Essence Barely There Long Lasting Lipstick 06 Review

by Arya Chatterjee
3 minutes read

Essence Barely There Long Lasting Lipstick: I’ve wanted to buy an Essence lipstick since forever but all the stores seemed to be oblivious or out of stock, much to my dismay. So I chose to take matters in my own hands and bought it online like any other lazy girl. And it did not disappoint me.


Rs. 299/- for 3.8g

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick Barely There 06 2

How to use

According to Essence what you do it start at the centre of your lips and fill your way around. I find this technique quite accurate with this lipstick. Since this is a day lipstick, all you need is a slight dab of it to give your face a bright POP. And retouches are the bane of day lipsticks because my first layer is usually transferred to a coffee cup so I can’t really complain much.

My experience with Essence Long Lasting Lipstick Barely There 06

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick Barely There 06 4

I’m a big fan of affordable but quality products and if you haven’t yet tried Essence, girls get on board. Wow, I sound like a spokesperson. Anyway, Essence hasn’t yet disappointed me and it doesn’t here either.

The texture of this lipstick is super smooth and fabulously creamy, always a good thing to look for in a lipstick. Reapplication is a must but let’s be realistic here.

The smell of this lipstick reminds me of those apple cable candies at the Candy Store. Just divine.

The color is as the name suggests ‘Barely There’ and on the lips it’s of a nude. So that’s one complaint of mine. I hate it when lipsticks are not true to their color. Like, I’m loyal to you the least you can do is stay true to me.

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick Barely There 06 5

  1. Creamy Texture
  2. Pigmented Color
  3. Day Shade
  4. Amazing Fragrance
  5. Easy to Apply
  6. Easy to Remove
  7. Affordable
  8. Light Weight
  9. Wide Range of Shades
  10. Compliments the Indian Skin Tone
  1. Easily Smudged
  2. Reapplication Needed
  3. Shade hard to find
  4. Different Color on the lips (Online shopping avoided)
  5. Comes off almost too easy
Overall would I repurchase and recommend?

At the price that I bought it for, I would totally repurchase. And I would recommend the color but personally, if I got a do-over, I’d choose a darker shade. A more brown shade that compliments the Indian skin tone.

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