaving you in in a state of calm and relaxation.
  24. Once this is done bring your hands to your chest and join them together in namaskar mudra.
  25. Be grateful for the divine calmness.
  26. Rub the palm of your hand and feel it getting warmed up.
  27. Place the heated palm on your closed eyes.
  28. Slowly open your eyes to the palm and wait until your eyes adjust to the light.
  29. Slowly open your eyes, feel the relaxation, refreshment, rejuvenation, and positivity.

Start doing this for 10 minutes a day and then increase your meditation time to 30 minutes gradually.

Benefits of white light energy meditation:

1) It helps enhance determination as well as endurance performance.

2) It has recently been adopted by many cancer patients to help with coping strategies and also enriches spirituality.

3) It increases focusing power and helps you concentrate.

4) Daily practice helps you adhere to your goals and also helps adapt methods to achieve your goals.

5) It increases your motivation.

6) It is believed to cleanse your core thereby helping you to resist illness.

7) Helps you have a clearer thought process. It removes unwanted thoughts and helps you to think through difficulties clearly.

8) It helps you calm down.

9) It rejuvenates you and helps you become spiritually more enlightened.

10) It is believed to help you heal.

11) Helps you control your emotions.

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What are Home Remedies to Cure Goiter ?

What are Home Remedies to Cure Goiter ?

by Diksha S

What is a goiter?

Goiter is swelling in the throat caused due to abnormal levels of thyroid hormones. Both hyperthyroidism ( excess of thyroid hormones) and hypothyroidism (less amount of thyroid hormones) may trigger goiter.

What are Home Remedies to Cure Goiter ?

Image Credit ; Nutritional Support Facility

Remedies to cure goiter at home:

1) Apple Cider Vinegar

  • How this works: Apple Cider vinegar has a slightly low pH. This acidic pH helps it restore the body’s natural pH thereby improving body functions and iodine uptake in the body. The swelling of the goiter goes away as the iodine uptake in the body increases.
  • What you need:
  1. Apple cider vinegar(1 teaspoon)
  2. Honey (1/2 teaspoon)
  3. A glass of warm water
  • How to use this?

Mix all the ingredients together and consume this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

  • How often do you need to follow through?

For best results try consuming this every day.

2) Lime and Garlic for goiter:

  • Why does this work?

Much like Apple cider vinegar lime juice too is acidic and has a low pH. It works to maintain the normal pH of the body and in turn boosts iodine uptake.  Apart from this both lime and garlic have anti-inflammatory as well as antimicrobial compounds. They work together to detox your body and also eliminate microbes that may be infectious.

  • What do you need?
  1. Lime juice – 1 tablespoon
  2. Garlic – 1 clove
  3. Honey- 1 teaspoon
  • How do you use this?

Crush the garlic and mix it with lime juice and honey.

Drink this paste on an empty stomach in the morning.

  • How often should you do this?

Ideally, you should follow this tip every morning.

3) Pineapple Juice for goiter:

  • Why does this work?

Pineapples contain a number of anti-inflammatory compounds and are rich in vitamins. These compounds work to reduce the swelling in your throat. Also, carrots and pineapples are a rich storehouse of antioxidants

  • What do you need?
  1. 4-5 pineapple pieces
  2. A medium-sized carrot
  3. 2 tomatoes
  • How to use this?

a)Cut the tomatoes and carrots into small pieces.

b) Blend all the ingredients together till it becomes a smooth paste.

c) Add water to adjust consistency.

d) Consume this juice when it is at room temperature or is slightly chilled.

  • How often should you do this?

Try drinking this every day.

4)Exercise for goiter:

  • Why does this work?

It has been proven by studies that neck exercises especially those which include stretching are very effective in reducing goiters. If you exercise regularly along with the above-mentioned tips. Reducing goiter becomes easier. If you do these following exercises the thyroid and it’s adjoining muscles get stretched. This stretching improves the blood flow to these muscles, thereby reducing the goiter.

  • What do you need to do?

Just follow these simple exercises regularly in combination with any of the above-mentioned tips. Keep in mind to not overexert yourself while doing these. Stretch to your maximum potential without causing any sort of discomfort or pain to yourself. It is advised to stop the exercise as soon as you feel pain.

  • Upward Neck stretch:

Sit on a chair or anywhere comfortable in an upright position. Lift your chin towards the ceiling. While doing so stretch your neck to your maximum potential. When you reach the maximum stretch possible try being in that position for a few seconds.

