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MyGlamm English Rose Lipstick

Who is it for? MyGlamm English Rose Lipstick is for you if you prefer smooth, creamy and glossy textures. When you purchase the lipstick, the website says ‘Let your lips do the talking’ and I completely agree with it. We all need a favorite lip color! Did Manish Malhotra’s collection make the cut? Let’s find out.


The lipstick costs ₹950 (4gms).

MyGlamm English Rose Lipstick

My Experience with MyGlamm English Rose


The lipstick is black and golden on the outside. The color, manufacturing date, date of expiry and the weight of the product are written on the bottom. All lipsticks are of this standard color and are not differentiated according to the shade.


The shade is ‘English Rose’. It is a pink-purple shade. It is a bit light in color. The shade works perfectly with any traditional or western outfit. The color is more alluring during the day.

Texture and Pigmentation:

These extra-shine ranges of lipsticks are easy to apply. It is very smooth, much like butter. The even texture makes it different from most lipsticks. Once applied, it stays evenly on the lips. The vibes are much like a lip balm.

Effectiveness and Staying Power:

It is not a long lasting lipstick. After one or two hours, it starts to wear off, especially when you eat or drink. This lipstick is not transfer proof. You will have to reapply it every once a while for the lipstick to last.

What do I like?
  1. Manish Malhotra is a huge brand and therefore I was very excited to purchase this lipstick. The brand name sure helps.
  2. The color is different than the usual pink lipsticks.
  3. It can be easily closed (magnetic) and there is no fear of lipstick opening when its inside the bag.
  4. The lipstick has a pleasing fragrance.
  5. It looks very aesthetic.
  6. The removal of this lipstick is easy. It can be wiped off using wet tissues or even a damp cloth.
What I don’t like?
  1. It is priced heavily.
  2. The lipstick does not last for more than 2 hours.
  3. Lips feel very oily on applying the lipstick.
  4. You need to reapply it every few hours.
My Rating:


Would I recommend or repurchase?

I would not. There are a lot of other lipsticks available at affordable prices. For such a huge amount, the quality should be flawless, but it is not. If you want to use it purely because of the brand, you can do so. According to me, it does not give a full value for money.

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Myglamm Manish Malhotra Hi-Shine Lip Gloss Ravishing Red

Who is it for? Myglamm Manish Malhotra Hi-Shine Lip Gloss Ravishing Red  is for you if you want a lustrous look and fuller sparkling lips. Manish Malhotra’s company thinks your lips should do the talking. Does it exceed expectations? Let’s find out below!


The price for this Hi-Shine Lip Gloss is ₹1050 (5ml).

How to Use:

You can either use it standalone or pair it up with lipstick to amp up the shade. For a subtle finish, use a small brush instead of the tube.

Myglamm Manish Malhotra Hi-Shine Lip Gloss Ravishing Red

My Experience with Myglamm Manish Malhotra Hi-Shine Lip Gloss Ravishing Red


It comes in a beautiful packaging of black and golden. The lip gloss gleams in its covering.


My shade was Ravishing Red. It is a bold shade of red that gives you seductively glossy lips. There are five other shades available


The product is very glossy like any other lip gloss.

Effectiveness and Staying Power:

It stays for a few hours. However, you do have to reapply it every once a while for it to remain effectively.

What do I like?
  1. Manish Malhotra is a huge brand and I was super excited to get this.
  2. The color radiates my look.
  3. There is a certain luster to the product. It can be worn at any time of the day.
  4. It can be easily applied and is travel-friendly.
  5. The product has a high, glossy shine.
  6. It is a gratifying fragrance.
What I don’t like?
  1. Like all his products, this one is priced on the higher side too.
  2. It may not suit everybody. You will have to choose the color carefully.
  3. Since it is a lip gloss, it remains wet for a while and transfers easily.

My Rating:


Would I recommend or repurchase?

Since the product is priced heavily, I am not so sure if I would purchase it again; given there are other brands who give good quality at a relatively affordable price. But if you are a Bollywood girl at heart and want to try Manish Malhotra’s products, give it a go!

