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Zara Femme Eau De Toilette

Who is it for? Zara Femme eau de toilette is for those who want an oriental vanilla fragrance which is not a typical floral fragranced perfume instead of it is a sophisticated and powdery fragrance for women.

Zara Femme Eau De Toilette

Price: INR 490 for 30ml

spray the appropriate amount on the pulse point and do not rub it as it breaks down its molecules and diminishes its scent.

My experience with Zara Femme Eau De Toilette:


It comes in an elegant white colored bottle which is easy to carry. The bottle is packed gracefully and looks very adorable.


It has a soft vanilla fragrance which is sweet, fresh and powdery. I personally like it’s fragrance as it seems to be a lot more sophisticated. It is neither too floral nor too sweet. It has a great mixed scent.

Top notes: Bergamot and Peony
Middle notes: Sandalwood and Tonka bean
Base notes: Musk, Vanilla, and patchouli

Staying power: 

The fragrance of this perfume stays for about 7-8 hours which is a boon to the user but after this span, it starts to fade off and only a mild vanilla fragrance stays.

Result and experience: 

According to me, this perfume has a great fragrance which I personally love the most. The soft vanilla fragrance is one of my kind. It even has good staying capability which everyone wants in their cologne.

What do I like about the product?

  1. Elegant packaging
  2. Compact and Travel-friendly
  3.  A great oriental vanilla fragrance
  4. Stays for a long duration
  5. Can be used daily or occasionally at specific events

What didn’t I like about the product?

  1. Hardly anything

Would I recommend/ repurchase?

Yes, I would definitely re-buy this product as I love everything about it. I would recommend this product to those who want a great vanilla-fragranced perfume.

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Onam Pookalam Design 6

Onam Pookalam Design

by Simran Arora

Onam Pookalam : Onam is a yearly harvest festival of Malayali people. It has its origin in the state of Kerala and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. It is celebrated in Chingam month (the first month according to Malayalam calendar) which is the month of August-September in Gregorian calendar. People believe that the spirit of King Mahabali who was the great-grandson of Brahmin visits Kerala during the time of Onam festival. Onam is not a one-day festival, It is celebrated for ten days where various rituals, customs and different types of celebrations are practiced.

Onapookalam or Pookalam is one of the main tradition followed by the people during the festival days. It is mainly the arrangement of flowers on the floor in a beautiful and appealing pattern. It is made up of two words; Poov which means flowers and Kalam which means color sketches on the ground. It is like rangoli which is popular in North India and is mostly made on the day of Diwali with bright colors but instead of colors, Pookalam is made from beautiful and exotic yellow flowers.

Making of Pookalam starts from the first day of the festival that is called Atham day. On this day, the size of Pookalam is relatively small but the size grows progressively each day till Onam. Pookalam tends to be a circular arrangement of various yellow colored flowers. On the occasion day, there are much Pookalam decoration competition all over the state where a large number of people participate and winners are awarded big prizes.

 Pookalam designs: 

This is the basic Pookalam design which is made from different varieties of marigold flowers. Here, the boundary of the Pookalam is prepared with green leaves.

Onam Pookalam Design

Image Credit : Pinterest

It is a circular Pookalam with a beautiful flower made in the center. Here, white and red flowers are also used to enhance the beauty of Pookalam.

Onam Pookalam Design 3

Image Credit : Pinterest

This Pookalam is made from eye-fetching flowers with bright colors.

Onam Pookalam Design 4

Image Credit : Pinterest

This Pookalam depicts the rituals which are practiced during ten days of the occasion.

Onam Pookalam Design 5

Image Credit : Pinterest

It is a unique Pookalam design made from the leaves and attractive white and red colored flowers.

These are only a few ideas to design a beautiful Pookalam. There are thousands of ways for arranging the flowers in an appealing manner. Onam is a festival that is mainly celebrated by the people from southern India but being Indians we should all celebrate the occasion merrily and cheerfully. HAPPY ONAM!

Khadi Herbal Face wash

Khadi Herbal Face Wash : Hot Or Not ?

by Simran Arora

Hey guys! In our daily routine, we have to face several of challenges one of the biggest beings, traveling. We don’t travel alone; we travel with dust, pollution and a lot more. Eventually the most salient feature of our body, our ‘FACE’, also faces them. So to keep it clean and dirt free, we should cleanse it on regular basis. A face wash must be used to keep our face clean and clear. Today, I am going to review the Khadi Herbal Face Wash. Khadi is an Ayurvedic brand and its products contain very less amount of chemicals. Let’s see how this Khadi Face Wash has turned out!

Khadi Herbal Face wash


Moisten the face and apply a small quantity of face wash and gently work up the lather, wash off and pat dry.

