The Secret and Magic : Count Your Blessings !

by Sone
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Today is a new day. It always is :)Yes tomorrow will be a new day too, but why start something good later? Why not start it today 😀 Most of the stuff I will be sharing with you,over the course of next month;will be from this movie and the books: The Secret, The Magic, and The Power.I suggest you do buy a personal copy of these books, it helps 🙂 .Don’t worry if you cannot buy them now. You can always buy them later.You might be thinking, when there is enough material already there, what is the need for me to put it here?

I will tell you why.

I am putting across my understanding, my assimilation and my shortcuts 🙂 Feel free to refer any source.As long as you follow these rules and make them a part of your life ! 😀

the secret of magic day 1 a

You are standing here, at this point in life. You may have your share of problems…really deep ones at that. You would also have some share of successes and happiness. Now, where do you want to get ahead, in every aspect of your life; is your wish to desire and work on.

The desires and hopes may seem extremely impossible. Still, they are YOURS and no one can take them away from you, except for YOU Yourself!

Today, just focus on what you want. Just revel in what can be. Be really honest with YOURSELF. What is it, that YOU really want? Happiness? Health? Wealth? Love? That Dream Home? Healing? Anything !!

Nothing is impossible. Did we or did we not travel to space? Was it not Impossible? You are surrounded by each and everything today, that was impossible once.

It’s a fact 🙂

The First Step

Know your desires, your wishes. ACCEPT them.

Don’t taint them with a false practicality or negativity.

Remember, you can never be practical about any aspect if you are unhappy. A practical decision, taken in an unhappy frame of mind; is ALWAYS an emotional decision.

Think again, what I am saying is true 🙂

Sit today and list your desires. Accept them as what you want. Don’t think it is impossible. At this point just focus on them, and how great, it would be to have them.

A word of caution, don’t desire for anything that is focused on harming any other person. By simple law of the universe that will be a negative affirmation – that you will make for yourself. In one way or the other that negativity will come in your life! Never make this mistake.Second thought, what if what you do positively wish for, makes someone else unhappy? Then you think clearly.

Are you wishing for something in your own life, that you have to live through?Is the other person’s life also going to dramatically alter because of your wish?

More often than not, that is NEVER the case.If there is a decision regarding your life, PRIMARILY, then it’s your Karma and Duty to focus on yourself. It is not being selfish. It is being true to yourself. Come hell or high water, NEVER LIE TO YOURSELF.

Bottom line- Know what you want, and accept your wishes with a sense of hope. Nothing beyond that at this point in time!

Towards the Magic, Step 2 :

Great! You know what you want. How do you get it then?

Make space for the positive in your life. Let go of the negativity.

It is the most difficult thing we can do if we consciously work towards it.So what we will do here is,  shift your focus away from negative towards the positive. Over the period of next 30 days, we will TRAIN our minds and thought the process to think positively.

You may not be an optimistic person. YOU WILL BECOME one.What you want, will become PRACTICAL.

Ready Now?

The golden rule is –

“Count Your Blessings ” aka ” Be grateful for whatever good that is already there in your life “

Do you want to be happy no? So, how would focusing on negative aspects help you with your happiness? Focus on what’s positive.It will BRING  a SMILE on your face. Gratitude and positive thinking will attract more positive events in your life. Every thought has a frequency. Why do you feel peaceful in temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras?Very simply, because thousands of people come there with positive thoughts, the atmosphere becomes peaceful and happy! God is anyways everywhere 😉 .

Accept the power of positive thinking. Your life is going to change. Don’t be stubborn. Don’t be cynical. You are reading this today because you were meant to read this! Don’t shy away now. Now is the time!

The most beautiful thing in this world is Gratitude. It brings happiness and abundance. There is a biblical saying, those who are grateful that they have everything, keep on getting more. Those who are ungrateful, what they have is also taken away from them.

We have a tendency to disregard some happiness that comes easily to us.Stop now, revel in the beauty of every single good thing happening in your life. Trust me, you will become a happier person.

To get  what you want in your life :
  1. Accept your wish with an open mind

2. Be hopeful and have faith

3. Make space for the positive energies, by being grateful for anything good happening that day. Fill yourself with so much                  positive, that there is no space for the negative.

All three points, you WILL be able to achieve. Slowly, in small baby steps. Over the course of next one month. On day 28, come back to this article and read it again. I am sure you will feel the progress you have made.

So what all do you need to invest?

10-15 minutes of your time daily. That’s it 🙂

Come together,like a buddy system to change your life,yourself,for your good 😀



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Smriti S April 3, 2018 - 11:36 AM

An attitude of gratitude makes a loot of difference. This is truly a much needed post. loved it to bits :rose: :love :rose: :love