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MyGlamm Powder Magic Goldmine

Who is it for? Your beauty is seen in your eyes. MyGlamm Powder Magic Goldmine is perfect if you want the much-needed glimmer in your eye makeup. It is subtle, stunning and everything at once.


The price is ₹995 (1.54g).

How to Use:

Run the Powder Eyeshadow Stick across your eyelash and blend upwards and outwards across the socket. Sweep, blend or smudge it with your finger. Further, you can draw a hashtag at the outer corner of your eyelid and using finger, blend inwards and up into lid for instant contour. Add a layer of 1 or more shades to get the classic smoky eye.

Sensitivity Alert:

No. It is dermatologically tested and approved.

MyGlamm Powder Magic Goldmine

My Experience with MyGlamm Powder Magic Goldmine


The Eyeshadow comes in a beautiful box and it looks aesthetic. The colour on the outside is golden and white.


The shade is ‘Goldmine’. It is a champagne gold shimmer.


The Eyeshadow is an innovative pressed powder in a jumbo pencil form. The color is such that it can give a sultry and smoldering look.

Effectiveness and Staying Power:

The Eyeshadow stays through the day. It looks elegant and adds depth to your eyes. Furthermore, it can work as a day or night companion. Also, since it is small, it is travel-friendly.

What do I like?
  1. The product is easy to apply.
  2. It blends perfectly.
  3. This Eyeshadow has a powdery finish.
  4. It looks classy on all skin tones.
  5. The product is cruelty-free!
  6. It is super soft.
  7. The Eyeshadow can be removed easily.
What I don’t like?
  1. The price is on the higher side.
  2. Since it is a powder in the form of a pencil, it is fragile and may be easily broken.
  3. It does not provide us with enough shades.

My Rating:


Would I recommend or repurchase?

Even though the product is a bit costly, I would definitely recommend it. It looks alluring and adds a distinct look to the eyes. The product gets a thumbs-up from me!

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Basics of Skincare Products Part A Essential oils

How to Use Essential Oils Correctly? Essential Oils: Everyone has been talking about it! There are so many varieties in the market and a gazillion of instructions to follow that even though we think we know about them, we still are clueless about their correct usage. All this ends today. Here I am with this article, to try and help you with the safe usage of Essential Oils.

Let’s start with it, shall we?

Basics of Skincare Products Part A Essential oils

What are Essential Oils and how will they benefit my body?

Essential Oils are natural oils that are obtained by distillation (Don’t think too hard. Distillation means the action of purifying a liquid by the processes of heating and cooling. We learned this in school). They have the characteristic odour of the plant or the source from which it is extracted. There are various kinds of Essential Oils such as Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Rose Oil and the like. They can be used as aromatherapy (It involves using the sense of smell to relax and stimulate the mind and body) for various reasons, such as to boost energy, stress relief, calm nerves, and increasing focus and can be used to improve skin conditions.

Why is it important to know the safe usage of such oils?

Here is the catch. Using Essential Oils is a little bit complicated. They are used for healing, toning and brightening of the skin. Incorrect usage may lead to allergies, skin reactions and other infections. Since they are concentrated substances, even a drop could have lasting effects.

What is Dilution?

Diluting an Essential Oil means making it weaker in force, content or value and minimizing the effect it could have. This is it. This is ALL you need to know about the safe use of Essential Oils for skin care. To apply it on the skin or hair, dilute it with ‘Carrier oil’, to avoid skin irritation. Carrier oils are base oils or vegetable oils such as Olive oil, Coconut oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and the rest.

What are the usages of Essential Oils?

  1. Skin: The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of Essential Oils help in the treatment of acne. Dilute the oil and apply it on the affected area. Leave overnight for best results. You can also add a few drops to honey and yogurt to brighten an area.
  2. Hair: Mix it with coconut oil and massage to soothe the scalp.
  3. Massage: Use the oil to give your body a message to ease off stress and to improve blood circulation. Add 15-20 drops of Essential Oil to half a cup of carrier oil.
  4. Bathing: Add 3-4 drops of Lavender or other calming scents to your hot bath. Dilute it, if you have sensitive skin.
  5. Simple Inhalation: This can be used to eliminate cold, sore throat or sinus congestion.