  • Sideways Neck stretch:

Sitting in a similar position, start by slowly bending your neck to one side. Your ear should touch your shoulder on the same side. Try stretching your neck as much as possible. Repeat this on the other side.

  • How often should you do this?

The upward neck exercise must be repeated 10-13 times a day and it must be done regularly.

The sideways stretching should be done every day with 10 repeats.

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HUDA Flirt Lipstick

HUDA Flirt Lipstick Review

by Diksha S

Who is this for? The HUDA Flirt Lipstick is for anyone who wants to have natural looking lips. It is not very bright or conspicuous. The lipstick enhances your lips making it more attractive without masking their beauty. It’s especially useful for countering your lips.


₹1650 for 6ML.

HUDA Flirt Lipstick

My Experience with HUDA Flirt Lipstick

How to apply:

To get the best results you must first start with exfoliating your lips. I prefer to apply a little bit of lip balm before applying and lipstick; I feel it makes the lips look better. Next, line the lips with a suitable lip liner and apply the liquid lipstick.

The lipstick needs about half a minute to set.


The lipstick comes in a rectangular transparent tube with a rotatable rectangular black cap. This container is packed in a rectangular thick plastic box. The box contains the lipstick in between added protection by a thick paper which has information about the lipstick written on the underside. The packaging is really simple but exciting. Either side of the paper is elevated around the lipstick and has pictures of a lower and upper lip. This is their iconic packaging method which makes the lipstick lay in between the lips as if it is held by in between the lips.


The lipstick has a very mild and soothing fragrance.


The shade I am reviewing is called “flirt”. It is a very mild shade of purple (very mild indeed).

My experience:

HUDA is one of my personal favorite lipstick brands and this lipstick further enriches my fandom. The lipstick keeps my lips hydrated for long. As per the promise of the brand the lipstick is both waterproof and smudge proof. It is very long-lasting and feels very natural on my lips. There was no allergy or irritation of any kind on application. The matte finish is impeccable.


1) The lipstick is water resistant. (Refer to pictures of swatches taken before and after running water over it)

2) The lipstick is smudge proof.

3) Its color is richly pigmented. The pictures of the swatches were taken after applying just one coat. The color reaches saturation with just one stroke.

4) The lipstick doesn’t settle in between lip lines giving the lips a healthier appearance.

5) No allergies or irritations were noted.

6) The lipstick is very long lasting. It can run as long as 5 to 6 hours with no retouching.

7) The container is very traveling friendly.

8) The lipstick after the application is really smooth.

9) Suitable for all skin tones


1) It is expensive.

Who do I recommend this to?

HUDA liquid lipstick is for anyone who loves rich but natural looking lips. It is very long-lasting and budges with neither water nor skin contact. HUDA liquid matte is for anyone who doesn’t like retouching but wants to have perfectly matte painted lips all day long. It’s definitely worthy of its price.

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Did You Know What is Hair Wax Used For ?

What is Hair Wax Used For ?

by Diksha S

What is hair wax?

Hair wax is the product a solid and waxy substance used to set and style hair. It is also known as style paste, putty, glue, whip, molding gum and styling gum.

It has been in use for a long time. As the name suggests, hair wax contains wax which helps to hold the hair and prevents disarray. Although their purpose is the same as hair gels, they are a better alternative for your hair as the wax in their composition styles your hair without stiffening them as alcohol in the gels do.

Different kinds of hair waxes can change the way you look and also change your style expression. It is perfect for achieving the perfect classic formal hairstyles as well as funky cool party hair settings. It allows restyling of hair without reapplying the product.

Did You Know What is Hair Wax Used For ?

Commonly used ingredients in hair wax?

1) Beeswax:

This kind of wax is produced by honeybees. It naturally contains a number of fatty acid esters and long-chain alcohols. It has minimal toxicity.

2)Candelilla wax:

The wax is obtained by processing the verite obtained after boiling the leaves and stems of Candelial shrubs with dilute sulphuric acid. It is yellowish brown in color. It consists of a number of esters, free acids, and resins

3) Carnauba wax:

Carnauba wax is famously known as a Brazilian wax. In its natural state, a Brazilian wax is yellow flaky and brittle. It is also obtained from the leaves of the Carnauba plant which is native to Brazil. The leaves of the carnauba plant are collected, dried and then beaten to obtain the wax. The carnauba wax contains a lot of esters, diesters and fatty alcohols.

