Beautiful Arabic Mehendi Designs For Hands !

by Ritika Singhi
7 minutes read

Beautiful Arabic Mehendi Designs For Hands! In our country, there are a number of things that play an extremely important role and they have become a part of us and our celebrations. Without these or by missing out on any one of these makes any occasion or celebration is incomplete. It is applied on the hands and feet of girls and women and is a part of celebrations and festivals which we have all year round. One of the most important things in Mehendi is its design. We are always looking around for some new and different mehndi designs for application. One of the latest and widely used designs off late is the Arabic mehndi design. They have their own specialty and catch which make them different and appealing. Some of the pretty Arabic mehndi designs for your Mehendi application have been mentioned below.

What are the basic designs of Arabic Mehendi?

The Arabic Mehendi design basically has certain characteristics. The design includes:

  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • A lot of dots
  • Peacock

So, for an Arabic-style mehndi design, your Mehendi design shall essentially include them.

What are the different Arabic Mehendi designs?

  1. The ‘S’ shaped design

The ‘S’ shaped design 

Image Credit : Heena by Divya

As the name suggests this particular Arabic Mehendi design has a very prominent design with the alphabet of ‘S’. The design is done in a manner in which the alphabet is designed on the plan beautiful and there are other designs which surround it. You can make modifications to the alphabet by making it curvier, bent or more defined on the edges.

  1. Belt style designs

Belt style designs 

Image Credit : Clipfail

Belt style designs for Mehendi are interesting, appealing and quite fascinating. You can get more than one belt on your palm with different designs. This design can be done according to the kind of look you want, that is a simple and a plain look or a heavy look. The edges of the borders of the belt can be made broad while the area of the belt can be filled with intricate floral designs.

  1. Motifs design

Motifs design 

Image Credit : Shaadisaga

This is the perfect Arabic design for anyone who is not willing to go for designs which fill your palm completely. A small motif can be made mainly at the center of the palm and can be designed beautifully. Though the design looks simple it is a tough one. It looks great on the palms also.

  1. Half and half design

Half and half design

Image Credit : Mehendi Experts

The half-and-half Mehendi design are one of the most creative and different Arabic Mehendi designs which can be chosen for your hands. The design is done in such a manner that when both the palms are kept together the entire design is revealed. Each palm has half of the design. It is the best design for everyone looking for creative and innovative design.

  1. Semi-circle design

Semi-circle design

Image Credit: Mordernvilla

The Arabic Mehendi designs with semi-circles are appealing and interesting. The designs have semi-circles and they are decorated and designed with leaves and flowers. The entire design of the Mehendi revolves around the semi-circle so the semi-circle can be done in an interesting way.

  1. Checks design

Checks design

Image Credit : Pinterest

The checks Mehendi design is quite similar to the net designs. It is one of the most interesting designs and you can give it a new look by experimenting with the design. It is a great choice for everyone looking for a simple Arabic design without too many floral and other designs.

  1. Stone studded Mehendi

Stone studded Mehendi 

Image Credit : Tips and Beauty

This is one the best Mehendi design for girls looking for a heavy Mehendi design with embellishments. It looks absolutely stunning and attractive. The Mehendi can have stones placed as embellishments on different edges or parts of the Arabic design. It is the perfect design and looks for everyone who is bored of the usual Mehendi design.

These are a few Arabic Mehendi designs. You can definitely modify the look and design of the Mehendi depending on the area you want to cover and the kind of look you want.

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