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Which are the Best Drugstore Highlighters?  : Highlighting your face is a crucial step. It makes your skin looks hydrated and nourished. Highlighter makes your skin achieve a nice radiant look. With a highlighter, the skin will glisten and shine just right. It is the best way to get a glow on. A touch of highlighter instantly opens up the look of your eyes and defines your face. Highlighter no doubt illuminates your face like a goddess. However, it’s difficult to search for highlighters that are excellent and affordable and will go with your skin tone. Here, I would suggest some highlighters that are perfect for Indian skin tone and won’t burn your pocket as the quality of these products is excellent.

Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter

This highlighter by far lists the top three highlighters of my choice. This highlighter can vary from giving you a subtle shine to a blinding highlight. It gives a warm shine to your face, amazing for Indian Skin tone. It comes in two shades – Molten Gold and Molten Rose Gold. The former is suitable for Indian warm skin tones. It gives a warm metallic shine. To sum up, this highlighter provides a luminous effect for the skin, gives a soft and natural glow, can be used both day and night time, and also, it has great pigmentation and quality.

Price – Rs. 550 for 6.7gm.

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

Another product, added in the top three, this highlighter gives a soft, natural, and glowing look even when applied in a subtle amount. This is also worth the price when comes in quality. It can be easily applied and blended. It comes in three shades: Precious Petal, Blossom Glow, and Winter Falls in LA. The first shade, precious petals is suitable for Indian warmer skin tones. This too can vary from being subtle to blinding on your face. Adding to this, it is fragrance and paraben free. It gives up a smooth texture to your face, and no doubt your skin looks natural showing a glow from within.

Price – Rs. 499 for 5.4gm.

Wet n Wild Precious Petals MegaGlo Highlighting PowderMakeup Revolution Vivid Shimmer Highlighter

This highlighter, included in the list is a shimmer brick. A single pan contains five different shades suitable for Indian Skin tones and can be worn from day to night. It gives a perfect sun-kissed subtle glow. It too can be built up as upon choice. It comes on three different shades: Brick Radiant, Brick Bronze Kiss, and Brick Rose Gold. The shade Radiant will be suitable for Indian Warm skin tone. It gives a gorgeous definition to your face. The quality offered is amazing. It has a finely milled shimmer finish which looks good on your skin and gives a lit-finish and natural shine (glow from within). Adding to this, it is buttery smooth and soft textured.

Price – Rs.650 for 7gm.

Makeup Revolution Vivid Shimmer Highlighter

NYX Professional Makeup Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator –

As suitable as its name, this liquid highlighter does give your face luminosity. It makes your face flow from within. This liquid highlighter is lightweight and soft on your skin. It can also be used as a foundation base, and also to highlight high points. It gives a perfect definition to your face. Available in two shades: Gleam and Sunbeam. The former shade, Gleam is suitable for Indian Warm skin tones. It gives up a luminous and glossy finish. It can also be blended easily with fingers as the texture is soft. Can be built up as per choice too. It is hydrating and provides dewiness.

Price – Rs.850 for 18ml.

NYX Professional Makeup Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator –

 Maybelline New York FaceStudio Master Strobing Cream –

This highlighter, again in a liquid form, gives your skin a strobing and dewy luminous finish. It can be used in ways as – mixed with primer, mixed with foundation and as a highlighter alone applied in high points. It is extremely easy to blend and the texture is nice and not patchy. It comes in two shades – Pink 02 and Nude 01. This can also be used with moisturizer on a daily basis. It is good for everyday wear. It instantly removes dullness and uneven skin when used. Both shades are good for Indian Skin tones. It provides a perfect highlighting finish and the skin looks glowing and natural. Also, just a pearl size amount is needed.

Price – Rs.665 for 18ml.

Maybelline Facestudio Master Strobing Cream Nude 01 Review

Nykaa Glow Getter Highlighting and Illuminating Duo 

As the name suggests itself, this product contains two shades in a pan, both for highlighting and illuminating. However, it can be used alone or mixed and both will not disappoint. This duo is perfect for a dewy and natural finish. It gives a very nice glow, perfect for every time. It also provides an elegant finish. It comes in three shades – Glitterati 02, Moonshine 03 and 24k Glam 01. The first shade is perfect for a Indian Warm skin tone. It is really pigmented and gives a great payoff. The quality and texture is worth the price and also this too can be built up as per choice.

Price – Rs.699 for 9gm.

Makeup Revolution Pro Highlighter – Illuminate 

This highlighter can brighten up your face easily. This can too vary from giving a subtle glow to being a blinding highlight. It can give a soft touch and can be easily and seamlessly blended into the skin. It is good both for beginners and pro, even if you want a light glow for every day, it comes handy here as well. It is highly pigmented and thus will last long. The shine it provides is natural and dewy. It has no chunky glitter but a fine texture. This is also preferable for Indian Warm skin tone and the quality and quantity both offered in such a price is a steal. Perfect for the day as well as night time.

Price – Rs.850 for 15gm.

The Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter

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Prize Winning Rangoli Designs with Themes

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home? When we hear the word *Diwali*, certain things immediately come to our minds. Some of them are Sweets, Crackers, Worship, and Rangoli. Diwali is the main festival in India, and is celebrated by almost everyone around the corner with great fun and enjoyment. Every year near Diwali, we are put to think about the various things that follow – about clothes, about the arrangement, and about the rangoli. Rangoli is an art form, where patterns are created using a variety of things – colored sand, flowers, dry flour, etc on the floor. Mainly we see rangoli designs made of colored sand, which immediately catches our attention better than anything else.

