Lauki Juice Benefits

by Manidipa Ray
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Lauki Juice Benefits: When summer is around, hydration becomes an essential part of your daily routine. The soaring mercury level causes an increased water loss in our system. So, it is that time of the year when all kinds of energy drinks come into handy. Among the list, Lauki ka juice remains to be a glowing option as a refreshing drink.

Lauki a.k.a Bottle gourd or Doodhi is basally sibling with cucumber, belonging to the same family. It is green with a white soft interior and shaped like a bottle (hence the name). It grows best in a tropical climate and is available widely in India. This means, as soon as you step in the veggie market; you are bound to find some.

Lauki Juice Benefits

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Other than being a cool summer drink, it has a lot of goodness to offer as mentioned below:
  1. The high sodium content in lauki prevents fatigue; therefore it’s a great naturally procured energy drink.
  2. Aids in weight loss. A bottle gourd has 96 parts of water and 4 parts edible. It is also one of the vegetables with the lowest calorific value of 14 to 16J in 100g. So expect your dietician to mention this as a chief vegetable in your diet.
  3. It boosts immunity as the seeds are packed with antibiotic properties. So don’t throw them out while making the juice.
  4. It boosts memory power because of high lethicin content which is a source of choline, one of the essential vitamins.
  5. Because it is rich in dietary fibers, it clears constipation and prevents other digestive problems.
  6. It is good for heart patients, diabetic patients, and people with high blood pressure or cholesterol because of the presence of minerals, Zn, potassium, Mg, Mn, and iron.
  7. The alkaline juice balances PH in the urinary tract and also promotes urine production.
  8. Get your skin glowing and hydrated due to the presence of vitamins C, E, Folates and Riboflavin.

Disclaimer: If tastes bitter, do not have it. Probably the bottle gourd wasn’t a healthy one and neither is for you.   It is most effective when you have it on an empty stomach.

Do not consume the juice of raw vegetables. Boil your lauki first then cool it down. Mix it in a blender and sieve out the juice. Add a dash of salt or pepper and your refreshing health drink is ready!


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