What are Top Flower Rangoli Designs Images ?

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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What are Top Flower Rangoli Designs Images 2019 ? Rangoli is a popular Indian traditional art form that uses color powders or ‘rang’ for creating medium to large-scale artistic images on a wide surface (preferably floor). This art form is used on auspicious occasions like Diwali or Holi. Traditional rangoli designs generally depict various religious or meaningful symbols, religious idols, flowers, etc. Floral, abstract, and peacock designs are quite common rangoli themes. But, these days we are seeing contemporary rangoli designs based on various social issues, nature or even awareness programs. Floral rangoli designs are done with petals of colorful flowers and leafy greens. Abstracts or real imageries, varieties of shading patterns and color schemes enhance traditional floral designs. Floral rangolis fit everywhere from Diwali or puja decorations at home or even in rangoli contests. Here are a few intricate and relevant rangoli designs that you can try with fresh or dried flower petals for the upcoming festive season or even any rangoli competition.

  1. Rangoli Design with Flower Pattern at the Centre

Rangoli Design with Flower Pattern at the Centre

Image Credit : stylesatlife

In this type of design, the main floral pattern is kept at the centre and based on the petals of the flower the abstract creeps are designed. Depending on the space you have and the intricacy you want, the creeps can be designed without changing the central flower design.

  1. Floating Rangoli

Floating Rangoli

Image Credit : pinterest

Floral rangoli looks best if the colors of the flower petals remain bright for longer. Flower petal based rangolis have a tendency to lose colour when it gets dry. So, design it on a water pot to keep it fresh for long. Bowls or plates of different size are generally used for floating rangolis. You can even use oxidized metallic dishes for designing this beautiful rangolis.

  1. Ganesha Rangoli with Flower

Image Credit : stylesatlife

Abstract Ganesha designs are best for beginners since these are quite easy to do. You can design full figure Ganesha as the theme of your rangoli. You can even design only the face. This figure rangoli comes out more vibrant if contrasting color flower petals are used. Marigold, jasmine, gerbera and dried rose are quite popular fillers for this design.

  1. Peacock Design

Image Credit : pinimg

Peacock is a colorful bird so designing this bird in your rangoli will look best with color-fusion shading.  You can use a single peacock figure or scenery with the figure of the peacock as the main theme. Use a variety of colored flower petals and leaves. You can even dip white petals in colored waters to get your desired color for this rangoli.

  1. Simple Rose Arrangement Design

What are Top Flower Rangoli Designs Images 2019

If you are an absolute beginner and want to try a simple yet elegant floral rangoli then definitely try this arrangement style design. It is super easy and requires only roses of your desired color. Use fresh roses because fresh petals have lively colors. You can design this on a wide metallic or earthen dish with water to keep the roses moist and fresh for long.

  1. Two Colour Om Rangoli

Image Credit : hikendip

Om rangolis are best for pujas and other religious ceremonies. It is also very popular rangoli designs for Diwali. To design Om with flower petals, first, this central Om silhouette needs to be chalked out on the designing surface. The use of contrast color fillers will increase the focus on the main theme of Om design.

  1. Independence Day Inspired Flower Rangoli

Independence Day Inspired Flower Rangoli

Image Credit : Pinterest

Rangoli is an excellent medium to celebrate or for growing awareness on social events like Independence Day, children’s day, earth day etc. This beautiful rangoli depicts the map of India with colorful flowers.

  1. Rangolis Inspired by Animes

Rangolis Inspired by Animes

Image Credit : Shutterstock

Animated cartoon characters can be the subject of your fun rangoli design. These characters are very easy to draw and these designs have free design outline printable patterns available online. So, this is a beginner-friendly design.

  1. Swastika Rangoli

Image Credit : admecindia

The swastika is a religious symbol that signifies inner peace and communal well-being. This is a popular rangoli pattern for Diwali, Onam and other festivals.

  1. Scenery Rangoli

Scenery Rangoli

Image Credit : blissfulstuff

This type of rangoli depicts landscape scenery with colors or flower petals. Depending on the skill level designs can be chosen. Proper shading makes it look more beautiful.

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