Classy and Easy Nail Art Designs

by Aditi Bansal
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Easy Nail Art Ideas and Nail Art Pics : Nail art became popular around 4-5 years back and its popularity is growing since then. Who doesn’t like to add a little glam to look attractive? Well, nail art is a type of artwork done on your nails to make your hands look attractive and beautiful. It adds glam even to your simplest look. So, here I am sharing some of my classy eye-catching nail art designs.

Classy Nail Art Designs 5

Image Credit : Pinterest

What you need:

  • Different pastel-colored matte/glossy nail paints
  • White-colored matte/glossy nail pain
  • Bow embellishments

Firstly, apply the white nail paint on the base then apply the other pastel-colored nail paint on the lower half of your nails and then put the bow embellishment and it’s done!!


Easy Nail Art Designs

Image Credit : Pinterest

What you need:

Paint nails with white polish. Create a diagonal line across the nail and fill in the bottom half with blush polish. Apply a gold polish in the other direction across the top of half of the nail. Apply a top coat of clear nail paint to finish.


Classy Nail Art Designs 1

Image Credit : Pinterest

What you need:

  • Black-colored nail paint
  • White nail paint
  • Clear nail paint for the glossy finish

Firstly, apply white nail paint as the base color then apply vertical and horizontal stripes with black nail paint to get the checkered design then, apply the clear nail paint for the finish coat.


Classy Nail Art Designs

Image Credit : Stylesatlife

What you need:

  • Dark blue nail paint
  • Teal nail paint
  • Light and dark green nail paint
  • Gold nail paint
  • Clear nail paint

Paint your nails with Dark blue nail paint. Make teal-colored stripes and add light green stripes and highlights. Add dark green stripes. Make a gold oval or circle in the center. Add a blue circle in the center. Finally, coat it with clear paint.


Classy Nail Art Designs 4

Image Credit : Pinterest

What you need:

  • White nail paint
  • Two different color of nail paint, here I am illustrating sea green and neon green nail paints.
  • Glue to prevent color from spreading on cuticles.
  • Clear nail paint for the top coat

Apply white paint as the base color. Apply the sea green and neon green nail paint on a makeup sponge. Lightly sponge onto the nails. You will need to do this at least twice to make the colors opaque and blend. Apply a top coat and you are done.


In a world constantly chasing the next big trend, there’s something undeniably timeless about classic French tips with a nude base coat. It’s the little black dress of nail art – elegant, understated, and always in style. Whether you’re walking down the aisle, sitting in a boardroom, or just grabbing coffee on a Sunday morning, this iconic look seamlessly adapts to every occasion, outfit, and mood.

This manicure whispers sophistication and speaks volumes of grace without ever trying too hard. It’s the perfect blend of simplicity and glamour, making it a go-to choice for those who appreciate beauty in its most classic form. The delicate white tips accentuate the natural shape of your nails while the nude base brings an air of polished finesse that complements any skin tone. So here’s to celebrating the enduring charm of French tips with a nude base coat – proving that true style never fades but evolves beautifully over time. Let your nails be a canvas for this timeless expression of elegance. 💅✨

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