HUDA Flirt Lipstick Review

by Diksha S
4 minutes read

Who is this for? The HUDA Flirt Lipstick is for anyone who wants to have natural looking lips. It is not very bright or conspicuous. The lipstick enhances your lips making it more attractive without masking their beauty. It’s especially useful for countering your lips.


₹1650 for 6ML.

HUDA Flirt Lipstick

My Experience with HUDA Flirt Lipstick

How to apply:

To get the best results you must first start with exfoliating your lips. I prefer to apply a little bit of lip balm before applying and lipstick; I feel it makes the lips look better. Next, line the lips with a suitable lip liner and apply the liquid lipstick.

The lipstick needs about half a minute to set.


The lipstick comes in a rectangular transparent tube with a rotatable rectangular black cap. This container is packed in a rectangular thick plastic box. The box contains the lipstick in between added protection by a thick paper which has information about the lipstick written on the underside. The packaging is really simple but exciting. Either side of the paper is elevated around the lipstick and has pictures of a lower and upper lip. This is their iconic packaging method which makes the lipstick lay in between the lips as if it is held by in between the lips.


The lipstick has a very mild and soothing fragrance.


The shade I am reviewing is called “flirt”. It is a very mild shade of purple (very mild indeed).

My experience:

HUDA is one of my personal favorite lipstick brands and this lipstick further enriches my fandom. The lipstick keeps my lips hydrated for long. As per the promise of the brand the lipstick is both waterproof and smudge proof. It is very long-lasting and feels very natural on my lips. There was no allergy or irritation of any kind on application. The matte finish is impeccable.


1) The lipstick is water resistant. (Refer to pictures of swatches taken before and after running water over it)

2) The lipstick is smudge proof.

3) Its color is richly pigmented. The pictures of the swatches were taken after applying just one coat. The color reaches saturation with just one stroke.

4) The lipstick doesn’t settle in between lip lines giving the lips a healthier appearance.

5) No allergies or irritations were noted.

6) The lipstick is very long lasting. It can run as long as 5 to 6 hours with no retouching.

7) The container is very traveling friendly.

8) The lipstick after the application is really smooth.

9) Suitable for all skin tones


1) It is expensive.

Who do I recommend this to?

HUDA liquid lipstick is for anyone who loves rich but natural looking lips. It is very long-lasting and budges with neither water nor skin contact. HUDA liquid matte is for anyone who doesn’t like retouching but wants to have perfectly matte painted lips all day long. It’s definitely worthy of its price.

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