Price and quantity: INR 150 for 210ml

My experience with Khadi Herbal Face Wash:

It is a pale yellowish colored face wash which turns to be pellucid when poured out from the bottle. It has a very refreshing fragrance which reminds me of lime’s aroma. This face wash is not vicious like many others. It is a bit runny but I personally like its consistency. It lathers really well.

Now talking about its packaging, it comes in a transparent plastic from which its color is visible. I have never carried this bottle out but I can surely say it won’t leak because it contains an inner lid which would prevent it from leaking, certainly.

While pouring the face wash out, no struggle was faced by me. It was coming out easily from the bottle. No squeezing was required.

While spreading and rubbing it on my face, a pretty good amount of foam is produced.

My skin is of a very normal type that is, not very oily but not too dry, but after applying it, I feel my face got a bit dry. So I had to put up some moisturizer to discard the dryness.

Let’s talk about its results now!

I feel like this face wash cleanses the face and our face becomes dirt free but leaves the face dry. I will suggest that people with only oily skin should use this face wash.

Khadi Herbal Face wash 1

  1. ◦       well packed
  2. ◦       Not so vicious
  3. ◦       Makes skin refreshing
  4. ◦       Eliminates the dirt and oil from face
  5. ◦       Purely herbal
  6. ◦       Worthy quantity
  1. ◦       Not for all skin type
  2. ◦       Makes the skin a bit dry
  3. ◦       Not for dry skin people
Would I recommend/repurchase?

I would recommend this face wash to girls/ladies with oily skin as I personally feel it makes the skin texture dry but one thing I like about this face wash is that it removes all the dirt from the skin and makes the skin rejuvenated.

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Banjaras Oil Clear Facewash with Neem + Multani Mitti 2

This perfection comes with confidence and we hold our confidence in our looks, mainly our FACE. Our energy, our spunk shows up in our face. But what if it hides behind the oil and pimples? What if it makes us look dull?So today, I am going to review an oil clear face wash. It is Banjaras Oil Clear Facewash with Neem + Multani Mitti. It is a herbal facewash which comprises of neem and Multani mitti ( fuller’s earth).

Banjaras Oil Clear Facewash with Neem + Multani Mitti Banjaras Oil Clear Facewash with Neem + Multani Mitti Banjaras Oil Clear Facewash with Neem + Multani Mitti

Traits Of Banjaras Oil Clear Facewash with Neem + Multani Mitti :

Apply it on wet face with gentle strokes. Wash off with water. Pat dry to reveal soft, clean and refreshed face.
Price and quantity: INR 40 for 50ml

My Experience with Banjaras Oil Clear Facewash with Neem + Multani Mitti

Banjaras oil clear facewash comprises of the former most beauty ingredients; Neem, Multani mitti, and glycerine. It is a 50ml white tube with a green lid which contains the good, consistent, greenish liquid. It required a little pressure to squeeze the fluid out from the bottle.
When poured out, I got a mild aroma of Neem leaves. No irritation or itching was caused while applying it. I tried this face wash and its result was very satisfying. It waved off oil from my skin, I was able to feel the softness on my face but it made my skin a bit dry. One thing that disappoints me a little is that it doesn’t lather much. We have to take a good amount of it to produce foam.

  1. Budgeted facewash
  2.  Refreshing aroma
  3. Reduces oil from the skin
  4.  Purely herbalMakes skin soft and clear
  5. Reduces pimples and acne
  1. Makes skin a bit dry
  2. Not for dry skin
  3. Not good in winters
  4. Produces less lather
Would I recommend/repurchase?

I would recommend this face wash only to girls with the oily face because it dries out the face. So, dry skinned people should avoid this.

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Aroma Magic Foot Cream

Aroma Magic Foot Cream Review

by Simran Arora

Who is it for? Aroma Magic Foot Cream is for people searching for an effective foot cream to heal dry heels and crack lines.

Aroma Magic Foot Cream

Price: INR 175 for 50g

Massage a small amount on clean and dry feet until fully absorbed.

My experience with Aroma Magic foot cream:

# Packaging:

It comes in an eye fetching white colored tube with a beautiful floral pattern on it.

The packaging is attractive as well as sturdy. It is spill proof and can be carried easily.

# Texture and consistency:

This Cream has a smooth texture and creamy consistency. It glides over the skin effortlessly and only a small amount of it is required to cover the feet. It is not oily and even absorbs quickly.

# Fragrance:

It is a blend of various essential oils which makes its aroma really very soothing. It has a pleasant fragrance mainly of peppermint oil which I liked a lot.

# Effects:

When I applied this cream on my feet;

  1. It glides easily and its aroma refreshed me as well.
  2. It is a light weighted cream which made my feet soft and smooth.
  3. I had some fine crack lines and dry heels but after applying it for several days, I felt the change. This cream made my feet softer than before.
  4. It helped me heal my crack lines and dry heels as well.
# Result: Positive or Negative?

Well, according to me this cream is great for a person who has dry feet like me. It helped me a lot to cure crack lines and my dry feet problem. So, I would say this cream gave a positive to me.

What do I like about this product?
  1. Beautifully packed and presented
  2. Sturdy tube
  3. Travel-friendly
  4. Its application is easy
  5. The only small amount is required
  6. Great results
  7. Heal dry heels and crack line
  8. Makes feet soft
What didn’t I like about this product?
  1. Not able to heal deep cracks fully
  2. Maybe its fragrance is not liked by everyone
Would I recommend/repurchase?

Yes, I would definitely repurchase this product as it gave me good results. I would recommend this product to those having fine cracks and dry feet. For people with deep cracks, this product may not work for them.



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The Face Shop Cherry Blossom Daily Perfume Hand Cream

Who is it for? The Face Shop Cherry Blossom Daily Perfume Hand Cream is for those who are looking for a hand cream to get smooth, soft and super attractive hands.

The Face Shop Cherry Blossom Daily Perfume Hand Cream

Price: INR 300 for 30ml

Apply sufficient amount of cream on clean and dry hands. Rub till absorption.

My experience with The Face Shop Cherry Blossom Daily Perfume Hand Cream


It comes in a very adorable baby pink plastic tube with a brown colored cap. It is a compact tube which is sturdy, easy to carry and spill proof as well.

Texture and consistency:

It has a smooth texture along with creamy consistency. It is a light weighted cream which leaves a great finish.

Color and Fragrance:

This white colored cream has a great aroma. It smells like a sakura flower (cherry blossom) which leaves an alluring floral scent in hands.

Staying power:

It doesn’t stay for much longer time duration. It doesn’t even stay for 1 hour.

  • After its application, it left a great floral scent in my hands.
  • This hand cream helped to keep my hands soft and smooth.
  • It provided an immense hydration and moisture to my hands.
  • It also helped me to reduce dry texture of hands.
Results: positive or negative?

This hand cream gave me a fine positive result. It provided good moisture and scent to my hands but its lack of staying capability is a bane for it.

What do I like about the product?
  1. Cute packaging
  2. Compact and Travel-friendly
  3. Great texture
  4. LOVE its fragrance
  5. Easily applicable
  6. Makes hand soft and smooth
  7. Provides desired moisture
What didn’t I like about it?
  1. Less staying capability
Would I recommend/repurchase?

Yes, I would definitely repurchase this product as it gave me good results. I would recommend this product to people with dry and rough hands.



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MISS CLAIRE Lip Balm Conditioner Strawberry

Who is it for? MISS CLAIRE Lip Balm Conditioner Strawberry hydrates the lips and provides an appropriate moisture to them. It is best suited to the people with dry and chapped lips.

MISS CLAIRE Lip Balm Conditioner Strawberry

Price: INR 95 for 3.5gm
Sensitivity alert?


My experience with MISS CLAIRE Lip Balm Conditioner Strawberry


It comes in a dazzling red and white color case which is so adorable and sturdy as well. It travel-friendly too.


It has a smooth and thick texture which provides extreme moisture to the lips. It glides over the lips easily without any efforts. It is also light weighted and doesn’t contain SPF.


It delivers a hint of pretty pink color which gives a natural look to the lips.


Lip balm has a mild fragrance of strawberry. Although I found the fragrance not as good as it seems to smell a little artificial.

Staying power:

Lip conditioner stays for approximately 2-3 hours but provides extreme moisture to the lips.


This lip balm provides a great hydration to the dry and chapped lips. I found out this product to be very effective as it cured my extremely dry lips problem. It makes the lips softer and supple with a shade of pretty light pink color. This is a versatile product as it can be worn under or over any lipstick. Even I use to apply this product beneath my lipstick coat which helps in enhancing the looks.

What did I like about the product?
  1. Adorable packaging and travel-friendly too
  2. Provides a great moisture to lips
  3. Cure lip’s dryness
  4. Can be worn over or beneath lipstick
  5. Easily applied
  6. Smooth in texture
  7. Provides a hint of its color
What I didn’t like about the product?
  1. Lack of SPF
  2. A little artificial fragrance
  3. Not so good staying capability
Would I recommend?

Yes, I would recommend this to the people with dry lips. Maybe reapplying is required for good results.



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BBLUNT Intense Moisture Conditioner

Who is it for? BBLUNT Intense Moisture Conditioner is for treating immensely dry and damaged hair.
It is for those people who lose the shine and smoothness of their hair which results in unmanageable hair conditions.

BBLUNT Intense Moisture Conditioner

Price: INR 100 for 28g

Apply evenly to lengths and ends on the wet scalp. Leave at least for 3 minutes and then wash it off.

