Positive Affirmation #5 : Feeling Stuck ?

by Sone
2 minutes read

How are you doing my friend!

I hope you went through my last post HERE ! When we think about getting a particular thing or experience in life…and we open ourselves to accepting the possibility that it can actually happen.Still we feel stuck.

Why is that?


I think the major issue is we are creatures of habit. We are so stuck with our negative emotions and thought patterns, that the very first hurdle we face is:OURSELVES.

This is where, my positive affirmation for the day comes in :


Positive affirmation #5 #glossypolish

Image Credit : pinterest


So, the biggest hurdle you will face …which even I face ,is our own persistent negative thought or behavioral pattern.It will be like, man how can I ever manifest the life I want, if I can’t even think positively.And then you start procrastinating…from tomorrow I will. Tomorrow will be  a new day.

Just stop right now! Note to self : stop kidding yourself.

Take the decision now.


Choose to believe that it is easy to change your thoughts and behaviors. Expect nothing from the best from yourself. Keep a check for one whole week and you will really start acing self control. 🙂


So today, you are taking this decision, that you WILL change your thought pattern . You are the master of your thoughts,and it is easy.


Happy Day to You, Boss !! :*


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