Swiss Beauty Eyebrow Pencil Review

by Shivanshi Tomer
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Swiss Beauty eyebrow pencil is perfect for those looking for makeup to fill up light eyebrows. It smoothly glides over your eyebrows and fills up the patches to make your eyebrows look fuller, darker, and better.

Price and quantity

Rs. 44 for 1.8 gm

Sensitive skin alert?

The eyebrow pencil is suitable for all skin types and has no reaction on skin. People with sensitive skin should first run a trial on a small patch of skin to test for any kind of reactions.

How to use it?
  1. Brush your eyebrows with the small spoolie brush provided on the cap of the eyebrow pencil
  2. Move your hand in the direction of your eyebrow hair and make gentle strokes on them
  3. Use the pencil with a light hand and make sure all the patches are covered
  4. Repeat the process till your eyebrows look even and fuller

Swiss Beauty Eyebrow Pencil

My experience with Swiss Beauty Eyebrow Pencil

My experience with the pencil was quite good as it was my first ever eyebrow pencil purchase and it went well. It not only makes my eyebrows looks darker but also makes them look even and fuller.


There is no extra packaging except for a plastic covering around the pencil which needs to be removed before using it. The packaging is a bit disappointing there is no extra box or cover.

Color and texture 

The color of the pencil is jet black and the texture is quite creamy. With every stroke your eyebrows get darker which is a good thing as they don’t give a very dark color in just one go, it gives you a chance to customize the color according to you.

Staying power

The eyebrow pencil comes with an excellent staying power of 7-8 hours. It actually stays on until you wash your face or remove your makeup.

What do I like about it?
  1. Quite affordable
  2. Long-lasting
  3. Easy to use
  4. Fills up gaps and patches efficiently
  5. The shade is perfect for all skin types
What do I not like about it?
  1. The nib of the pencil might break if sharpened too much
  2. The packaging of the pencil should be improved

Would I recommend and repurchase?

I would definitely repurchase it as it makes my eyebrows look much better and perfectly fills up the gaps. It is recommended for those who have uneven eyebrows and are looking for something that is not only easy to apply but also really affordable.

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