Streax Vita Pro Hair Serum Review

by Mehek Ishrat
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What Is It And Who Is It For? STREAX VITA PRO HAIR SERUM is enriched with Vitamin E that helps to smoothen out rough hair and damaged strands merely by a single application.

Streax Vita Pro Hair Serum Review


This product is available in the market at a price of 160rupees for 100 ml. It is also available on various websites such as Flipkart, snap deal, Nykaa etc. It has a shelf life of 3 years. The price is very reasonable as usually, brands of professional salons are not within this range.



How to Use?

Streax Pro Hair Serum does what it claims. Firstly, shampoo your hair and semi-dry it. Take a small dollop of serum into your palms, rub it and then apply it evenly starting from the top to the end. When I say from the top, it means from a little below the roots of your hair till your ends. Never apply serum from the roots of your hair as it tends to leave a certain level of oiliness to the scalp.

My Experience with Streax Vita Pro Hair Serum

I have been using this product for the past 6 months and I completely satisfied with it. I have frizzy hair after wash so it helps to a great level to control the frizz. Initially, when I apply the serum, it leaves a greasy texture but it soon settles in leaving my hair smoother and tangle-free. I also use it before using a flat-iron, as it helps to add the extra shine to the hair.

Streax Vita Pro Hair Serum Review 3

  1. An inexpensive product in accordance with the brand name.
  2. Helps to detangle hair
  3. Helpful during styling hair using a blow-dryer or flat iron.
  4. Easy to control its usage due to the pump dispenser
  5. Easy to keep track of the amount used due to the transparent packaging.
  6. It will easily last for 4-5 months.
  7. Best suited for dry hair.
  1. The effect stays only for a day.
  2. Non-availability of the product at local shops.
  3. Not suitable for oily hair.
Overall Would I Repurchase And Recommend?

This is an excellent product for those with dry and rough hair. I will definitely recommend it on the basis of my own experience.

Glossy Polish Verdict


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