The purpose of Rangoli is decoration, and to bring good luck for sure. No doubt, the vibrant colors on the floor make your home look enchanting and beautiful.

The other reason a Rangoli is drawn at the entrance of a home, to show its calming effect on a person who is just about the enter the home. It puts the visitor at ease, making him comfortable and happy. It is considered auspicious to draw Rangoli designs in Hindu Dharma in Religious festivals and special occasions.

Rangoli designs can vary from simple geometric shapes, flower and petal shapes to elaborate designs crafted by numerous people. Here are certain Simple Rangoli Designs that are easy to make, yet vibrant and beautiful.

  • DESIGN 1

This design is easy yet beautiful. You can start your way by creating the middle part first and then coloring it, to creating the flowers later, and then the design near it.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ?

Image Credit : Pinterest

  • DESIGN 2.

Another simple yet vibrant design, you can start your way by creating the circle first using a utensil and then creating bib petals to separate, and then doing the inside for much less work.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ?

Image Credit: HappyShappy

  • DESIGN 3.

The third design is one of the easiest, here you just need to create floral designs. You can make the circle first, then the petals, finish it fully and then reach ahead to the upper designs.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ?

  • DESIGN 4.

You can create this design by just using dots. You can first draw dots at the inner and outer first, then join them together, and then start up coloring the blocks.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ?

Image Credit: Apk.dl

  • DESIGN 5

Another design similar to the last one, this one is easy and yet looks classy. You can again start by creating the semi-circle, color it and then make the edges by creating dots first, joining them, and the again creating dots for the later edge and joining them. Here you can finish one part and then start with the other and at the end, draw the flame.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ?

Image Credit: Kavita Munada

  • DESIGN 6

Here is another art that may look complicated but is very simple when created with dots. Here too, you can start by creating dots from the center and then move ahead. Color the first part and then again create dots and join them to create the six designs. To make it look more vibrant, you can color the 6 designs differently in an alternate way.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ?

Image Credit : Toprelease

  • DESIGN 7

Another simple, amazing design. You can start your way by creating a semi-circle first, coloring it freely without any edges as given, then creating the big blue designs and then outlining the details inside, and then finally going to the three green petals and then to the small detailing work.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ?

Image Credit : Patrika

  • DESIGN 8

In this design, it may look hard but is very easy. You can start by creating the orange petals first, coloring and then creating the details inside(white lines), then you can go and create the green petals. It’s as simple as that.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ? 1

Image Credit : Pinterest

  • DESIGN 9

This design is so much similar to the last one, here you can build the circle and draw lines first, move ahead and draw the round petals, finish it by coloring and then move ahead to the last part by creating the three petals and then finally the four detailing designs at last.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ? 1 2

Image Credit : Pinterest

  • DESIGN 10

Another design that is extremely simple to make, without and effort yet looks beautiful. Here you can start your way by dots or lines to create a square, finish it first by coloring and then move further to the circle-pointed design.

The designs mentioned above are extremely simple to make, yet vibrant and give a positive and joyful feeling. Also, you can obviously create more new designs with this and change the color combination.

What are Simple Rangoli Designs for Home ? 1 2 6

Image Credit :kopimgx

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Biotique Bio Almond Lip Balm

Who is it for? The Biotique Bio Almond Lip Balm is a clear, no-tint lip balm used to get rid of dry and chappy lips to make it soft and to nourish it. It is made of the ayurvedic recipe and contains Almond Oil which is rich in Vitamin E. It even lightens the skin tone of lips if they have become too or little dark. It even contains beeswax and honey, which is extremely good for lips.


Rs. 25 for 10gms.

Biotique Bio Almond Lip Balm

My experience with Biotique Bio Almond Lip Balm

Packaging - 

The product comes in a tube packaging with a cap. The packaging is of orange and white color that contains necessary details including ingredients and how to use it. The tube is of plastic so it’s easy to use and it is even light and travel-friendly. The tube has a cap and opening it the products comes out when you squeeze the tube. The packaging is pretty good and there are no negative points for it.

Color and texture - 

The balm is colorless, it is clear and is not too runny but also isn’t sticky. It has a good consistency and is somewhat like gel. However, when you apply it, it is easily and nicely absorbed by lips in minutes and keeps it moisturized for hours.

Fragrance - 

The balm is not extremely fragrant. It has a sweet pleasant fragrance which goes when it is absorbed. Thus, it is not irritating and not too harsh. It has a little fragrance of almond oil and natural ingredients like honey.

Experience -

I use this lip balm every day after bathing and before going to bed. I really like and prefer this lipstick. It has hydrated my lips well and lasts long for 2-3 hours. It cured my dry and chapping of lips. I used this under lipstick too and it kept my lips hydrated throughout. Its been a month to this and it’s still not over yet. It is extremely good for school or college going girls. It is extremely affordable and good.

Overall performance of Biotique Bio Almond Lip Balm

Pros –
  1. Affordable
  2. Natural – it is chemical free
  3. Staying power is good
  4. Colorless – can be used under a lipstick
  5. Travel-friendly
  6. Lightweight on lips
Cons –
  1. Colorless – bad for days when you only feel like applying a lip balm.

Would I recommend?

Yes, I would obviously recommend it as it is extremely affordable and good for your lips. It works extremely well as a lip balm. I would even buy another. The texture, staying power everything is good and it is natural.

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