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Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact SPF 23 2

Who is it for?Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact is Good for all skin types and fair to wheatish skin tone. Covers darkened skin and pigmentation well. Gives temporarily fair and radiant skin.

Price and availability:

The product is reasonably priced at INR 160 for 8 g and INR 349 for 24 g


A nice pink and white square shaped carton with silver touch, the compact is oval shaped with twin powders and a mirror inside along with a really soft sponge for application.

How to use:
  1. Choose the first shade for a fair look and second one for a matte look, as far as I have experienced the look, you can choose it according to your skin tone.
  2. Tap it over your face evenly with the sponge and mix well. This is for regular usage.

My experience with Lakme Perfect Radiance, Twin Compact, Skin Whitening SPF 23

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact SPF 23

I have been using it for around 3 months though it isn’t the first compact I have tried I found it worth the money and I feel satisfied with the product, I usually apply shade 1 on daily basis and shade 2 is good for party look, though for parties I apply it with Lakme foundation. It’s not going to work alone. It gives a refreshing finish and visibly fair look.

  • For a party, look uses it with the foundation.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact SPF 23 1

Overall performance 

It is an overall nice product, there is nothing to doubt about Lakme. It is light weight with an extremely mild fragrance. The best part is that you get two shades and neither it neither makes your skin oily nor gives it a cakey look.

With a compact you are getting SPF 23 and UVA, UVB protection. That’s a plus point. Whereas there is something negative about it, it is not going to last more than 4 hours, you have to reapply it. There is nothing like pearly glow, it only makes you look fairer and gives a radiant shine to your skin. Well, that’s not less I think.

Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes I would purchase it again and two shades by Lakme is a justice with this price, ☺☺I recommend it, people, give it a try.

Hair Straightening Brushes - All You Need to Know ! 3

Hair Straightening Brushes: Hi Everyone, today I am writing about the hair straightening brushes, it was really fun exploring and writing about this☺☺I am sure many of you must have the desire of that long and straight silky hair, So do I. In the past we were all restricted to conventional hair straightening methods, blow dryers, hot irons, hair straighteners. Then we started rushing to saloons for Brazilian treatment and other permanent hair straightening treatments. The chemical after effects was not really good and I found people whose hair worsens after the treatment.

Hair Straightening Brushes - All You Need to Know ! 3

Image Credit : Amazon

Read more to find what a hair straightening brush is?

Hair straightening brushes were introduced to us through the first Dafni video that came out in 2015.

It has cut the styling time in half; it is easy to use more controllable and lightweight which makes it easy to carry anytime, anywhere. Hair straightening brushes come with advanced ant-frizz ionic technology.

It is the most convenient method of straightening as it is time savvy if you have to rush and somebody is waiting, unlike the hot irons it is gonna give you straight silky hair in few minutes and you have to do nothing just comb your hair as you do regularly, well don’t forget to plug it in before.

Hair Straightening Brushes - All You Need to Know ! 7

Image Credit : Astuces Femmes

How to use a hair straightening brush?

Different brushes will have different adjustments refer the user manual for that, here are the do’s and don’ts to remember while using a hair straightening brush.

If you notice the temperature on the brush’s LCD is in Celsius, change it into Fahrenheit by pressing plus and minus buttons simultaneously.

We know that the hot iron takes few minutes to heat up but the brush will reach 360-degree f in just 8 seconds, so take care of the heat.

Divide your hair into sections and take 2-3 strokes for perfect straightening.

Pros and Con’s:
  1. It is faster and convenient.
  2. Travel-friendly, easy to use.
  3. Less harm due to heat as compared to the conventional methods.
  4. You can notice temperature level on the LCD and can adjust accordingly.
  5. The chord is swivel, there is no issue of tangling wire, it’s quick to go.
  6. Well, this is a single device for single work unlike others you can’t use it for curling, frizz etc.
  7. Hair melting-factor has to be checked, it reaches a very high temperature in no time. Beyond 325 degrees the chances of hair strand melting increases.

How to choose the perfect one??

