Positive Affirmation #4 I’M-Possible !

by Sone
3 minutes read

Hi my Angels 🙂

I hope you are feeling happy today! So as you know I started this affirmation series. You can start from the beginning or take every affirmation a s a sign for you to follow each day 🙂

Weekends are always the days to relax..recuperate and plan 😛 So my thought for the day is :


Positive Affirmation 4 Glossypolish


Today is Sunday here,where ever you are it will Sunday today or tomorrow. Take 1 hour out for yourself. Sit and contemplate ,what is REALLY important for you. Is there something that is always running at the back of your mind, is there some wish you have and wish it could be fulfilled? Maybe you want to ace your exams, become more fit, earn a lot of money, payoff debt, be in a happy and loving relationship, get well…it can be any desire that you really want to fulfill.


Next, analyze who is that desire the most important for. Whose life will it effect THE MOST .

Done?  Great, be very happy! You finally know what you really want. This is the first step!


Second Step ? Thank the universe, God, Divine…any higher power you look up to,for what you already have! Be in a positive frame of mind. Remember, a LOT of things you will be grateful for  , were impossible for you at some point in time. Heck, they STILL might be impossible for loads of other people! Accept your blessings and be thankful.

Final step. STOP thinking that your desire is impossible to achieve. Human history is an excellent chronological record of miracles,and how WE mess stuff up. That’s it! It was impossible to travel to space it was impossible to move electrons in a particular direction …and yet electricity is as normal to us as possible!


One needs to understand , good things in life take a bit of effort and openness from your side. They come easy or come difficult, that is totally upto you.You have to decide in your mind.

You might even be a cynic, who may be thinking…yaar this all is a lot of gyaan/lecture. That again is your choice! But think for a moment,can you not give yourself  10 days to believe and work towards something?Nobody is going to take anything away from you! Just believe and make an effort.


Please 🙂


I am linking the earlier article I had written on the secret HERE .Go through it…and start building the life of your dreams,you will be surprised how fast things will start clicking into place.

Happy Sunday :):*


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