Revlon Moisture Stay Lipstick Mulberry Review

by Vani Saxena
3 minutes read

Hi, folks!

Today I’m reviewing the Revlon Moisture stay Lip color in the shade Mulberry.
So please keep reading! 😉

Revlon Moisture Stay Lipstick Mulberry Review 2Basic Info About Revlon Moisture Stay Lipstick Mulberry

What is it and who is it for?

This moisture stays lip color from Revlon is enriched with the essence of menthol and vitamin C. It gives you beautiful and gorgeous lips, whilst keeping them moisturized and healthy for longer.


Rs.1020 for 1.7gm

Sensitive Skin Alert:


Revlon Moisture Stay Lipstick Mulberry Review 3


Revlon Moisture Stay Lipstick Mulberry Review 4
What does the Brand claim about Revlon Moisture Stay Lipstick Mulberry?

“High shine, long wear a lip color that helps the lips to stay soft and smooth.”


How to Use?

Twist up the stick and glide it on your lips.

My Experience with Revlon Moisture Stay Lipstick Mulberry

Revlon Moisture Stay Lipstick Mulberry Review
if you are looking out for that perfect lipstick which not only highlights your lips but also provides Moisturization, then this lip color can be the right choice.

Can make you look better than ever with high shine for longer. With a creamy texture, this Revlon Moisturestay lip color glides easily on your lips thus, bringing out richly nourished lips.

It has a long stay power plus it resists feathering and bleeding. It’s a pigmented one with a matte finish. It gets transferred slightly and possesses a heavy touch. It’s as creamy as you’d want from a moisture stay lipstick. I love this Mulberry shade which is again a skin brightening shade and suits my skin color. I initially had a disliking towards Revlon, but now I feel I’m obsessed with the brand :p

Anyway, it’s doing good to me and I like it. Also summing up is with its elegant and classy packaging. It’s a nice sleek and a sturdy golden stick which adds up more to the whole deal!

The lip color is nice and smooth and glides on effortlessly. The presence of menthol gives a soothing and a cooling effect on my lips. And the best part – no added fragrance.

Revlon Moisture Stay Lipstick Mulberry Review 1

Overall Performance of Revlon Moisture Stay Lipstick Mulberry


  • Protects and hydrates my lips.
  • Menthol lends a cooling effect to soothe lips.
  • No feathering and bleeding.
  • Soft and Moisturized lips.
  • High shine to lips.
  • Long Lasting.




  • Exorbitant price.
  • Transfers

Overall would I Repurchase and Recommend?

Highly recommended if the price seems okay to you!


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