Fruttini Coco Banana Body Scrub Review

by Sone
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Today I have come with a review of a body scrub. I was first gently nudged and then literally cowed into the concept of body scrubs, by my friendly salon lady. I have been endlessly lectured on the benefits of the advantage, and in fact, the absolute necessities of body scrubs.

So, today I will be reviewing the very first body scrub I purchased. Yesterday, I was doing my spring cleaning and found this poor old neglected tube.


Please read on, to know my experience with this product.

Fruttini Coco Banana Body Scrub Review


What is it and who is it for?

A coconut and banana flavored salt based body scrub.



Rs 578 for 200 ml


Fruttini Coco Banana Body Scrub Review 3


Sensitive Skin Alert?






Fruttini Coco Banana Body Scrub Review 1


What does the Brand Claim about   Fruttini Coco Banana Body Scrub?

The exotic fragrance of coconut milk and banana makes you long for skin which feels fantastic. Fruttini Body Scrub stimulates the skin with micro-fine exfoliating beads and gently removes impurities. Genuine coconut milk extract combined with vitamins B3 and B5 give the skin a silky, well cared for feel.


How to use:

Massage well on damp skin.


Fruttini Coco Banana Body Scrub Review 2


My Experience with Fruttini Coco Banana Body Scrub

The scrub comes in a handy tube with flip open top. Easy to use and even, easy to travel with. Since Fruttini is a famous European brand, its packaging and the exterior quality is understandably good.

Coco Banana. Does the name not, already make you feel that you are on a beach at Hawaii? When I saw this product online, I was literally transfixed and thought that I must get my hands on this product!

Well ladies you want to know how it smells? It reeks, absolutely reeks of rancid coconut oil. Ugh, I am totally NOT a fan of the fragrance. Where is the coconut, and where is the Banana??!! It smells pathetic period.


Fruttini Coco Banana Body Scrub Review 4


Now this is a shame. Why you ask, because, the scrub is actually very nice. It is one of those salt based scrubs rather than the sugar ones. Nicely exfoliating, yet much gentler than the harsh sugar scrubs. Somehow, I feel, that good as the scrub may be, I am still hung on the bad fragrance part 🙁

This scrub is not soap based, which is a good thing. I strongly recommend using a good fragrant shower wash to wash off the unpleasant fragrance. God, I really am fixated on the fragrance part: P

This scrub does not moisturize my skin. However, to give it some credit, my skin does not feel dried out after using it.

I am basically putting this purchase of mine under the “What was I thinking” headline and move on.



Positives of Fruttini Coco Banana Body Scrub

  • Decent scrub that is gentle on skin
  • Sturdy Packaging!! (I really have no other pro to add)


Negatives of Fruttini Coco Banana Body Scrub

  • Awful Really bad smell. Rancid. Ugh (Not starting again on this one 😛 )
  • Really pricey for the quality
  • Neither moisturizing, nor lathering


Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

This product is not worth your money ladies. There are other better quality body scrubs which you will get at a similar price. Skip this one please. I am definitely not repurchasing this one!


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