What are Benefits and Side Effects of Kayam Churna?

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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What is Kayam Churna?

Kayam Churana is a mixture of medicinal herbs in powder form for treating chronic constipation, acidity, and other digestive disorders. This is a widely popular ayurvedic supplement among people who want to cure irregular bowel movement problems without laboratory-made chemical compositions.

What are Benefits and Side Effects of Kayam Churana ?

What is in Kayam Churna (Kayam Churna Ingredients)?

Though many of us consider Kayam Churna as an ayurvedic medicine, it is not actually a proper ‘ayurvedic’ medicine. Ayurvedic medicines are those which are prepared from the formulas provided in ancient texts. Kayam Churna is a type of ayurvedic ‘proprietary’ medicine that signifies it is prepared from ayurvedic herbs but by a contemporary ayurvedic pharmacy.

The major constituent of Kayam Churna is the dried leaves of the Senna plant (Sonamukhi in Bengali). It is an excellent plant-derived laxative that has been used in many parts of the world for ages. Kayam Churna also contains Black salt, Ajwain, Haritaki or Harad, Nishoth, Yastimadhu or Liquorice, and Baking Soda. All of the constituents are known for their digestive benefits and laxative actions.

How does Kayam Churna Work?

Kayam Churna is a kind of stimulation-producing laxative. It creates moderate irritations on the intestine walls. As a reaction to this irritating stimulant, our body generates an induced bowel movement. Senna leaves presence in Kayam Churna plays a major role in this action. The other constituents of the formula provide a calming effect to the irritation created in the intestine.

Benefits of Kayam Churna

Here are some benefits of Kayam Churna,

  1. Relieves Constipation

Kayam Churana is an effective laxative that helps to relieve constipation within 9-10 hours of consumption. People with severe bowel movement issues often refer to this powder form laxative as a replacement for laxative drugs.

  1. Calms Hyperacidity and Acid Reflux

Hyperacidity and acid reflux makes us feel uncomfortable and irritates the sensitive inner linings of the stomach and food tract. Kayam Churna clears the bowel movement and that, in turn, helps in better digestion. Better digestion means no hyper-acidic reactions or acid reflux!

  1. Cures Belly Bloating

Digestion of food generates a mixture of gaseous substances as by-products. When our digestive tract is blocked by unclear bowel, the gas can’t flow out of our body and accumulates in either the upper or lower abdomen. It increases the pressure of the intestine walls and that’s why we have painful bloated bellies. Kayam Churna contains black salt, baking soda, and some other digestive herbs that help in better digestion, and its laxative actions clear the digestive passages.

  1. Help in Piles Treatment

Piles is an annoying and painful intestinal disorder. Irregular bowel movement aids in hardening of stool. Hard stool creates irritation in the intestine wall and often cause bleeding wounds. Kayam Churna regularizes bowel movement and prevents stool hardening. So, the Plies and Fistula related problem reduces as well.

Side Effects of Kayam Churana

Though the formula of Kayam Churna is claimed as completely organic, this powder-form laxative comes with several risks and side effects.

  1. Induces Laxative Dependency

Kayam Churna is a kind of stimulant laxative and stimulant laxatives are prone to developing laxative dependency over repeated usage. When you use too many stimulation-creating substances, your body reduces the natural bowel movements to prevent the irritations created by artificial bowel movements. Finally, a time comes when you can’t have a poop unless you use some kind of laxative. Once in a blue moon use of Kayam Churna is fine but it might be harmful for your body if you are taking this powder for more than 3 times a week.

  1. Painful Cramps in Abdomen

Uncontrolled use of Kayam Churna might cause severe abdominal pain and irritations. This powerful laxative not only stimulates digestive organs but also affects other abdominal organs like the uterus.

  1. Diarrhoea and Severe Fluid Loss

Kayam Churna provides stimulating effects to clear accumulated bowel. Those who have sensitive digestive system might face further contractions in the digestive tract. This results in induced stomach flu and dehydration due to loss of body fluid.

  1. Risky Increase in Blood Potassium

Constituents of Kayam Churna have high potassium content. Potassium is an essential mineral for brain health but intake of potassium in excess might cause several disorders including hypertension.

  1. Ulcer in Digestive Tract

Kayam Churna formula is quite strong and contains Black salt and baking soda. These two ingredients increase the risk of ulcers in the digestive system and can be harmful for those suffering from gastric or intestinal ulcers.

  1. Infertility in Men

Studies have shown that baking soda or soda bi-carbonate can affect the fertility of men by reducing sperm count and quality. Kayam Churna contains this ingredient so the regular consumption of this laxative is not at all beneficial for men.

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