Easy Free Hand Rangoli Designs

Simple Rangoli Designs for Home

by Aparna Das
14 minutes read

Easy Free Hand Rangoli Designs :  Today we will talk about Rangoli designs for home.

When we hear the word *Diwali*, certain things immediately come to our minds. Some of them are Sweets, Crackers, Worship, and Rangoli. Diwali is the main festival in India, and is celebrated by almost everyone around the corner with great fun and enjoyment. Every year near Diwali, we are put to think about the various things that follow – about clothes, about the arrangement, and about the rangoli. Rangoli is an art form, where patterns are created using a variety of things – colored sand, flowers, dry flour, etc on the floor. Mainly we see rangoli designs made of colored sand, which immediately catches our attention better than anything else.

The purpose of Rangoli is decoration, and to bring good luck for sure. No doubt, the vibrant colors on the floor make your home look enchanting and beautiful.

The other reason a Rangoli is drawn at the entrance of a home, to show its calming effect on a person who is just about the enter the home. It puts the visitor at ease, making him comfortable and happy. It is considered auspicious to draw Rangoli designs in Hindu Dharma in Religious festivals and special occasions.

Rangoli designs can vary from simple geometric shapes, flower and petal shapes to elaborate designs crafted by numerous people. Here are certain Simple Rangoli Designs that are easy to make, yet vibrant and beautiful.

Dive into a world where colors blend, patterns intertwine, and traditions come alive! Today, I’m thrilled to share with you some mesmerizing Rangoli design ideas that are sure to ignite your creative spirit and add an extra touch of vibrancy to any celebration. 🎨🎉 Rangoli, an ancient art form native to the Indian subcontinent, is more than just decorations. It’s a heartfelt expression of joy, a warm welcome for guests, and a tribute to the natural beauty that surrounds us. From the intricate geometric patterns that challenge your precision to the free-flowing designs inspired by nature’s spontaneity, there’s something incredibly satisfying about bringing these creations to life. Swipe left ➡️ to embark on a visual journey through designs that range from the traditional motifs of peacocks and lotuses to modern abstract interpretations that defy conventions. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or someone looking to try their hand at this beautiful art form for the first time, let these ideas inspire you. And remember, Rangoli is all about experimentation and personal expression. So grab your colored powders, rice flour, or even flowers and leaves, and let your doorstep be the canvas for your creativity. Share your own designs with me using MyRangoliArt – I can’t wait to see how you bring a piece of this timeless tradition into your home with easy rangoli designs! Happy creating!

This design is easy yet beautiful. You can start your way by creating the middle part first and then coloring it, to creating the flowers later, and then the design near it.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ?

Image Credit : Pinterest

  • DESIGN 2.

Another simple yet vibrant design, you can start your way by creating the circle first using a utensil and then creating bib petals to separate, and then doing the inside for much less work.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ?

Image Credit: HappyShappy

  • DESIGN 3.

The third design is one of the easiest, here you just need to create floral designs. You can make the circle first, then the petals, finish it fully and then reach ahead to the upper designs.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ?

  • DESIGN 4.

You can create this design by just using dots. You can first draw dots at the inner and outer first, then join them together, and then start up coloring the blocks.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ?

Image Credit: Apk.dl

  • DESIGN 5

Another design similar to the last one, this one is easy and yet looks classy. You can again start by creating the semi-circle, color it and then make the edges by creating dots first, joining them, and the again creating dots for the later edge and joining them. Here you can finish one part and then start with the other and at the end, draw the flame.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ?

Image Credit: Kavita Munada

  • DESIGN 6

Here is another art that may look complicated but is very simple when created with dots. Here too, you can start by creating dots from the center and then move ahead. Color the first part and then again create dots and join them to create the six designs. To make it look more vibrant, you can color the 6 designs differently in an alternate way.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ?

Image Credit : Toprelease

  • DESIGN 7

Another simple, amazing design. You can start your way by creating a semi-circle first, coloring it freely without any edges as given, then creating the big blue designs and then outlining the details inside, and then finally going to the three green petals and then to the small detailing work.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ?

Image Credit : Patrika

  • DESIGN 8

In this design, it may look hard but is very easy. You can start by creating the orange petals first, coloring and then creating the details inside(white lines), then you can go and create the green petals. It’s as simple as that.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ? 1

Image Credit : Pinterest

  • DESIGN 9

This design is so much similar to the last one, here you can build the circle and draw lines first, move ahead and draw the round petals, finish it by coloring and then move ahead to the last part by creating the three petals and then finally the four detailing designs at last.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ? 1 2

Image Credit : Pinterest

  • DESIGN 10

Another design that is extremely simple to make, without and effort yet looks beautiful. Here you can start your way by dots or lines to create a square, finish it first by coloring and then move further to the circle-pointed design.

The designs mentioned above are extremely simple to make, yet vibrant and give a positive and joyful feeling. Also, you can obviously create more new designs with this and change the color combination.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ? 1 2 6

Image Credit :kopimgx

Stepping into a world painted with vibrant hues and intricate patterns, where every color tells a story and every curve holds a secret. 🎨✨ These beautiful rangoli designs are not just art; they’re a celebration of traditions, a warm welcome to guests, and a tribute to the endless creativity that flows within us. As we admire these rangoli designs with colours , let’s remember the joy in small beginnings and the beauty in bringing imagination to life. Let’s spread color, not just on the ground, but in the hearts of those around us. 💖
 Rangoli, an ancient art form originating from the Indian subcontinent, is much more than mere decoration. It’s a heartfelt expression, symbolizing happiness, prosperity, and good luck that graces our homes during festivals and significant occasions. Made from colorful powders, flowers, rice flour or even sand – each Rangoli carries within it an age-old cultural heritage passed down through generations. As we trace intricate designs on the ground at our doorstep or courtyard, we aren’t just decorating spaces; we’re invoking divine blessings and creating a welcoming threshold for guests and deities alike. The symmetry in its patterns represents balance — in life’s elements, in nature’s bounty — reminding us of our connection to Earth’s rhythms. In crafting these beautiful creations together as families or communities, there lies unity; hands moving in harmony breathe life into visions of shared joy. Each curve & contour is infused with prayers for wellbeing – physically manifesting hopes into hues that dazzle under sunlight or gleam under moonlight. So next time you step over a Rangoli or pause to admire one at someone’s home entrance remember: it’s not just artistry you’re witnessing but centuries of wisdom woven into wondrous welcoming mats! Let’s celebrate this incredible tradition! Share your favorite rangoli experiences below 🎨💫

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