Sephora Glitter Eye Shadow Choco Excess No. 87 Review

by Nikita Bhasin
4 minutes read

Hello beautiful girls!!!! Obsessed with those beautiful eye shadow tutorials on YouTube??? Most of us keep trying those simple makeup application steps but are actually unable to do the same thing. Here you have a solution to it from Sephora. The glitter eye shadow comes in different colours that are easy to apply without any professional guidance. Forget those eye shadow palettes with too many colours that confuse us with various combinations. Your 50 shades palette is useless if you do not know how to use it or if you can’t chose between those wide ranges of shades. Now give your eyes that perfect glitter shadow that you always wanted to have.

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What is it and who is it for?

A glitter Eye shadow.


Rs. 970 for 2.2 grams

Natural/Organic /Vegan?


What does the brand claim about Sephora Glitter Eye Shadow Choco Excess No. 87?

Watch cosmetics go from ordinary to uncommon with this unending exhibit of hues. These shadows give prevalent shading, scope, and enduring wear (up to 10 hours). Because of the Color Eye Last perplexing, which incorporates a selective mix of up to 70 percent colors, pearls, and shine particles. The shadows are likewise particularly simple to apply with micronized colors that make for an ultra smooth, Blendable surface.

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How to Use:

-with the help of an eye shadow brush, apply a medium or light coloured eye shadow all over the eye lid as the base.
– apply a darker shade to the external corner of the eye using an adjusted wrinkle brush.

– Blend the shapes of the eyes with a perfect brush to make a consistent look and keep away from a line of outline.

– Apply your shading dry for a more natural look or you can make it wet for a modern look.

– To make eyes look brighter and include profundity, apply a touch of a light-hued, shimmery or metallic shade just underneath the brow bone as a completing touch.

– Apply an eye shadow base or eyeliner of the same color before applying shadow for ideal wear.

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My Experience with Sephora Glitter Eye Shadow Choco Excess No. 87

This has always been my favourite as it always stays for long (almost 10 hours and this enough for any glittery product to stay!!!), the glitter always stays intact and never falls out or smudges. But all I need to do is to take a little care of it while applying like not moisturising the eyelids as it can get accumulated because of the moisture. My personal experience with this eye shadow is quite good as it gives a dark sparkly look to my eyes.  Highlighting the eyes is the new “COOL” of make up these days and this easy to apply shadow never fails to keep me happy.

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Positives of Sephora Glitter Eye Shadow Choco Excess No. 87

  • Available in number of shades
  • Can be applied either dark or light as per your choice
  • Easy to apply
  • Stays for a long time, almost 10 hours
  • Fragrance free

Negatives of Sephora Glitter Eye Shadow Choco Excess No. 87

  • The only drawback in it seems to be the high pricing of one shade while one can get a set of shades within this price.

Would I repurchase it or recommend it to you?

This glitter eye shadow is definitely a yes for you. This is the only eye shadow till date that has made me satisfy to the core. It stands consistent with every one of its cases and the shades will work really well with any skin-tone!

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