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The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask

First of all, I would like to let you all know that Green Tea is one worthy product to have. It is obviously a healthier option as a beverage compared to normal tea and coffee plus it has so many benefits for the skin. Green tea is proven to help you achieve glowing skin.So if you are looking forward to buying a face sheet, today I am sharing my experience with The Face Shop’s Green Tea Face Sheet.I got the product from an e-shopping website while checking out the newly launched brand’s collection.

The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face MaskBasic info about The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask

A masking sheet that mildly calms sensitive skin with rich essence, the Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask is here to transform your skin! Your skin will be soft and supple in a couple of minutes with this Mask, leaving you looking effortlessly flawless. The rich extracts, with soothing properties, offers softness and hydration to skin. So, ladies, this is a mask we absolutely swear by. Are you ready for gorgeous skin days? We think so!

  • Contains one single-use face mask.
  • This product is dermatologically tested.
  • Created to give you a gorgeous Korean beauty experience.

Additional Information: Beauty treasure for millions around the globe, Faceshop is a South-Korea based skincare line that provides fabulous goodies for your beauty rituals. Ranging affordable high-quality products born from botany, this sensational brand believes on creating products that stem from a lovely concept of ‘Science meets Beauty’. In a nutshell, Faceshop is your ultimate dream destination to treat your skin to its best beautiful.

The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask 1

How to use the product

  • After washing face, arrange skin texture with toner. Unfold the mask sheet
  • Spread over face, adjusting from eyes to nose
  • After 10~15 minutes, take the mask off and lightly tap the leftover essence for absorption

My Experience With The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask

First Impression:

The product’s packaging is normal, just like other face mask sheets. The package contains one sheet of a face mask which is drenched in serum ( a blend of all ingredients). I was not happy with the product as it only had 1 sheet in it. I mean for Rs. 100 only 1 sheet is not quite feasible. So I had mixed feelings about the product.

The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask 2

I always loved sheet masks as it’s a fuss free way of applying a face pack. The face sheet is free sized; all you have to do is place the sheet on the face and keep it for 15 to 20 minutes. For the price point I was expecting some serious effects but frankly, I felt no difference after taking it off and patting my face. Neither my face was glowing, feeling soft or anything at all.

It might relieve irritated skin as it claims but I did not feel any fresh feeling after taking it off. Rather it felt slightly sticky.

Overall Performance of The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask


Would I ever buy it again?

No. I will not buy it again for 2 reasons; first: it did not show any visible effects on my face and second: It’s too pricey for only 1 sheet

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Himalaya Herbals Face Moisturizing Lotion Review

These days moisturizers are every woman’s essential beauty product. No matter what skin type you are, you require a moisturizer which suits your skin, hydrates it and keeps it healthy. Plus it becomes a perfect base for your makeup and helps big time for your makeup to not look cakey and patchy.

So today I am reviewing one of the best moisturizers in budget, Himalaya’s Nourishing Face Lotion with Aloe Vera and Carrot Oil. It is easily available in the market or online stores. To introduce it, the product can be used on any skin type: oily, normal or dry and in any season. So you dont have to dig deep and make a fuss out of it.

What is it and who it is for?

It’s a face moisturizing lotion which is used to hydrate your face. It should be used regularly after washing your face in order to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. It can be used by both men and women of any skin type.

Himalaya Herbals Face Moisturizing Lotion Review


The price of the lotion is INR 80 for the 100ml variant.


Includes Natural Ingredients but its not entirely natural.

What does the brand claim about Himalaya Herbals Face Moisturizing Lotion?

A light and non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly to give you complete nourishment and daily moisture your skin needs. Carrot Seed Oil, a natural antioxidant, boosts skin vitality. White lily soothes and restores skin’s moisture balance and Aloe Vera & Almond Oil, moisturize and nourish your skin making your skin soft and smooth.

Himalaya Herbals Face Moisturizing Lotion Review 1

How to use?

After washing your face with soap or face-wash, apply the product generously on the face and neck area. Apply it twice a day, to keep your skin always hydrated and healthy.

My experience with Himalaya Herbals Face Moisturizing Lotion

Himalaya Herbals Face Moisturizing Lotion Review 3

I have an oily and sensitive skin; one of the most terrible ones. Using this for 3 months now and it has not given me any skin problems at all; rather it turned advantageous in many ways. My experience with it is amazing. I use it everyday; day and night. It doesn’t just hydrate my skin but also keeps it looking smooth and matte for a long time. I apply it every day before makeup. The best part is, you don’t have to wait for ages before applying foundation; it melts into the skin in hardly 20 seconds and gives a matte, non greasy soft finish. Honestly after using this, my skin has never looked patchy or cakey, even in winters.

Himalaya Herbals Face Moisturizing Lotion Review 2

Positives of Himalaya Herbals Face Moisturizing Lotion

  • Hydrates skin without making it greasy
  • Melts into the skin in 10-20 seconds
  • It gives a matte and smooth finish
  • Light fragrance
  • Can be applied alone (no primer) before makeup
  • Its in-expensive (not costly)


Negatives of Himalaya Herbals Face Moisturizing Lotion

  • Even after being well-known as a natural brand it has chemical ingredients including preservatives (Paraben)

Would I repurchase recommend it to you?

Yes I will because it is an amazing product and it has worked for me when many other products failed. I will definitely recommend it to everyone.

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