Well, there is a variety available you can choose the brush according to the volume, quality of your hair. You need one with more bristles for voluminous hair. If your hair is proper curls you need the one with higher temperature reach and vice-versa.

Here is a list of top 5 straightening brushes in the market

Dafni- the original ceramic brush

Hair Straightening Brushes - All You Need to Know ! 1

That’s really expensive priced at 15,000 but you can the original one at, dafni is the brand that launched the straightening brushes in helps to straighten hair faster than any other brush, the brand claims no harm but that’s up to you. After all, we know our hair better. And we know how much heat can they withstand.

Apalus hair straightening brush

Hair Straightening Brushes - All You Need to Know ! 3

Priced at INR 3,848 at Amazon, Nykaa. Apalus is a reputed brand of UK and US, if you are willing to buy this I would suggest you get it from their official website because most of the customer reviews on the online market claims it not to be original.  Though Appalus has been the best seller on Amazon.

Olivia Garden Nano Thermic Ceramic Ion Brush
Hair Straightening Brushes - All You Need to Know ! 8

Image Credit :Sarina Cosmetics

Priced at 2,332 on Amazon, it heats up faster and retains heat for longer, is a good product to buy.

Instyler Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush

Hair Straightening Brushes - All You Need to Know ! 11

Priced at 4,349, comes with 7 different heat settings if you voluminous hair it is best for you because it has 65 ceramic heated plates which are going to straighten your hair in one or two passes.

Global Keratin Vents Hair Brush

Hair Straightening Brushes - All You Need to Know ! 2

Available at Amazon for Rs. 3,739. A lightweight travel-friendly product.

Would I purchase and recommend?

Yes, I found it really better so I am gonna buy it, life is too busy and if you are one of those who has to run from the boardroom to the bar, rush its best for you.

Eva Doll Refreshing Rose All Day Freshness Deo 3

Who is it for? Eva Doll Refreshing Rose All Day Freshness Deo is for those looking for a rose scented deodorant.

Eva Doll Refreshing Rose All Day Freshness Deo 3


Price and availability:

Rs 130 for 125ml, available at all online stores.

My experience with Eva Doll Refreshing Rose All Day Freshness Deo

I simply bought it because it’s alcohol-free and I liked other fragrances by Eva so I thought to give this a try, but I personally did not like it much. For me the fragrance was so-so, and its fragrance can not be specified as rose, it’s just floral that too very mild. The brand claims it long lasting but it can not last longer than 2-3 hours. So you can go for it if you are a floral fan, I did not feel that it prevents body odor or sweating as the brand claims. Though the packaging is good I found the pink can cute and funky. It’s a completely girly product by fragrance and looks both.

I did not find any skin irritation or side effects; it really does the work of keeping underarms soft.

  1. Alcohol-free, maintains ph balance of your skin.
  2. Travel-friendly and affordable.
  3. Mild floral fragrance.
  4. Nice packaging.
  5. Not tested on animals.
  6. Completely skin friendly.
  1. Does not prevent sweat or body odor.
  2. Can get better deo at same price
Would I recommend?

Not really, but it completely depends on the personal choice of fragrances, if you are looking for a floral mild fragrance, you can try it. For me, it’s not really appealing because it’s too mild and short lasting.

Blue Heaven Soft Kajal and Eyeliner 3

We all love compliments right!! And all of us have perky, attractive eyes. I can never think of leaving home without kohl in my eyes, tried many brands of kajal+liner and this one really impressed me. The best thing about Blue Heaven’s Kajal eyeliner is that it comes with a cute, little sharpener on the bottom lid. This is my first kajal of this kind with a sharpener, earlier I had seen wooden pencil kajal that had sharpener but was too harsh on applying. Read on to know more about it.

Blue Heaven Soft Kajal and Eyeliner 1

Blue Heaven Soft Kajal and Eyeliner 2

Basic Info about Blue Heaven Soft Kajal and Eyeliner

What is it and who is it for Yeah it is only for us, we the kajal lovers.Well, it is a black kajal and liner with a sharpener. Blue Heaven is a renowned brand and the kajal comes in a stick form.

