Which are the Best Facial Rollers?

by Bhumika G
4 minutes read

What are facial rollers?

Facial rollers suddenly gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Jade, Rose Quartz and Amethyst stones were used in China in the 18th century and have been adopted by the entire world now. Research says that rolling stones across the skin drain excess fluids from the face and help in better absorption of products into the skin causing less puffiness and clear skin. Using this product also relaxes your skin. These rollers come in two sizes. One of them is, a 2 sided roller with a wider stone for the cheeks and forehead area at one end and a smaller stone for the under-eye and lip area at the other. The second one being, a one-sided roller with very wide stone. They are best when stored in the freezer before usage.

Types of facial rollers available in the market:

Jade rollers:

This roller is made of Jadestone which is green in color. The stone is known for its emotional healing and eliminating negativity. It is also known as a lucky stone, making it great for calming and balancing. The gentle massaging motion is supposed to increase circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system and lymphatic drainage throughout the face. You won’t get any collagen stimulation with these rollers; which means that they don’t help in reducing your acne scars or pigmentation.

The best Jade rollers available in the market are:

Jade Roller Face Massager – Green

This brand produces handmade and 100% authentic rollers. This incredible beauty tool is made from solid jade stone. This product has anti-aging properties and is 100% safe and natural. This product retails for ₹600.

Bronson Professional Jade Roller Massager Tool (Green)

This is the cheapest Jade stone available in the market retailing for ₹463. This jade facial roller is made from 100% precious healing crystal that releases facial tension and gets rid of negative energy. It gives you smoother, radiant, tightened and firmer skin.

Which are the Best Facial Rollers in India 2019?

Rose Quartz:

This pink stone is considered to be a stone of love and is believed to promote unconditional love. Historically, the stone has been used as a love token. Greeks and Romans believed that the stone had strong magical powers. The Egyptians also believe the stone could prevent wrinkles and the effects of aging. The act of rolling and massaging the skin with the jade roller increases circulation and helps the lymphatic system to carry away toxins. These rollers are more expensive than Jade rollers.

The best Rose Quartz rollers available in the market are:

Jade Roller Rose Quartz Face Massager:

The roller is handmade and delicate. Hence, must be used with gentle pressure as the skin is also delicate. They claim to help in stimulating collagen, plump fine lines, help minimize large pores, tighten the skin, minimize spots and tone facial muscles. This product retails for ₹1000.

Face Rituals Rose Quartz Roller

This roller is made up of 100% authentic and certified natural rose quartz crystal. This is the ideal tool to provide a gentle, effective massage for your entire face and neck area. Using a massaging quartz roller often helps to release tension stored in your face. Gentle pressure and motion also promote circulation, which plumps and firms skin and gives you a glowing face. The product works best when used twice daily. This product is more of an investment as it retails for ₹2871.

Which are the Best Facial Rollers in India 2019? 2

Amethyst roller

This purple stone is a natural stone linked to the crown chakra. It attracts positive energy while ridding your body of any negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, fear, and depression. It helps in stimulating collagen, improving skin elasticity, discoloration, acne, wrinkles, saggy skin and aids in skin inflammation. Only one brand sells this stone in India:

Dromen & Co Amethyst Facial Roller

This product is 100% safe and natural. If the roller does not roll smoothly, Add baby oil or any oil which acts as a lubricant for smooth rolling. This product is also a huge investment as it retails for ₹2974.

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