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The Ordinary Serum Foundation Review

by Niharika Sharma

Who is it for? The Ordinary Serum Foundation is for the people who are looking for a light foundation for sensitive skin.


Rs. 474

How to Apply?
  1. Apply your moisturizer if you have very dry skin. Personally, I do not require moisturizer with this foundation because my skin is very oily.
  2. Apply your primer (primer is a must). Shake the bottle well before use.
  3. Take the required amount of foundation on the back of your hand and use a makeup blender sponge or foundation brush to apply and blend the product on your face.
Sensitivity Alert?

Take a small amount of the product and apply it on your neck or your wrist and leave it there for a few minutes to test for allergy.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation

My Experience with the Ordinary Serum Foundation


The foundation comes in a plastic bottle with a dispenser. This bottle is packed in a black cardboard box.

Colour and Texture

The foundation is very light and has a creamy texture. It is neither too creamy nor too dry.


It does not have any fragrance, which is a good thing.

Shelf Life

2.1 years


It provides medium coverage.


I have oily skin, that is, it is extremely prone to acne, so I have to be very careful while choosing cosmetics for myself. ‘The Ordinary’ has a wide range of products, which are not merely cosmetics but, skin care. This foundation is a savior. It has medium coverage, which is fine by me and it perfectly matches my skin tone. It is light and can be used in any weather and on a daily basis.

  1. It is lightweight.
  2. It does not come off easily.
  3. It blends quickly.
  4. It is a skincare product.
  5. It is good for oily skin.
  6. It provides a matte finish.
  1. It is expensive.
  2. It is not easily available.
  3. It is not for those who are looking for a full coverage foundation.
  4. It may be allergic to some. Allergy test is recommended.

Would I Recommend/ Repurchase This Product?

Yes, I definitely recommend and I would repurchase this product.

Rating- 4/5

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