Price and Availability: the product is available on all E-commerce sites, you can also buy it from your nearby stores for INR 125/-

Blue Heaven Soft Kajal and Eyeliner  5

What does the brand claim?

The long wear kajal/eyeliner provides the desired intense lines with a smooth application. It is long lasting, extra black, smudge proof and water proof.

Natural/Organic/vegan: no

How to apply:  starting from the inner corner of your eye, mark a neat stroke on the upper lid extending outwards. And Repeat on the lower lid. For even application make sure the tip is sharp.

Blue Heaven Soft Kajal and Eyeliner  3

My Experience with Blue Heaven Soft Kajal and Eyeliner

Packaging: The packaging is so-so, not so fancy or attractive and the kajal stick looks like Lakme’s eyeconic kajal, just a slightly different in color whereas the cap shuts well and it is a travel-friendly piece.

Blue Heaven Soft Kajal and Eyeliner 4

As I said, in the beginning, I can’t think of leaving home without applying kajal because if I do that, people will end up asking me whether I haven’t slept for nights. For me Kajal is not a beauty product it’s like food for my eyes?? I agree the product is totally smudged free and long lasting, it will easily last up to 8-9 hours and you need not apply many strokes just one will give you a perfect jet black look, which means the color is good. The best thing is the cute, little sharpener so it can be sharpened whenever the lid becomes blunt so it doesn’t spread out when applied near edges. It is smooth too, Apart from that its literally inexpensive product with these many qualities. However, it failed as a liner because the lid of kajal is fragile and it will break as a liner, and it will definitely smudge if applied as a liner.

Blue Heaven Soft Kajal and Eyeliner

Overall Performance of Blue Heaven Soft Kajal and Eyeliner


  • Perfect Black
  • Smudge Proof
  • Travel Friendly
  • Smooth And Long Lasting
  • Doesn’t Cause Any Irritation
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Comes With Sharpener


  • Failed as a liner.
  • Packaging doesn’t look good

Would I repurchase and recommend?

A big Yes!! It is already my second purchase; I love this kajal, it’s appropriate for me. So I suggest you should give it a try.

Stay happy, stay blessed!!❤❤ Our eyes are sensitive so only use trusted products for them.


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Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick LP 22 Review 6

Hi ladies,

This time I am here with a most wanted product. A good lipstick shade is all we need to look pretty; lipsticks do not only make us look pretty but our shades say a lot about our personality. I had a tough time selecting this perfect one,

Blue heaven walk free lipstick 22 is a nude pink creamy textured lipstick, it can go with any skin tone, and the shade is neither too dark nor too light. It’s good to be used regularly during college, office as well as can be applied for parties during day and night both.

Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick LP 22 Review 1

Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick LP 22 Review

Basic Info about Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick LP 22

Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick LP 22 Review 2

Description: It has a luxuriously creamy texture with the mesmerizing fragrance of cocoa butter. It gives your lips nourishment and stunning glossy look as well.  A stroke is enough for a shade light like natural and lip balm, 2-3 strokes are awesome for getting a party look. The best part is its fit to use both day and night.

Its price is INR 99 for a 4 gm lipstick

It is affordable and best product at this price range.

Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick LP 22 Review 3


It can be brought from any cosmetic store as we know blue heaven is a reputed brand whereas online it is available at Amazon, Flipkart, myntra and jabong. Though the price may vary.

My Experience with Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick LP 22



It comes in a handsome black cover, though it is not gaudy as other expression tubes by blue heaven but black seems classy. It is a plastic cover but not very thin or fragile, so it is travel-friendly and can be carried easily.

Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick LP 22 Review 4

Directions to use:

Better wear it with the help of a brush if not swipe it gently up till both the edges of lips.

  • Apply one stroke for a smooth lips balm look.
  • Apply 3-4 strokes for party ready glossy nude pink look.