How to use Essential Oils?

  1. Cleanse your skin with water.
  2. Rub the diluted oil sparingly.
  3. Do not apply the oil near your eyes, nose or mouth.
  4. Avoid using them on the wounded parts of your body.

What else should I keep in mind?

  1. Essential Oils are generally flammable, so keep them away from direct sunlight.
  2. Keep them outside the reach of kids and pets.
  3. Seek expert advice if you are pregnant, under the age of ten or have a serious medical condition.
  4. Avoid touching your pets (especially cats) after usage.


Essential Oils are only for EXTERNAL use. Always test your body’s reaction to any Essential Oil. Dilute it and rub it a small amount on your skin patch and check for any reaction in the next 24 hours. If it causes irritation or a rash, wash it with cold water and discontinue usage of the product.

That’s it, you all. Go ahead and take maximum advantage of these glorious oils. Remember everything we learned today!

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Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome: Sounds very scary, doesn’t it? We all are in front of our screens all day (you are literally in front of one right now) and coming across something like this makes us worry. It is also known as ‘Digital Eye Strain’. Being informed is important so in this article let’s try and learn a bit more about it, alright?

Okay, but what is Computer Vision Syndrome?

By definition, Computer Vision Syndrome or as nerds call it ‘CVS’ is a condition that results from (yes, your guess is right) focusing the eyes on the computer or any other device for uninterrupted periods of time. In it, the eyes find it difficult to recover from the strain. Some basic symptoms include headache, blurry vision, neck pain, fatigue, dry eyes, dizziness, and irritability. I know I know; we all face at least three of these every single day.

It’s the big 2019 and expecting us to be away from our computer screens is not a pragmatic idea. The world works through screens and we cannot be far from it. The good news is that we can fight the symptoms by some simple practices. But you have to do it every day. That is the hard part.

Another important thing to note is that this is not just for you. It’s for everybody. Your partner, your parents and your kids. Especially your kids.  Aren’t they watching something on a tablet right now?

Computer Vision Syndrome

That does not sound good; what can I do to avoid it?

Here’s how to avoid it

  1. The lighting in your room should always be comfortable for your eyes. It should not be too dim or too dark. Eliminate the outside light by using blinds. Make sure the windows are to the side of your computer screen and not in the front or behind it.
  2. Take breaks. Ensure you leave your screen for a few minutes when you are constantly using it. Go, wash your face. Drink water. Stretch your arms and legs. Close your eyes and breathe. Blink often. Use some eye drops if you suffer from dry eyes.
  3. Another thing that will help you is the 20-20 rule (not cricket). Every 20 minutes, spend at least 20 seconds looking at something far away from your screen.
  4. The Screen Time on your phone? It’s time to utilize and monitor it. Set targets as to how many hours you would like to spend in a day on your phone. Challenge yourself to minimize the time and be productive nonetheless.
  5. Invest in a comfortable seat. Neck and back aches are chronic and will affect your working. So get a chair that supports you.
  6. Arrange your working space. Your screen should be at least 20-25 inches away from your face. Don’t keep your printed sheets below. The constant neck movement will bother you. Keep them next to your screen or at least, at a certain height.
  7. Use the settings option. Adjust the brightness, color temperature and the font size as per your comfort.
  8. Consider purchasing computer glasses. Visit your clinic and ask them to modify your prescription.
  9. If none of this makes your condition better, find an eye doctor near you and schedule an examination. An expert will always provide you with a proper opinion. Make it a habit to visit the doctor every few months and get an eye check up (and a full body check up) done. Trust me and add it to your schedule.

This digital age has its many benefits. But it can also affect us in a problematic way if we don’t take enough measures. Hey, go and conquer the world while taking care of yourself, okay?

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