4) Castor wax:

Castor wax is an opaque Vegetable wax. It is made from processing the oil obtained from castor seeds.

5) Japan wax:

Japan wax is made from certain berries of sumac found in Japan and China. It is not truly a wax as per it’s chemical composition it is more like fat with 95% of its composition coming from palmitin. It generally has a characteristic rancid smell.

6) Emulsifying wax:

Emulsifying wax is a cosmetic emulsifying agent. It is generally made up of mixing a wax of any kind with detergent. The resultant product is an emulsified mixture of fat and water which bind to each other.

7) Lanolin:

This is a kind of animal wax. It is extracted from the subcutaneous glands in wool-producing animals. Lanolin lacks glycerol and us, not a true fat.

8) Ozokerite:

It is the naturally occurring mineral wax or paraffin found in many geographic locations.

How to style your hair with hair wax?

Styling with hair wax is really simple and easy. Hair wax maybe applied to both wet and dry hair.  Even if you are new to styling with hair waxes you could achieve your desired look easily. Hair waxes are generally solid substances in room temperature. When the waxes come in contact with the body, the heat from the body melts it and it becomes liquid. This liquid is easier to apply. So firstly you must take ample amount of gel in your palm and wait for it to melt.

What benefits of hair wax?

The benefits of hair wax are listed below:

  1. Conditions your hair.
  2. Helps hold hair thus styles hair.
  3. Helps enhance hair volume.
  4. Adds shine to hair.
  5. Prevents hair from breakage.
  6. Helps hydrate hair and prevents drying.
  7. Can be used on hair of all length.

Cons of hairwax:

  1. Excessive hair wax can cause hair fall.
  2. Hair wax may damage your hair: The wax in hair waxes inhibit air from entering the scalp. It acts as a barrier over your scalp epidermis. This is applied for too long and not washed off properly after use it may cause damage to your hair.
  3. Hair wax use for a prolonged time period or excessive use of hair wax may leave your hair greasy.

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What are good Yoga Poses for Back Pain ?

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2) Bird-dog pose:

What are good Yoga Poses for Back Pain ?

by Diksha S

What are good Yoga Poses for Back Pain? Back pain can happen due to a number of reasons and it is also one of the most common problems faced by a large section of the population. One of the most common ways to tackle this problem is through the regular practice of yoga. For many generations, yoga has been one of the most effective and the most recommended ways to combat back pain. Recent scientific literature also supports this fact. Let’s take a look at the few yoga poses you could try to get rid of your back pain.

1) Cat and cow pose:

This is actually a combination of two different poses: Marjariasana and Bitilasana.

Cat and cow pose

Image Credit : LoveThisPic

How to do this:

1) Get on your fours keeping your hands under your shoulder and with your knees inner hip distance apart.

2) Arch your back as you inhale. Lift your tailbone and raise your gaze upwards. This is the cow pose.

3)As you exhale hollow your belly by rounding your back. Bring your gaze downwards. This is the cat pose.

4) Try to focus on the points you fe tension in and try to relieve them.

5) Repeat this sequence for a minimum of 30 seconds.

2) Bird-dog pose:

2) Bird-dog pose:

Image Credit:verywellfit

This is a great pose to strengthen your abdominal muscles without strenuous exercise.

How to do this :

1)Start on your fours.

2) Raise your right arm forward, to the level of your shoulder. Keep in mind to keep your fingertips facing forward.

3)Next, try to raise your left leg to your hip level, engaging your core as much as possible.

4)Keep your feet flexed and facing downward and keep your hips level.

5) After holding the pose for a few seconds get back on your fours.

6) Then repeat the sequence but this time start with your left arm and raise your right leg.

3) Child’s Pose:

This is often referred to as the resting pose. It helps stretch the muscles of the lower back and hips.

Child’s Pose:

Image Credit :verywellfit

How to do it?
  1. Come back to a neutral position after the previous pose.
  2. Get on your fours and untuck your toes.
  3. Take a long breath.
  4. As you exhale move your hips back towards your heels.
  5. Sit with your hips touching your heels.
  6. You may spread your knees a little bit to have your hips stretch more.
  7. Spread your hands in front of you and stretch your hands to move further forward.
  8. Stay in this position. Focus on your breathing and on releasing the tension in your muscles.

