Swiss Beauty Pro Blush and Highlighter Pallete 02 Review

by Shivanshi Tomer
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Who is it for? Swiss Beauty Pro Blush and Highlighter Pallete 02 is for all those looking for blush and highlighter, both in a single pallete. With three shades of matte and three shades of glitter blushes, this pallete also offers two shades of highlighter. This pallete is perfect for both beginners and makeup enthusiasts.


Rs. 399

How to use it?
  1. Though everyone has a different style to structure their cheekbones with blush, but you can always mix and match shades to create a new color and highlight your cheekbones.
  2. Start with a light color, the first shade in the pallete is perfect for it. Graze your brush over the shade and make sure you dab the blush brush to get rid of the excess blush powder.
  3. You can also experiment with the darker shades but make sure you blend them well, otherwise, they would look like color patches on your skin.
  4. You can use the two very beautiful shades of highlighter given in the pallete, which would add just the perfect highlight to your cheekbones and give your face a structured look.

Swiss Beauty Pro Blush and Highlighter Pallete 02

My Experience with Swiss Beauty Pro Blush and Highlighter Pallete 02


The pallete comes packed in a cardboard box which helps in safe transit of the product. It has a shiny black cover and has separate sections for all eight different shades. The plus point of this palette is that it comes with a wide mirror when you open it. It helps you in easy application of both the blush and the highlighter.

Color and texture

All the shades of the palette are highly pigmented and don’t need to be layered. The colors too range from nude, pink and red which creates a good contrast from light shades to the darker ones. It offers both matte and shimmer blushes which makes it a good 2-in-1 pallete. The highlighter too offers a nice shade and adds the perfect glow to your face.

Staying power

The shades have a good staying power compared to other blushes in the same shades. It stays for around 5-6 hours until wiped or washed off.


The shades have no fragrance as such, just a bit of powdery smell. It is a plus point for those who like their make-up products without any fragrance.

What do I like about it?
  1. Highly pigmented
  2. A good purchase in the particular price range
  3. Long staying power
  4. Number of shades in a single pallete
  5. Easy to blend
  6. The mirror is a big plus point
What do I not like about it?
  1. One of the colors too bright and doesn’t blend well, others are fine though
  2. The pallete is not suitable for those who just want one or two colors in their blush pallete

Would I recommend and repurchase it?

This pallete is recommended for all those who want all the shades of blush and highlighter in one pallete. The price range also makes it a good buy for makeup beginners. I would love to repurchase it, as it is the best I can get in this price range.

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