Mark and Spencer’s Coconut Hand Cream Review

by Shiny Jenifer
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Recently I had my visit to Marks & Spencer’s stores and when I was heading to the billing counter, I found their skin care products. Being a lover of Marks & Spencer’s wardrobe, I thought I should try their skin care products as well. And most importantly, it had Nature’s ingredient printed on it. So grabbed it!Finally sharing few thoughts about Mark and Spencer’s Coconut Hand Cream in this review.

Mark and Spencer’s Nature’s Ingredient Coconut Hand Cream Review

Basic Info About Mark and Spencer’s Coconut Hand Cream

The hand is one of those most neglected parts even after getting exposed to almost everything: water, soaps, detergents, etc.  Due to frequent contact with the environmental factors, they become dry and delicate which accelerates the process of aging. Pampering hands is also equally important as our face and body.

This cream is formulated for giving hands and nails a good hydration by leaving them soft and supple.


100ml for 299 Rs.

Sensitive skin alert?





What does the brand claim about Mark and Spencer’s Nature’s Ingredient Coconut Hand Cream?

A moisturizing hand and nail cream enriched with extract of creamy coconut to hydrate even busiest hands that are prone to dryness and leave them soft and coconut scented.


How to use it:

Massage into hands paying attention particular attention to nails and cuticles.

Mark and Spencer’s Nature’s Ingredient Coconut Hand Cream Review 1

Mark and Spencer’s Nature’s Ingredient Coconut Hand Cream Review 2

My experience with Mark and Spencer’s Coconut Hand Cream

I have desert dry hands. Hand creams are one such product that always lay in my handbag like lip balm. But the fact I hated about hand cream is, they make hands greasy and you can’t do anything after you apply them. So the only time you can use it is just before you go to bed. But after I bought this cream, I can’t thank myself enough for using my brain to pick this product. The cream gets absorbed into the skin, once you massage it and the moisture is locked inside and all you have is that soft supple, coconut scented hands. I love coconut scented skin care and this one smells amazing. I couldn’t myself from sniffing the product. The cream is in a tube packaging so its bit hard to be carried in small handbags or purse.  Marks & Spencer’s hand creams are available in interesting variants (they all smell good) so you can definitely find one according to your preferences. I would love trying all the variants super soon.

Like other hand creams, this cream also should be applied often. The cream is lightweight in texture and it is a gel in a lotion formulation which helps it to get absorbed into the skin easier with making it feel greasy.

Mark and Spencer’s Nature’s Ingredient Coconut Hand Cream Review 3

Pros and Cons of Mark and Spencer’s Coconut Hand Cream


  • Lightweight cream.
  • Creamy coconut fragrance.
  • Gets absorbed into the skin easily.
  • Affordable
  • Many variants to choose from.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Cruelty-free.


  • Frequent application is required.
  • The scent fades away in very less time.
  • Can be purchased only from Marks & Spencer’s store’s outlet.

Overall would I repurchase and recommend:

Definitely, I would repurchase it and I want to try other variants in this cream as well.

GlossyPolish verdict:


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