4) Downward-facing dog:

This position will help stretch and strengthen your hamstrings, core, and back. All of these muscles can contribute to back pain if they are weak.

Downward-facing dog:

Image Credit : verywellfit

How to do this?
  1. Get to the neutral position on your fours.
  2. From here keeping your hands and legs fixed, push your hips up in the air.
  3. If you feel your legs can not stretch this much then pump your legs one at a time. Keep one leg slightly bent while you stretch the other all the way to the floor. You can also keep your hands on blocks instead of keeping them on the floor directly.

5) Pigeon pose:

This is a hip-opener pose. It helps stretch the hip flexors which in turn helps the pelvis remain in a neutral position preventing the worsening of back pain.

Pigeon pose:

Image Credit : Gaia

How to do this?
  1. From the downward-facing dog crunch your right leg onto your chest. Bringing it up towards the front of your mat keeping it as parallel to the mat as possible.
  2. Your knee should be near your right hand and your foot should be by your left hand.
  3. You can also fold forward over your crunched leg to get better stretching of your hip muscles.
  4. Go back to the downward dog pose and try crunching the other leg in the same manner

6) Seated twist:

This pose is exceptionally good to release the tension and stress in your spine and back.

Seated twist:

Image Credit: Yoga – LoveToKnow

How to do this?
  1. From the pigeon position, swing the stretched leg from the back to in front of you. Crossing it over the crunched leg (which was still on the same position as before).
  2. Ground the foot of your stretched leg completely and focus on sitting tall.
  3. Place the hand on the side of your crunched leg on the outer side of your stretched leg.
  4. Then slowly rotate to the side where you kept your hand(towards the stretched leg).
  5. Exhale and try to twist more. You may use your other hand for support.
  6. Repeat on the other side.
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Elle 18 Berry Bestie Lipstick

Elle 18 Berry Bestie Lipstick Review

by Diksha S

Who is it for? Elle 18 Berry Bestie Lipstick is for anyone who wants a bright lipstick which doesn’t burn a hole through their pockets. It is good for casual outings.


MRP ₹100 for 4.3gram

Elle 18 Berry Bestie Lipstick

My Experience with Elle 18 Berry Bestie Lipstick


The shade I got for myself is Berry Bestie. This lipstick shade resembles purple but has a hint of pink or fuchsia which results in a berry-like color. The shade is well suited for all skin tones and is bright and quirky.


The Elle 18 matte lipsticks lack a very luxurious packaging. The lipstick was encased inside a simple sleek black body which has a flat top. The lipstick possesses the same twist up the body of conventional lipsticks. The lipstick is very lightweight easy for carrying it around.


One thing that surely attracts all the young people to this brand is its rich pigmentation. The new formulation of the lipstick has clearly enriched its color and texture. However, it is my personal opinion that the lipsticks somehow fail to achieve the saturation of the color depicted.


There is a very mild fragrance to this lipstick but nothing that is overwhelming or memorable.

My experience with the product:

The most important thing that one must keep in mind when thinking about makeup is a comfort. If you are not comfortable putting on something it is not going to enhance your looks but only diminish your confidence. The shade I got for myself is Berry Bestie.The most impressive feature of this lipstick is its soft creamy texture. The lipstick moisturizes your lips and keeps them hydrated. The lips do not feel dry or chapped even when applied without prior application of a lip balm. The lipstick, however, fails to impress me with its poor durability. The lipstick was neither smudge proof nor waterproof. Eating food with this lipstick on is impossible and you will end up with smudged lipstick. Also, I feel when compared to other products the lipstick fails to attain complete saturation.


1) Bright colors

2) The lipstick feels natural on my skin

3) After applying the lipstick no dryness or allergies of any kind was noted.

4) It is relatively cheaper as compared to other brands.

5) The brand stays true to its promise and one stroke of lipstick is enough to attain the perfect bold look.


1) Not smudge proof.

2) The lipstick is not waterproof

3) The lipstick is not long lasting and needs to be applied after regular intervals

4) Not transfer proof.

5) It doesn’t seem to fit the definition of matte as per se.

Who do I recommend this lipstick to?

Well the color pop Elle 18 is for anyone who loves quirky bright lips but is unwilling to pay half of their pocket money just for it. The lipstick is not for someone who is looking for putting up make up for the whole day. You need to apply the lipstick after regular intervals. The lipstick is good for casual outings with friends and family where makeup comes secondary to comfort.

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