Common Birth Control Myths That Can Lead To Pregnancy !

by Manidipa Ray
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Common Birth Control Myths That Can Lead To Pregnancy

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Myth 1: You Don’t Need A Birth-Control If You Are Breastfeeding

You might have heard of the term ‘lactation amenorrhea’. It is a condition when a new mother starts lactating or breastfeeds, the body goes through hormonal changes which as a result, inhibits the body from menstruating, making it infertile for few months. Before you think this might be the easiest way to betray your baby-making machine, let me tell you it’s the no.1 myth in the list. While it’s true that periods won’t arrive the first few months after delivery but that doesn’t stop you from ovulating. There is no guarantee to prove it wrong. When you are exclusively breastfeeding frequently in a day and of course not having periods, only then you have 98% chances of not getting pregnant. But then, the 2% remains. So in short, the lactational amenorrhea method aka LAM, is not an effective method of contraception. Especially 6 months after delivery.


Myth 2: You Can’t Get Pregnant On Safe Days

First of all, there are no safe days. The time of ovulation and menstrual flow might collapse with one another, increasing the chances of pregnancy even during periods. Provided, if you go unprotected. Normally every month, an egg is released within the 12-14 days and washed out with the menstrual fluid in a 28-day cycle. But it is quite common to have a menstrual cycle shorter than 28 days where ovulation might actually occur a few days after the periods is over. Also, sperm can live up to 5 days in a woman’s body. So if you are getting close to your partner on those days, don’t take the precautions for granted.

Myth 3: You Can Wait Few Days Before You Take The Pill

You guys abstained for long, the atmosphere was too hot to handle. So it caused the accident. A gush of relaxing hormones flows in your system. All you want to do now is sleep thinking you have three days in hand and later forget. But you wouldn’t like to take the advice lightly when they say ‘the sooner you take the pill, the safer you are’. Sperms are the notorious parts of your man. The fastest ones can swim up to the egg ( provided you have already ovulated) within an hour of intercourse if he came inside you. Although it’s always written in the packet to take it within 72 hrs, don’t wait for that long to take the emergency pill. You don’t know how long the pill might take to start working and also sometimes in which phase of your cycle are you. Better sooner than later.

Myth 4: Birth Control Pills Are Abortion Pills

FALSE. Birth control pills are of no use if you are already pregnant. They cannot make your pregnancy go away. Let’s talk some science out here. We know that pregnancy occurs only when a fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus. Pills will either suppress ovulation or make the uterus unsuitable for implantation thus avoiding pregnancy. If the egg is already implanted then it has no effects on the uterus or the egg. Nah you can’t use birth control pills as abortion pills.


Myth 5: Withdrawal Is An Effective Birth Control Method.

The withdrawal or the pull out method is not as effective as you may think. No matter how sincerely your partner nods his head, raises his hand, to confirm that he pulled out in time but mistakes happen right? Even in tiny drops. Also, pre-cum might not contain any sperm themselves but it comes out through the same opening as the ejaculation. Therefore, it might carry any old sperm all way down to the opening.

After reading all these unpleasant chunks of information, it might occur to you that everything makes you pregnant no matter how much you try not to be. But all I am saying is no method gives 100% surety. There are definitely methods which are better than the others. So don’t lose hope and wrap up your sex lives and reduce the intimacy with your partner. Just try not to have any oops moment when you are down for the deed.

Good luck!

You are Pregnant !

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