Urban Decay Nail Color Addiction Review and Swatches

by Sone

Let me be upfront, nailpolishes are best purchased as cheap as possible. Most of them dry out and chip easily. Still, there are some collectible items, some shades that you will not wear that often and you don’t want them drying out. Whenever you want a long wear or beautiful finish with unique colors-that’s when you splurge on nail paints.

Today my review is of one such splurge on urban decay ;)


 Urban Decay Nail Color Addiction


What is it and who is it for?

A jazzy glittery grey green shade. Suitable for the adventurous kind ;)



$15 for 9ml


Urban Decay Nail Color Addiction 1


Sensitive Skin Alert?






Urban Decay Nail Color Addiction 2


What does the Brand Claim about Urban Decay Nail Color Addiction?

An ultra sophisticated nail color featuring super-rich pigments and dynamic micro sparkle. Its s what you’ve been waiting for: Nail Color from Urban Decay. Wende, Urban Decay’s cofounder, and her team have handpicked amazing limited-edition shades. Get them while you can because once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Urban Decay’s long-wearing, chip-resistant formula has a high-gloss finish that’s tough and durable, yet flexible. Each shade is three-free: formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP. The high-performance, 400-strand brush picks up more product than other brushes, grabbing on to color to give you a clean, even lay down of polish. Sturdy yet precise, it even makes painting the outer corners of your nails easy. It is formulated without: – Parabens- Sulfates – Phthalates each full-size bottle features a custom-designed cap topped with a skull (complete with roses for the eyes).


How to Use:

Apply as desired with a blusher brush.


My Experience with Urban Decay Nail Color Addiction

This nailpolish comes in a supremely attractive bottle. I think, the packaging itself kind of pays like 5 dollars of the price. I love this!

The nail polish brush is on the thinner side, but boy is it good. It picks up enough of the product and feels very convenient to apply. There are no crazy jazzy bristles or fallout from this brush. So quality is top notch.


Urban Decay Nail Color Addiction 4


The nail polish gets applied evenly without being streaky. This color is rather unique. It has green glitter on grey green base. It’s totally chic; consider this a boho quirk color. If it suits you, you will really love it! The nail polish is long stay. It has been a week since I am wearing this, without any chipping. I suggest you let the nail polish completely dry between these quotes for best results.


Urban Decay Nail Color Addiction 3


Positives of Urban Decay Nail Color Addiction

  • Nice and liquidy
  • Excellent brush
  • Unique shade
  • No streaking
  • Minimal chipping-long stay


Negatives of Urban Decay Nail Color Addiction

  • Seriously pricey
  • Not your usual everyday shade (negative too ;))


Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Going by the quality, I am going to recommend this brand for nailpolishes. If you have the funds to indulge…this indulgence is worth it ;)


GlossyPolish Verdict

4 /5 -1 for price obviously  :)


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