Engage Perfume Spray W2 for Women Orange Review

by Vani Sunder
3 minutes read

Engage Perfume Spray W2 for Women Orange, is nothing short of a breath of fresh air with its water-base and flowery fragrance.

Price: Rs. 210 for 120ml

Sensitive Skin Alert: No

Engage Perfume Spray W2 for Women Orange

My Experience  with Engage Perfume Spray W2 for Women Orange

Packaging: This spray comes in a transparent orange bottle, with a transparent cap for its nozzle. The contents and other important information is printed on the back of the bottle. The transparent bottle made it easier for me to tap the quantity left of the spray, also it’s easy to carry in a purse or a bag.

Texture: A water-based spray

Fragrance: It’s a mix of vanilla and flowery fragrance, making it smell very exotic and tropical. Also, lasts a long.

Ease of Application: I just spray directly on my skin, and then I’m all set to go! Spraying on clothes is safe as well. Just spray from a distance so that it doesn’t develop a patch on the clothes.

Effectiveness: This spray makes me feel fresh, and leaves me with a mix of exotic and a vanilla-like fragrances for more than 6 hours. It’s smooth on my skin.

My experience: Picking up this spray was a random choice. But oh, the best one I’m sure! I always carry it with me and I have been using the same spray, again and again, it’s like a fixed buy for me. I’m hooked on it because of its wonderful properties.

Engage Perfume Spray W2 for Women Orange 1

Overall performance of Engage Perfume Spray W2 – Orange:


  1. Exotic tropical fragrance
  2. Water-base
  3. Feels fresh
  4. Long-lasting
  5. Easy to carry anywhere
  6. Good for all skin types


  1. Prince could be Rs. 50-60 less
  2. The quantity could be more
  3. The bottle could be fancier

Would I purchase or recommend it?

I would definitely purchase the product again, also recommend it. If you’re looking at the easiest-to-carry, cheap, long-lasting, and nice fragranced spray, then you must go for it.

Rating: 4/5

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