What are the Benefits and Side Effects of Chrysanthemum Tea ?

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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What are the Benefits and Side Effects of Chrysanthemum Tea ? Chrysanthemum tea is a decaffeinated flower-based herbal tea made from the chrysanthemum flower. This pale yellow-colored drink is a popular cure-it-all kind of remedy in Chinese traditional medicine. Other than in China, this beverage is used in many other East Asian countries like Korea. In the traditional Chinese preparation dried yellow chrysanthemum flowers are added to just boiling water. The water is kept in a covered pot with flowers to strengthen the brew. Finally, the strained concoction is drunk with a little bit of cane sugar or unrefined sugar. Instead of this savory preparation, chrysanthemum tea is also drunk in salty preparations. Though it is named as ‘tea’, this aromatic herbal drink does not have caffeine in it. Chrysanthemum tea comes with multiple health benefits and some of the benefits have strong scientific research behind it. Here are some health benefits and side effects of chrysanthemum tea.

What are the Benefits and Side Effects of Chrysanthemum Tea ?


Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea

# Chrysanthemum Tea Relaxes and Reduces Stress

Chrysanthemum tea is an excellent nerve-relaxing drink. It helps the body to de-stress after a strenuous day. It reduces blood pressure, decreases the stress level, and helps to bring calm to the senses. That is why this drink is often served in spas as a part of rejuvenating massage sessions.

# Chrysanthemum Tea Aids in Bone Health

As we age, we lose our bone minerals, and that in turn, causes brittle bones, osteoporosis, and many other degenerative bone diseases. Chrysanthemum tea is rich in minerals that help to replenish our body’s mineral level and prevent the age-related degeneration of bones.

# Chrysanthemum Tea Helps to Reduce Seasonal Cold & Flu

Chrysanthemum tea is an excellent home remedy for several annoying cold and flu symptoms. This warm herbal drink helps to reduce painful sore throat, headache, and fever. Chrysanthemum contains a high amount of vitamin c that helps in preventing frequent colds and flu as well.

# Chrysanthemum Tea Takes Care of Heart

Chrysanthemum tea is an amazing drink for a healthy heart. This concoction is able to control blood pressure levels and also the fat deposition in the blood veins and arteries in the form of cholesterol. This herbal drink is rich in potassium which prevents long-term diseases like heart attacks and coronary artery disease.

# Chrysanthemum Tea Prevents Premature Ageing

Chrysanthemum tea contains a high amount of beta-carotene which is an essential activator of Vitamin A in our body. With the aid of beta carotene and Vitamin A, collagen-building inflates, and as a result, the skin heals faster from age-related and oxidation-related skin damage.

Side-effects of Chrysanthemum Tea

# Chrysanthemum Tea might cause Skin Irritation and sun Sensitivity

Contact Dermatitis is a type of skin disease that generally gets triggered by some irritant or microbes and causes skin rashes, redness, and hives. Chrysanthemum tea might act as a trigger for severe contact dermatitis. Also, this herb increases the level of sun sensitivity to some individuals with sensitive skin.

# Chrysanthemum Tea can cause Allergenic Reactions

Chrysanthemum tea might not be Safe for People with Low Immunity. Those who are allergic to sunflower, dandelion, and pollens of flowers might show allergic reactions to chrysanthemums. After drinking chrysanthemum tea, if you experience, redness, rashes, skin hives or breathing trouble, it might be your body’s allergic reaction to this herb. So, if you have similar histories it is better to skip this tea.

# Chrysanthemum Tea might Result in Low Blood Pressure

Chrysanthemum tea helps in calming the body by lowering the body’s blood pressure level. This unidentified fluctuation of the body’s blood pressure level might cause dizziness, nausea and other adverse reactions to someone who is already on blood pressure-regulating medicines. People who suffer from low blood pressure should not consume this tea.

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