Elle 18 Berry Bestie Lipstick Review

by Diksha S
4 minutes read

Who is it for? Elle 18 Berry Bestie Lipstick is for anyone who wants a bright lipstick which doesn’t burn a hole through their pockets. It is good for casual outings.


MRP ₹100 for 4.3gram

Elle 18 Berry Bestie Lipstick

My Experience with Elle 18 Berry Bestie Lipstick


The shade I got for myself is Berry Bestie. This lipstick shade resembles purple but has a hint of pink or fuchsia which results in a berry-like color. The shade is well suited for all skin tones and is bright and quirky.


The Elle 18 matte lipsticks lack a very luxurious packaging. The lipstick was encased inside a simple sleek black body which has a flat top. The lipstick possesses the same twist up the body of conventional lipsticks. The lipstick is very lightweight easy for carrying it around.


One thing that surely attracts all the young people to this brand is its rich pigmentation. The new formulation of the lipstick has clearly enriched its color and texture. However, it is my personal opinion that the lipsticks somehow fail to achieve the saturation of the color depicted.


There is a very mild fragrance to this lipstick but nothing that is overwhelming or memorable.

My experience with the product:

The most important thing that one must keep in mind when thinking about makeup is a comfort. If you are not comfortable putting on something it is not going to enhance your looks but only diminish your confidence. The shade I got for myself is Berry Bestie.The most impressive feature of this lipstick is its soft creamy texture. The lipstick moisturizes your lips and keeps them hydrated. The lips do not feel dry or chapped even when applied without prior application of a lip balm. The lipstick, however, fails to impress me with its poor durability. The lipstick was neither smudge proof nor waterproof. Eating food with this lipstick on is impossible and you will end up with smudged lipstick. Also, I feel when compared to other products the lipstick fails to attain complete saturation.


1) Bright colors

2) The lipstick feels natural on my skin

3) After applying the lipstick no dryness or allergies of any kind was noted.

4) It is relatively cheaper as compared to other brands.

5) The brand stays true to its promise and one stroke of lipstick is enough to attain the perfect bold look.


1) Not smudge proof.

2) The lipstick is not waterproof

3) The lipstick is not long lasting and needs to be applied after regular intervals

4) Not transfer proof.

5) It doesn’t seem to fit the definition of matte as per se.

Who do I recommend this lipstick to?

Well the color pop Elle 18 is for anyone who loves quirky bright lips but is unwilling to pay half of their pocket money just for it. The lipstick is not for someone who is looking for putting up make up for the whole day. You need to apply the lipstick after regular intervals. The lipstick is good for casual outings with friends and family where makeup comes secondary to comfort.

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