Stay time:

It stays for around 4-5 hours in fresh Air conditioned atmosphere as in colleges and offices but when it comes to wandering out in pollution it’s hardly going to remain for 2 hours and has to be cleaned and reapplied otherwise it turns layer when creamy texture mixes with dirt and pollution.

This is the perfect shade for me since I have used it, it has become a part of my kit. I apply it regularly and feel awesome, as I told you packaging is also good I carry it every day with me.

Earlier I used to avoid pink shades for I felt that it could not compliment my skin tone, some were too bold and others were very light. This is perfect with creamy nourishment and glossy look too. It makes my lips smooth and sexy.

Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick LP 22 Review 5

Overall Performance of Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick LP 22



  • It is pocket-friendly.
  • Good for all complexions.
  • Good color and no side effects.
  • Soothing cocoa butter fragrance.


  • Blue heaven has not given a name to this shade so you have to remember the no. i.e. LP 22
  • Not so long lasting outdoors.



It is satisfactory at this price range and the color is nice too, texture is good, moisturizes well and cocoa butter fragrance makes my day, well it can be problematic for foodie people whole the day it’s going to make u starve then…..Hahaha jokes apart,

It suits any occasion and any dress code from professional to funky, it compliments all skin tones and mid to dusky skin tones are going to be benefitted the most.

Would I recommend?

Yess, yes! Girls I obviously recommend this. It’s going to go well in both summers and winters. Don’t keep too high expectations and you will be happy!

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Brightening Berry 1

I have been using clean & clear for years. But this time I tried some other brands and very soon I came running back to my brightening berry, morning energy face wash. Though it is named morning energy it can be used at any time. But better at morning because once used gives me a fresh look whole the day and its soothing fragrance makes my day. It has bursting beads they form rich foam and thoroughly remove all oil and dirt without over drying the skin.

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Brightening Berry  1


Basic Info About Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Brightening Berry



Water, sodium laureth sulfate, acrylates copolymer, propylene glycol, salicylic acid, sodium hydroxide, glycerin, polyethylene, tetra sodium EDTA etc.


Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Brightening Berry  2


It is a pocket friendly product priced at INR 60 for 50 ml and INR 110 for 100 ml.  It is easily available at stores, at Amazon, Flipkart etc.



  • Apply in small amount on wet palm and work into lather.
  • Gently massage onto face.
  • Avoid eye area.
  • Rinse off thoroughly.
  • Use twice daily for skin that is clean, clear and beautiful.


Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Brightening Berry

My Experience with Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Brightening Berry


I had first used it in a train during a trip, I was thinking of cleaning my face with some cleansing milk because it was really dirty and a bad product could really harm my skin, after using this I was so happy all the dirt and pollution was removed and my face glowed without any dryness. Since it is a product by trusted brand Johnson& Johnson, there is no reason to doubt.It is apt for normal and dry skin both. It is mild and does not harm acne prone skin or sensitive skin. Salicylic acid helps in preventing pimples and glycerin helps to bid skin breakouts. Sodium hydroxide is used for cleansing and sodium laureth sulfate makes cleansing more effective.

It is also a travel-friendly product. Plastic bottle is of good quality and leak proof. Whereas the purple flip cap shuts well. It also lasts long because only two drops form lather good enough for one usage.

Use it before going to the office for a clean and fresh look, keep it in your bag before leaving for a journey or use it before getting ready for a party and get flawless skin.

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Brightening Berry  3

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Brightening Berry  4

Overall Performance of Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Brightening Berry



  • Very pocket friendly, long lasting.
  • Soothing fragrance which freshens the mood.
  • Good for all skin types.
  • Forms good lather and still does not dry the skin.
  • Bursting beads also do the work of exfoliator.


There’s nothing to dislike except,

  • Some people may not like the raspberry fragrance.
  • Oily skin people may not like it during summers.

Would I Recommend?

I highly recommend the product for beautiful, glowing and soothing skin in summers without any breakouts and dryness. Girls and ladies we are all time strawberry lovers so you are going to be in love with its fresh, fruity fragrance every morning which will awake your senses and will bright up your face and day both.