Rangoli for Competition with Themes

(Prize Winning Rangoli Designs with Themes)

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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 Prize Winning Rangoli Designs with Themes: Rangoli contests are generally theme based. Depending on the occasion of the competition the themes are chosen. For example, themes for religious festivals like Ganesh Utsav or Janmashtami will be Ganesha or Krishna while AIDS awareness rangoli contest will have an issue-related theme. Here are some prize-winning rangoli designs categorized into various themes.

  1. Rangoli designs Peacock with Colors

This is a common theme for religious festivals like Janmashtami or Diwali but this theme can be easily used on other occasions like Onam as well.

Image Credit : printablegraphics

  1. Floral Theme Rangoli

This is yet another all-purpose theme. The abstract designs added will floral motifs create awesome colorful rangolis. You can also try it with specific flower images like roses or lotus.

Image Credit : pinimg

  1. Ganesha Theme

This is a Ganesh Chaturthi special theme but it is also a popular theme for housewarmings or dhanteras. This theme includes artistic Ganesha designs or standalone full-body motifs of Lord Ganesha.

Image Credit: beautyhealthtips

  1. Krishna or Janmashtami Theme

Janmashtami is incomplete with an eye-catching Krishna rangoli. Various contests organized on this occasion have this theme. You can try a Radha-Krishna portrait type rangoli or a single Krishna image.

Image Crdit : k4craft

  1. Independence Day

Independence Day theme rangoli designs include the three colors of our national flag. Generally, unity in diversity-themed designs or even colorful Indian maps is quite relevant.

Image Credit : beautyhealthtips

  1. Diwali Special Rangolis with Diya

Rangolis with diyas or earthen lamps are a must for contests organized on Diwali. You can choose any abstract or geometric design rangoli and then decorate with diyas. Diya-shaped intricate rangoli designs will also secure a prize for you!

Image Credit : pinimg

  1. Save the Earth

This is the theme for World Earth Day, Environment Day or Go Green activities. To design a prize-winning rangoli on this theme, your design should be compact and thoughtful.

Image Credit: pinimg

  1. Women Empowerment

This Women’s day theme has a lot of scope for the design part. Your rangoli should focus on women’s achievements through the figures of the design.

Image Credit :ytimg

  1. Butterfly Rangoli

It is one of the easy themes for children’s competitions.

Image Credit: pinimg

  1. Abstract Art

Abstract geometric patterns or mandala designs can bring you first place depending on the complexity and color combination of your rangoli.

Image Credit :4.bp.blogspot

  1. Communal Harmony

Image Credit : indusladies

  1. Rangolis with Flower

Flower rangolis use fresh flower petals instead of powdered colors. Use geometric designs or any scenery for a detailed rangoli.

Image Credit: fashionlady

  1. Landscape & Portrait

Landscapes and Portraits could be tricky to design in the form of rangoli. To bring out the best of your design first trace the layout carefully and use your fingers to create light and shadow in the diagram.

Image Credit: clipartxtras

  1. Anime

This theme is generally kept for children’s contest or as a part of parent-child activities. Use popular cartoon characters like Chota Bheem, Angry Birds etc. This is a colorful theme so there is lots of scope for contrasting.

Image Credit: happybirthdayworld

  1. Education for All

This socially relevant rangoli theme will give you a voice to share your thoughts about literacy situation of our country.

Image Credit: rangoliworld.

  1. Save the Girl Child

It is a social awareness based theme in which you can choose either one or more issues like fetus killing or victimization of girls for a meaningful rangoli design.

Image Credit: firstpost

  1. Social media

Social media theme quite raves in the contests. Popular social media applications and their icons are used to depict the craze of social media. Here is a prize-winning option for this theme.

Image Credit: beautyhealthtips

  1. Christmas Theme

Image Credit: wedandbeyond

20. Bollywood Cinemas Theme

Image Credit: kimgeecomics

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