What are the Different Perming Hair Styles?

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by Ritika Singhi
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What are the Different Perming Hair Styles? one of the most frequently asked questions about perming your hair would be “is permed hair out of fashion” or “does permed hair look trendy” my answer to the question would be permed hair is not out of fashion and it looks great. Permed hair is one of the most interesting hairstyles that you can choose to flaunt as it has so many different styles to pick from. There are a number of ways in which you can choose to flaunt perm style hairdo and some of the best and most interesting ways of perming your hair have been mentioned below.

  1. Natural-looking perm

What are the Different Perming Hair Styles

Image Credit : therighthairstyles.com

This is a perfect hairstyle for all the girls who want to play it safe while perming their hair. It is a wonderful hairdo for girls who want to perm their hair but want to keep the look as natural as possible. The curls for this perm are narrow and not done to perfection. It gives you a raw and very natural look. This is one of the most attractive and appealing perks which you can pick for yourself.

  1. Mohawk perm

Mohawk perm

Image Credit : Bepurebeautybar

Are you one of those girls who are tired of a simple and innocent look? Then you should definitely try the Mohawk perm look for your hair. It is one of those perming styles that gives you and your hairdo a completely new look and takes your perming to a completely new level. The hair is permed at the top while the sides remain straight. It is a complete contrast to the usual perms and gives you a very new and different look.

  1. Perms from the root

Root Perm

Image Credit : Hair Stylery

As the name suggests, the hair is permed right from the root of the hair. It is a perfect perm hairdo for girls who want to add volume, bouncy curls, and an appealing look to their entire look with the help of perms. This is one of the perm styles which require a lot of attention and effort and the results are definitely unbeatable. This is a perfect perm style for all girls looking for a different and attractive permed hairdo.

  1. Lion mane Spiral Perm

Root Perm

Image Credit : Pinterest

Well, this is one of those perm looks which is perfect for girls with medium to long hair length and who are completely bored with their dull and boring hair. This particular perm adds life, volume, and a fierce look to your entire look. The lion mane spiral perm is a great style for all the fierce and fearless girls.

  1. The bushy perm

The bushy perm

Image Credit : thetrendspotter

A bushy perm hairstyle is for all the girls who are not looking at the perfect prim and proper look and are willing to have a hairdo that is imperfect yet beautiful. The bushy perm is done by air drying the hair and then brushing it when dry. The result of this will give to a bushy-looking hairdo which is the perfect perm despite the imperfect look.

  1. The relaxed wave perm

The relaxed wave perm

Image Credit : minxhairdressing

The relaxed wave perm is one of my favorite perms. It gives your hair a wonderful look of waves. It is a great idea to move away from the usual perms and try something which is more relaxed, natural, and eye-catching. The wave look gives your hair one of the most interesting looks. You can also accessorize your hair to enhance its look. You can also try the beachy waves perm which is more relaxed and gives a beautiful look.

  1. Partial perm

Partial perm

Image Credit : pineterst

As the name suggests the partial perm is basically perming your hair partially and not completely. You can choose to perm your hair towards the end or in the middle. It is an appealing perm style and a nice break from complete perms.

Which is the best way to choose the perm style for your hair?

Each of us has a different style and look. Similarly, our hair texture and style is completely different. Your first and primary thought while picking your perm style shall be your comfort level, then you shall see the texture and volume of your hair and your facial cut.

These are a few top ways in which you can choose to perm your hair. No matter which style you choose, make sure to get the best shampoo for permed hair for the best aftercare.

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