Forest Essentials Body Mist Nargis Review

by Arya Chatterjee
3 minutes read

Forest Essentials as it claims to be is Luxurious Ayurveda and if you’ve ever stepped into a Forest Essentials boutique, you’ll experience the luxury for sure. Their range of products assures full fledged pampering and splendor.

They promote Indian Ayurveda and I find that endearing because with the commercial market growing so vast, people have forgotten that India has so much more to offer. And the more natural products you use, the better it is for you.

Forest Essentials Body Mist Nargis Review 2

What is it and who is it for?

Forest Essentials Body Mist is a light fragrance that keeps your fresh and offers a very natural fragrance, unlike most perfumes and eau de cologne out there.




Rs. 1675/- for 100ml


Sensitive Skin Alert?



Forest Essentials Body Mist Nargis Review





What does the brand claim about Forest Essentials Body Mist Nargis?

Fresh flower infused water Body Mist with the delicate aroma of the Nargis flower to soften, hydrate and scent your skin, with an uplifting and harmonious effect on the senses.

This Nargis Boy Mist gives long lasting aroma with seductive, floral and balancing effect on the senses while hydrating the skin.

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How to use?

Like any body mist bottle, the bottle is transparent. It’s a hybrid between a body mist bottle and a perfume bottle. You know that you’ve purchased ‘luxurious Ayurveda’.

The application is easy; just a few spritzes behind the ears and on the inside of the wrists and you’re good to know.

You don’t need to apply this body mist in all the required places. The smell is so prominent and strong that just two spritzes are enough. I’m not even joking.



My Experience with Forest Essentials Body Mist Nargis

Forest Essentials Body Mist Nargis Review 4

Whenever I put on this body mist, I feel like I’m in a flower garden. Usually flowery mists have this tendency of smelling very fruity and sweet but this mist is a perfect balance of flowers and fragrance which is attractive.

It’s a tiny bottle and very lightweight but it lasts so long. I’ve had mine for over a year now.


Another reason why I’ve had mine for a year is because I cannot afford to buy another bottle. Perfumes are usually expensive but body mists are supposed to be comparatively reasonable. But as the name suggests ‘Luxurious’ equals to ‘Expensive’.

Splurging on Forest Essentials once in a while is alright, but I don’t expect myself to purchase these products on a monthly or even a 6 monthly basis.


Positives of Forest Essentials Body Mist Nargis


  • Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation
  • No Chemicals
  • Strong Fragrance
  • Long Lasting
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Easy to Carry
  • Fresh Fragrance
  • Hydrating


Negatives of Forest Essentials Body Mist Nargis


  • Questionable value for money
  • Small Bottle
  • Expensive
  • Not everyone prefers flowery body mists



Overall would I recommend and repurchase?


I would recommend only if you can afford it and feel the need to pamper yourself. On a college girl’s budget, I find it hard to purchase.


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