10 Signs You And Your Mom Are BFFs !!

by V Sravanti
5 minutes read
  1. You chill out together frequently

It is that time of life when you prefer roaming and chilling out with your best friends than your parents. That is nothing but the part of your teenage and one that follows. Many people prefer staying out of the house and even do not like interference of their parents in their life. But, if, at this part of your life you have your mom going and chilling out with you, then believe it or not babe, you seriously have your mom bff. You don’t need a replacement to this. Is it this in your case?

  1. You do not find a better company than her

Let it be looking out for handsome hunks over the city and in the malls, or ruining your break-up day, your friends are always there to support you and make you happy. I know, in this case, we feel more comfortable with friends than parents. But, it’s not at all the case when your mom understands you and you need not have to call a friend to come and accompany you in this time. She is your best company and when you are with her, you forget everything and just stay relaxed. So, how many of you’ll possess this treasure?

  1. You share all kinds of secrets with her and she doesn’t judge you

Sharing secrets and personal stuff is only possible with best friends. What if your mom is your best friend and you can share anything with her? Cool stuff right? She won’t be judging you but parallelly will try telling you and hinting on what is happening and the best way to get out of it. Meeting such kind of people in our fast- growing life is very easy but finding a person like this in your mom? No!

If you have your mom doing all this to you, then you should be fortunate.

  1. You feel free with her

Also, when you travel or chill out to some really happening places, you never prefer going out with people other than your friends. This is because you feel completely together and free when people of your age group stay beside you. But look, that is not true in some cases. I am the best example for it and I and my mom actually rock hangouts. You can express anything to her and she always renders her opinion on that for a better result but never forces you to do so. This is such a gift if you can relate the same with your mother! <3

  1. You laugh over common jokes

Having a similar sense of humor and laughing out loud for the same kind of jokes. If this is found similar to happen in your life, then I’m not kidding, you have found your BFF in the “form of your mom”. Oops! Poetry. 😛

10 Signs You And Your Mom Are BFFs

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  1. She is always there for you

You will have your mom no matter how best or how worst your situation is. You can actually enjoy her company and find her way better than all others from your besties, and thus, I came up with this trait. I am sure most of you can relate to this!

  1. You discuss all the girly stuff

All girls generally do discuss at sorts of matters on accessories, selecting which dress to wear for a date and all, but I guess that’s not same in every case. Some people actually ask their mothers and they are the best guide towards choosing your outfit. Apart from all this, they actually pick the best ones for you, according to your tastes and interests. Now this calls for a hi-fi, if you and your mom can relate to what is mentioned here.

  1. You see the same person from a crowd, exactly at the same time

Observing the same person at the same time? You and your mom do that? That’s the best sign of you’ll being bffs. Generally, such case arises when you see a girl or a boy doing some weird actions or really hot people passing by, you just look at them and then exchange your look with your mom. How cool is that?

  1. You both have awesome chemistry and can seriously exchange all kinds of thoughts

How many girls over here relate to this? Exchanging thoughts and all? Awesome stuff! You can do it with your mom without being ashamed of anything, since she adds on to your thought and makes it better!

Check this out and try if this works out with your mom. If it does, then you will have to comment below! 😉

  1. People can’t figure out your age gap

This is really the heights. It is that point of time when the way you both get ready actually matches and people can rarely observe your age-gap.

Both of you deserve a hi-fi even if 5 out of the above ten mentioned points are similar to your daily life! Congratulations by the way! You found a really faithful and the best bff! <3


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Alishb September 20, 2017 - 7:28 PM

Really nice article!!! I do connect to most of the signs mentioned and very proud to say my mom is definitely my BFF!!!! :balleballe

Juhi Sharma September 20, 2017 - 8:49 PM

I can relate ?

Sreeparna Ganguly September 21, 2017 - 12:20 PM

I felt in sync with your points :rose: