Jovees Premium Natural Whitening Serum Review

by Nisha Kausar
2 minutes read

What is it and who is it for? Jovees Premium Natural Whitening Serum is a heavenly smelling and a very light serum, which blends into your skin easily. It has a light base which is helping in keeping my skin fresh and hydrated. It is suitable for any skin type but it is working wonders for dry to normal skin tones.

Jovees Premium Natural Whitening Serum


435/- for 50ml


How to Use:

You can apply it all over your face and neck by just pumping 2-3 times or as required. And end it up by doing a slight massage on your face; this will help you in blending the serum into your skin.


My Experience with Jovees Premium Natural Whitening Serum

My skin tends to become more and dry during the winters so I had to keep it hydrated all the time. It’s been a month I have bought this product; it relieved me from reapplying any cream on my skin again and again. Once applied it is keeping my skin fresh, hydrated and light, at least for 4-5 hours (depending on your surroundings). I also use this to mix it with my foundation before applying any further makeup. By doing this, it is preventing my skin from becoming drier from any further make-up.

Jovees Premium Natural Whitening Serum 1

  1. Heavenly aroma.
  2. Light on the skin
  3. User-friendly packaging
  4. Natural ingredients
  5. Blends easily
  6. Keeps skin hydrated
  7. Goes with every skin type
  8. Evens your skin tone
  9. Gives a fresh look
  1. A little high price for 50ml
  2. Slow and steady result.
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, I will definitely repurchase it. I will also recommend everyone to go for it and trust me you will like it a lot, especially those who have dry skin to normal skin. Do not worry this product will only make you look hydrated and smells heavenly.

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