My experience with BBLUNT Intense Moisture Conditioner


It comes with a very eye-catching miniature tube which looks very adorable. The tube is of white color with navy blue colored stripes except for the cap which is of white color only. It is the miniature version which is usually purchased by people who travel a lot as this product is too easy to carry.

Texture and consistency:

The conditioner is of white color with smooth texture and thick consistency which is the case with most of the conditioners. It can easily be spread all over the palms and applied.


It has a very captivating fragrance which includes jojoba. I really like its fragrance.

Effects/ results:


The result of this product is quite good. It provides great moisture to my dry and damaged hair. My hair was so unmanageable and out of control but this conditioner helped me a lot to get rid of this problem. But as a fact it is too expensive for given quantity.

What did I like about the product?
  • Provides moisture to hair
  •  Makes hair smoother and softer
  •  Easy to apply
  • Great fragrance
  • Compact
  • Travel-friendly
  • Can be used as a trial pack before purchasing full sized
What didn’t I like about the product?
  • Too expensive for the given quantity
Would I recommend/ repurchase?

No, I won’t re-buy this product because it’s too expensive to invest money for such less quantity but results are undoubtedly good and this conditioner helped me a lot to get me back shiny and smooth hair. If money is not an issue, then I would recommend this product to those suffering from extremely dry hair problem or to purchase a bigger version of this product which offers more quantity.

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Coloressence Lipstick Nude Silk

Who is it for? Coloressence Lipstick Nude Silk is for those looking for a satin finish everyday Nude Lipstick that is affordable.

Coloressence Lipstick Nude Silk

Price: INR 250 for 4gm
Shelf life: 3 years

My experience with Coloressence Lipstick Nude Silk

The lipstick’s packaging is quite attractive as well as sturdy. It comes with a shiny case which looks metallic from outside. It highly travels friendly.

The texture of the lipstick is smooth, creamy, a bit shimmery and it can be applied effortlessly. It doesn’t dry out the lips instead provides moisture to them.

This Lipstick is of earthy brown shade which is generally suitable for all types of complexions. It gives a natural look to the face. As it is a bit shimmery so it neither looks too casual nor too loud.

It has an artificial but a soothing fragrance which I personally like a lot.

The pigmentation is neither too good nor too bad. Two to three coats are required to see its original shade but if you want to keep your look very simple then one coat is sufficient.

Staying power:
It doesn’t stay for a long duration, maximum for 1 to 2 hours. It fades off very quickly. You just had water or ate something and it’s gone. This is a drawback of it which I really don’t like.

Being a bit creamy in texture it transfers a little but yes, it is easily manageable.

What do I like about it?
•       Attractive and sturdy packaging
•       Travel-friendly
•       Lovely shade
•       Can use it on a daily basis
•       Nice fragrance
•       Gives a sober and natural looks
•       Smooth application
•       Great finish
•       100% vegan

What did I not like?
•       Not waterproof
•       Reapplication required
•       Easily fades off

Would I recommend?

I would recommend this shade to those who have a lot of patience to apply it time to time as it cannot resist even a sip of water.


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Everyuth Face Pack

Who is it for? Everyuth Face Pack the cucumber face pack is for those who want an affordable face pack to restore their natural skin glow which is damaged by the harsh environment and want to get a rejuvenating skin this summer.

Everyuth Face Pack

Price: INR 55 for 50g
Shelf life: 2 years

Directions: Cleanse your face. Apply face pack evenly on face and neck. Allow it dry for about 15 minutes and then wash off.

My experience with Everyuth Face Pack: Cucumber

Packaging: It has a compact packaging which comes in a white turbid tube which has a blue cap on top. It is the most simple and sturdy product packaging. Along with being compact and sturdy, it is portable and travels friendly.

Texture and consistency: The face pack is clay based which is light greenish in color. The texture is smooth and creamy but it requires efforts to spread all over the face. This is because of its thick consistency.

Fragrance: The fragrance is what attracts me a lot and this product’s aroma surely attracted me. It has a really rejuvenating fragrance which is basically of mild cucumber, aloe vera, and neem.

Skin type: This product is generally for normal to dry skin type people.

Effects: Sometimes after applying the face pack, I felt some tingling sensation on my skin. Once the face pack dries, I wash it off with a bit cold water. I have to rub my skin a little to take the face pack off but results were tremendous. It gave me a fresh feel and my skin became so clean, dirt free and oil free. This product genuinely restores the natural glow of face as it claimed.

What do I like about the product? 

•       Travel-friendly
•       Compact packaging
•       Rejuvenating aroma
•       Cools down the skin
•       Extract oil and dirt
•       Affordable
•       Tightens pores

What didn’t I like about this product?

•       Not suitable for dry skin
•       Sometimes makes skin drier
•       Requires efforts in applying

Would I recommend?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this product to all. I genuinely feel the results but sometimes it dries the skin so it’s advisable for dry skin type people to avoid this product or else apply some moisturizer after its application.

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